Black Jack

Black Jack
The black jack
Rōmaji Black Jack aka BJ, Jack Darell
Gender Male
Age 70 - died at 25 been a moving corpse for 45 years
Occupation Serial Killer
Portrayed by Cain Heel (aka Ren Tsuruga)

Black Jack, also known as BJ, is a character and the main antagonist in the dark drama/thriller movie 'Tragic Marker'

The portrayal of BJ in the movie is done by the mysterious actor Cain Heel.


The creation of BJ was unique to other roles for the Director of Tragic Marker wished to keep the identity of the actor who plays BJ a secret. Therefore he created Actor X (Cain Heel) as the actor who will portray BJ so the staff and fellow actors will not know the identity either. His name will also not be displayed in the credits leaving the audience wondering who it is too. Ren Tsuruga agreed to this strange proposition for he wished to use Cain Heel and more particularly BJ to channel and, hopefully, beat his inner darkness that is his past self, Dark Kuon. Ren has trouble controlling his dark urges, being overwhelmed by Kuon both as Cain and during a rehearsal as BJ[1]. He manages to find the inner peace[2] and stability he needs to continue with the role through Kyoko's influence and presence. Both he and Kuon reach an agreement for they both have a unquenchable passion for acting and both of them love Kyoko so they wish to put on a performance with and for her that she will not be disappointed in[3].



In the year 1986 a series of murders occurred in England, altogether there were five victims of varying age and gender. A certain message was left written in the victim's blood, the perpetrator, who committed his murders out of bloodthirstiness and for public attention is said to take the hearts of his victims. Those familiar with his story or involved often referred to him as 'the Reincarnation of Jack the Ripper.'[4]

His real name was Jack Darell, aged 25 at the time. Using his natural cunning and intelligence, Darell escaped from the police and was able to continue committing crimes.  8 people in France, 15 people in Germany. The crimes extended to other countries and were so severe that he became 'A Most Wanted' criminal internationally. He was registered in Interpol's Blacklist for extreme felons. His number was 21. For this reason the police forces in charge... began calling him 'Black Jack'[4].

And yet, even after that, Darell didn't stop. He murdered 20 people in Italy and in 1991, in America, as if to provoke the police, he killed 50 people in a violent bloodbath in broad daylight. In the end, he was shot to death, then and there by the cops who came to the scene yet Jack's name was not taken off the Blacklist because...

His corpse disappeared[4].

And then in the year 2021 the leading figures of a certain country were killed one after another. The hearts were gouged out and a message written in blood next to the corpses. The perpetrator was Darell. Darell was shot dead a second time, his corpse remained in that country's custody but once again it disappeared. And then time went on...

In the year 2031, once again, the devil appeared accompanied by a message in blood[4]

'Jack is still here'

Jack woke up[4].


BJ is now a moving corpse not a living being. He is describe as a 'heartless black devil[5]' and 'a cold-blooded, bloodthirsty murderer[5]'. BJ is but an empty shell that moves, completely devoid of emotions and not allowed to feel anything[6]. Being a corpse, BJ isn't supposed to have soul or spirit[7]. Literally a real death god, one who doesn't have a heart, a truly remorseless killer[8].

His modus operandi as a killer is to use a knife to kill and slice his victims[4]. He then gouges out their hearts and keeps them as well as then leaving a message in the victim's own blood[4]. BJ is merciless and bloodthirsty, with no apparent motive except for killing for the sake of killing.


BJ has black eyes with red pupils[9]. His body and face is covered with scars and dead flesh hanging off him as if he is rotting away[10][11]. In some takes he has blood covering him from his many kills and where the flesh has fallen off[10]. He wears a long, black, cloak-like garment with a hood[9]. It has a large ripped opening down the front which shows much of his chest[9]. He wears black gloves and shoes[9].

As a murdering corpse Cain portrays BJ with no emotion[12] and the depths of his eyes empty with no sense of any life at all. His movements are zombie-like yet swift enough to kill[13].


Cain Heel's portrayal received much horror and fear from the staff of Tragic Marker[9][10]. His blatant bloodlust and murderous intent had many of the staff wondering if he could be the real thing[14]. His scary features and realistic acting made even the actors who starred opposite him believe he was going to kill them[13].

There was reluctant admiration for Cain's portrayal of BJ for it was like he was a real murdering corpse[15]. However many of the staff did not tell Cain this for he was not well-liked having made it clear the only thing he was there to do was to make 'their lives a living hell of fear and despair', not to make friends[16].

Taira Murasame, the main protagonist, went as far to say that Cain will not be remembered for starring in Tragic Marker, he will only be known as the 'guy who played BJ'[17]. It is an ironic statement for that is exactly what is going to happen, with Ren not even going to be associated with the role let alone Cain who does not exist. Cain tells him this is actually an honor to 'be blessed with an actor's good luck' and to be known as 'the guy who played BJ'[17]. He doesn't mind if his name is not remembered but if his roles fail to make an impression then that is the biggest failure as an actor[17].

Tragic Marker has not been released to the public as of yet. How BJ and the movie as a whole is received by the public is yet to be seen.


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