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Stars1 night Stars1 night 11 January 2020

I'm making a fanfic

So I'm making a fandom on wattpad and its amazing how much this wiki even though it's inactive is helping I hope my writing is good wish me luck

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 11 August 2017

Sorry for being so absent!

I'm sorry for being so absent of late! I'll try to be around more.

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 15 March 2017

Why scanlations are not to be trusted

So, I came to reading Skip Beat! because I'd often seen good art on Tumblr and my bookstore had several boks of the series on the shelf. I read them all like mad and then came to this wiki.

It was here, on this wiki, that I really learned the evils of scanlations. So much of the information was misinterpreted, in places so badly as to be outright wrong, I was permanently turned off from them, and the Skip Beat! ones in particular.

I did my best to avoid spoilers with this series while still being an admin. It wasn't unavoidable, but I tried to keep my reading of the updates only surface-level for quick grammar scans.

Now that I have read Volume 38, I came to see the information we had...

..and saw that because we rely so heavily on scanlation …

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Queennicolee Queennicolee 11 March 2017

It's nice to be back...

Last year, 2016, was probably the busiest year for me. I have missed out on so much things regarding Skip Beat. That feeling when a new volume cover comes up? That thrill of raws whenever a new chapter comes out? Skip Beat updates such as the dub? Oh, how I wish I was there last year to witness all these.

I don't regret my decision last year to have a hiatus on contributing to the wiki though (I would check once in two months or so but not really contribute because I had too much work piled up in real-life) because I've progressed on my professional endeavors in real-life. I have met so many people and learned more much things than I could ever imagine. It was like a 'soul-searching' year for me. I faced failures and trials but learned to …

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Pokkiri Pokkiri 30 May 2016

Kyoko in new roles

I am so excited to learn of Kyoko audition for new roles of Samurai can wait for to learn from the legend who may also think highly of Kyoko

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 15 May 2016

It's good to be home ;)

It's so nice to return to Skip Beat! Wiki!

I've been doing a lot lately with developing another wiki almost from nothing. I've also been exploring other fandom wiki pages.

One fandom in particular was an entirely different experience from any other I've participated in these last couple years. 

So, it is so very nice to return to Skip Beat!, create a few links, and not have to worry about unfriendliness. 

Thank you, Queennicole, Chloe Belle, Aerendria, Pokkiri, Spitsy, Natalya-ru and Lilymaymac for being such nice people to work with!

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 12 May 2016

Kazu and Kei

Yay!  I'm finally done with both Kazu's and Kei's pages!  I feel a little proud. Both fight plots are told from the featured character's perspective, and I think that works well.

Now comes the question of whether or not I need and/or should create character pages for the other two unnamed members of the group that attacked Cain and Setsu.  They're prominent enough and each have decent lines... What would I call them? Glasses Ruffian and Cigarette Ruffian? Is there a better word to use? Hoodlum? Too bad Kyoko only nicknamed one who's real name we actually know! 

Anyway, feeling accomplished. \(^.^)/

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 3 May 2016


I did something today... I read a short Skip Beat! fanfiction. (I couldn't help it. The premise was Setsuka and Cain going to the Tragic Marker premiere... I want to see that so badly!)

And now I have ideas that I didn't have before. The story outright explained that the reason Ren's never loved any of his girlfirends is because he gave his heart to Kyoko when they were children. I'm not sure I buy it, but that fits.

Then Ren said he wanted to be Kuon again when he wasn't acting...

... then birthed a new fantasy in my head. That Kyoko can publicly date Kuon Hizuri, son of Kuu Hizuri, whom she met as a child. No one (except maybe Yashiro and those already in the know) will need to know that it's really Ren Tsuruga. And that way Sho can doing noth…

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 27 April 2016

Shock Reduction

A new minor campaign

I'm finding the word "shock" all over the place! 

There are so many dramatic moments in Skip Beat! to be sure!

Truthfully, it's feeling a little overused, so I'm gonna try to vary it up a bit if it doesn't seem an absolutely necessary description. It's nothing personal to anyone out there who might notice me changing it!

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 4 April 2016

Heartbreaks by fanwi

I just love this fan art I came across today.

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 27 February 2016

Songs in my head

As I mentioned before, songs sometimes remind me of certain characters for whatever reasons.

While I know that this song is something neither Kyoko nor Ren would like, and doesn't accurately describe their relationship, I still link the song "Hey Mama" by David Guetta to them.  The hook "Be my woman, girl, I'll be your man" just makes me think of Ren's yearning for her. 

There's even an already-existing Setsu/Cain fanvid like I like to mute and watch while this song is playing. 

It's silly, and a little immature, but it gets me pumped. :)

---In other news, I'm looking forward to volume 36 coming out soon! (As in, the actual volume printed in English.)---

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 25 September 2015

Looking forward to seeing...

I'm looking forward to seeing certain things that may or may not happen in the series, because they are a bit more on the subplot train.

For instance, I'd like to see the announcement that Ren Tsuruga was Cain Heel and Kyoko was Setsu. I'd particularly love Murasame's reaction. I'm hoping we'll get it, since he's mentioned as growing into a better actor. 

Along the same character path, it would be interesting to see Kyoko and Murasame interact. Kyoko's sensed a kindred spirit in him, and he might take an interest in her after he knows she's not a perverted sister. 

Kyoko visiting Kuu and Juliena will be nice to see, though if it happens at all, I imagine it will be toward the end of the series at Kuon's side.

I'm pretty sure we'll get to see m…

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HazelQuill7445 HazelQuill7445 16 September 2015

Sho: Somebody Who I Used to Know

I know every fan falls into the trap of a song that makes them think of their current obsession and vice versa.

For me lately, for Skip Beat!, it's Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know.

I see a lyrically similar version as one of Sho's newest singles, and when in the third verse the female vocalist makes her appearance, it's the now-famous-and-recognizable Kyoko.  After Kyoko's appearance the video includes childhood photos that prove these two have actually known each other a long time, and the lyrics are frank about the fact that their relationship turned bad. Ending note could be nobody-but-still-determined Kyoko walking through the doors of LME (and maybe Ren throwing her out again, a surprise twist).

The fans go ecstatic because it's per…

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Kyokotsurugasama Kyokotsurugasama 7 July 2015

Saena: Is she really 'bad' as she seems to be?

So on Chapter 221, it's shown that Saena said:


That's why, I understand why Kyoko was so upset... She already knew that Saena didn't really love her and now to disown her on national television!?

It's not only that why Kyoko cried though.. She was already in the process of actually trying to love herself but she also had flashbacks of Saena's consent for passport and her smiling when she received it which means... in some bits of her heart, she actually thought and/or hoped that Saena cared about what she's doing and etc.

We all clearly know Kyoko's side but what about Saena's? I can't judge her properly yet, but..

Look at this flashback Lory had when he met Saena.. The full conversation/flashback is not shown yet and only pieces of it is onl…

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Kuonxkyoko Kuonxkyoko 29 January 2015

Why I despise Sho so much..

There's no denying it.. sure, he is cute but his attitude DESTROYS it all. I don't think there would be a time where I'll forgive him. What he did to Kyoko was no joke. Bringing an innocent girl into some place she's never been, make her work three jobs a day just to support a fucking high-class apartment is just sick. Plus, his attitude to her, acting like a huge brat and treating her like servant.. Seriously, no girl ever deserves to be treated that way. In Guam arc, Kyoko says that there would be actually maybe a time where she'll forgive him, though I don't think it would happen soon.

Also, if Saena has paid for all of Kyoko's living expenses.. She would've stayed in the Fuwa Inn as a guest, so Sho really had no right to command her what …

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Kyokotsurugasama Kyokotsurugasama 21 January 2015

Chapter 220 Review

After a long month of waiting! Finally, it's here! Chapter 220...

As I thought, Saena just walked passed Kyoko... Although, she DID look down at her uniform and even stared at her directly in the eye.. I bet it was quite a long pause. I didn't really have that much expectations for this chapter but yeah.. I'm really glad that the other two Love Me Members were there and acted as Kyoko's support system in some way.. Chiori's problem has been quite resolved, which I'm also glad for..

and.. and..

KANAEEE! Oh my god. I missed her so much and it's not even funny! >.<


She looks so gorgeous! The art style for this chapter is very, very unique and just simply amazing! Kudos to Nakamura-sensei to that. This chapter will probably be out in Volume 3…

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Kyokotsurugasama Kyokotsurugasama 13 January 2015

Skip Beat! on the HtY Cover, Chapter 220: Predictions

So, on the 20th of January, Chapter 220 will finally release and Skip Beat! will be on the cover. Here are my predictions on what would the cover be like and what will happen next chapter..

To be honest, I really hope we get a KyokoxRen cover again like the last one.. but I don't really mind if we get a Kyoko cover again though.. I wonder what theme would it be though? New Year? Like last time?

As you can see, it was Kyoko on the New Year cover last time so maybe we'll get RenxKyoko cover theme this time?

I am so anxious to see what will happen and it's not even funny! Here are the main things I wish to see on Chapter 220:

  • Ren - It's been ages since we last saw him omg and its gonna be delayed for him to confess his feelings for Kyoko T.T
  • Kan…

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Kuonxkyoko Kuonxkyoko 5 January 2015

My Skip Beat! Wish..

To be honest, no matter what happens with Saena, I REAALLY REALLY REALLY hope that Kyoko is still okay. Well, considering her, she will.  Because, she is a strong invididual and if something painful happens, she could use it as reference in acting later on..

But, after that, I wantt Ren and Kyoko to really star as lovers in a drama or movie.. Wouldn't be good? Maybe there, Ren would finally have the chance to reveal his true identity to Kyoko..

or, if not..

I'd like to Sho to see Ren and Kyoko going together having a dinner somewhere while he's with Shoko.. He would most likely go with his demon face again.. Haha, I love seeng his demon face. His angry expressions amuse me.


No matter what happens, I wish that the manga just doesn't end whe…

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ButDarling ButDarling 30 December 2014

Eltra Duris = Mr.D

Could it possibly be him.. that man at Maria and Kyoko's Birthday Party? I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that he was from America and Chiori said that "Mr.D" is an international famous manager... Perhaps, Kuu's manager? And considering how "Uncle Tiger/Eltra Duris" is introduced, it seems like he would have a more significant plot later on..

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Helllo Yam Helllo Yam 29 December 2014

Don't forget.. the Fuwas!

With all the Saena and Kyoko theories going on.. better not foget the Fuwas too! Remember, they are coming to Tokyo to check up on Kyoko and/or Sho..

Maybe they'll arrange like a dinner between the four of them? Will the Fuwa Okami-san admit that they were really training Kyoko to be Sho's Wife since she was little.. even teaching her what the "ladyboss" would do?

From Kyoko's flashbacks, we see Sho's mother always in a yukata and her hair put in a beautiful bun.. Then, Fuwa Taisho dresses like Taisho, Kyoko's boss at Darumaya..

I wonder if they'll look like Sho or something.. 

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Spitsy Spitsy 28 December 2014

Saena and Kanae

On the next few chapters, one of the things we definitely have to look out for is the possible interactions between Saena and Kanae..

1) First, will Kanae actually tell Kyoko about Saena? But, personally, I don't think so, she kept that Sho thing from her because she was scared how it will affect her mood.

2) Second, will Saena recognize Kanae as Kyoko's friend? If she recognizes her as a friend of Kyoko, that just means she has been paying attention to Kyoko more than Kyoko thought or maybe she just knew her from the Kyurara CM.

3) Third, will the two actually interact or even see each other? I think they would see each other since Sanae would visit Kanae's set but I'm not really sure..

what do you think?

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Asho 09 Asho 09 23 December 2014

A new pairing?

Am I the only one who really ships Chiori and that comedian in "Are you serious?"? The two has so much potential. I wish we get to see more of that guy (and learn his name too) on the later chapters.

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Manda x Manda x 23 December 2014

The many guys who are after Kyoko..

So, I just decided to list the guys who have a possible romantic interest on Kyoko/or just think she's cute that is very far from what Sho nicknamed her as a "plain, boring woman".

  1. Ren Tsuruga  - need i say more?
  2. Sho Fuwa - he's an asshole but ugh he's so in deniall. he's like obsessed with kyoko. 
  3. That guy on Karuizawa - you know, when ren was there in karuizawa and there was a fanboy who admitted who admitted he was a fan of kyoko? if that so, it just proves that kyoko has a fair ammount of male fanbase.
  4. Reino - beagle, creepy stalker.
  5. Hikaru - this was implied before and was kinda confirmed in the natsu arc
  6. Kijima - well, like ren and sho said, if a guy buy you clothes, it means that he wants something from you
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Kyokotsurugasama Kyokotsurugasama 22 December 2014

Thoughts on Saena Mogami

The appearance of Saena Mogami! All of us have been waiting for these since for a while now.. And, all I could say, really is: OH. MY. GOD. 

To be perfectly frank, I didn't expect Saena to look THAT gorgeous. I thought she would've looked somewhat similar to Ms.Hiroko Iizuka (Kyoko's Mom in Dark Moon). But no, she looks so young and mature! She only looks like someone in her late 20's! Ughhh but those eyes. They look so cold and it gives me shiver or is it just normal, considering her personality?

Nakamura-sensei really loves giving us heart attacks then leave it in a cliffhanger. I have read Kat's summary and just ugh..

But really, I don't think Saena would request Kyoko to meet up with her soon or make her stop acting for legal reasons (which…

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KawaiiKai KawaiiKai 3 November 2014

Chapter 217 Review - Sho Fuwa comes back!

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KawaiiKai KawaiiKai 28 October 2014

How can Sho Fuwa be likable

Sho could actually be likable.. (kinda)

Sure, sure, he's been awfully a devil to Kyoko. But, he's just an immature brat. I don't think he really meant the words he said. It was only to impress his manager.

But anyway, here is the list. Please don't hate me for liking Sho. I know the first one is unreasonable but eh, I can't find any other.

  1. Compared to Ren, Sho is an teenager so he makes mistakes. One of his mistakes is using Kyoko as his maid, Ren actually did worser things than him...
  2. He's cute; don't you find him adorable? >.<
  3. His seiyuu is Mamoru Miyano, one of the best seiyuus ever!
  4. His actor is Donghae, from Superjunior. He did so well on the acting!
  5. His personality is so cutee! He's possessive on Kyoko, always claiming her as his and always…

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Mademoiselleclair Mademoiselleclair 18 October 2014

Reino x Chiori

Does anyone else ships Chiori and Reino? I mean, aren't they like, perfect for each other? Box R is already broadcasting, right? Reino must be watching that show since Kyoko is in it. He might be captivated by Kyoko's Natsu so one day, he might go to the set of Box R and see Chiori. And then, Reino looks into Chiori and takes interest on her. Don't you think? 

Chiori's poison notebook/powers + Reino's spiritual powers = EVIL LOVE 

Just my thoughts and imaginations as a fangirl... 

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Otakuhime.. Otakuhime.. 16 October 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone!

I'm a new user here, so please be patient with me :)

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Kyoko Mogami Kyoko Mogami 20 September 2014

My Favorite Skip Beat! Scenes

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Kyokotsurugasama Kyokotsurugasama 21 April 2014

Skip Beat! Chapter 209-211 Review

I can't wait for the next chapter! There's too many possibilities of what might happen! Cain and Setsu might be back again, a time-skip to Japan or Kuon telling Kyoko everything once she reached the hotel!

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Queennicolee Queennicolee 14 December 2013

Wiki Adoption

Hi! I'm Nicole ^_^ I'm planning on adopting this wiki. If you have any comments, questions or complaints please comment below :D

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Lady maja11 Lady maja11 19 June 2012

what's the gift that Ren received from Kyoko?

do you know what's inside the gift that Kyoko gave to Ren for his birthday?

because there was no scene that Ren had a chance to open the gift?so i' m very curious!!

does anyone has a guess??^_^

File:019.jpg|thumb|300px|Kyoko giving him his birthday present

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Lady maja11 Lady maja11 28 March 2012

who does she loves?

im'm so curious on who will kyoko chose...

Is it Tsuruga Ren?or Fuwa Sho?

WHo is your bet?File:486137.jpg|thumb|400px

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Krystal Liu Krystal Liu 31 December 2010

Confused @ @

It's my first time actually being a user on any of the wikia blogs (contributor...) and I was wondering how you edit the big boxes that come with the manga debut, anime debut... that sort of thing. Is it only available for whoever the administrator is?

/can't find the edit button -___-

I feel so much like a n00b right now, haha.

Nevermind, found it. :|

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