Angel A
Angel A
Manga - Anime

Angel A

Rōmaji Angel A
Gender Female
Occupation Angel
Portrayed by Mimori Nanokura

Angel A is a role portrayed by Mimori Nanokura for a PV called "Prisoner" sung Sho Fuwa.


Angel A and the Demon fall in love however this love is forbidden and it is killing both of them[1]. Because of this Angel A's best friend, Angel B believes she must end the Demon's life for otherwise she will lose her friend. The Demon does not wish for his beloved Angel A to die so he does not try to fight Angel B when she kills him and accepts his death gracefully[1].


The PV is mentioned to be a silent movie type without any dialogues.The actors must express their emotion by facial expressions. Mimori got the lead role without any need to fight for it.

Mimori had some trouble with the role for she was unable to put her feelings of dislike for Kyoko aside in order to perform[2]. Kyoko manages to enchant her with her own acting and pull a good performance out of Mimori[3].

In contrast, Mimori thoroughly enjoyed her parts with Sho and acted them well probably because she is genuinely in love with him like Angel A is with the Demon[4].



Angel A is shown to be good friend to Angel B and to possess all the qualities of an Angel[1]. She falls in love with the Demon despite the relationship being taboo. She does not care that she is risking her life for this love for she feels fortunate to have known the Demon.


She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in a white dress that has a corset-like bodice. It has many ruffles and flows down in a tiered design in an asymmetrical cut with the front shorter than the back of the dress[5].


Sho thinks the outfit is really nice on Mimori and tells her so (for it emphasizes her breasts)[5]. Asami is more impressed by her when she starts acting properly for the part influenced by Kyoko[3].

Ren was able to over-hear one of the fans of the PV, recognizing Mimori being popular, even before the release of Prisoner PV.


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