And the Trigger was Pulled

And the Trigger was Pulled
Episode 23 title card
Kanji ひかれた引き金
Rōmaji Hikareta Hikigane
Episode Information
Air Date March 15, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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And the Trigger was Pulled is the twenty-third episode of the anime series.


Kyoko's Mio, now progressed, is widely accepted by the entire cast, including Ms. Iizuka. Problems develop, however, when Ren's acting is not up to its usual standard (as predicted by the president in 'Invitation to the Moon') and has to perform numerous takes. It is later discovered that one reason for the difficulties lies in Kyoko's Mio being somewhat intimidating, though Ren vows to make his version of Katsuki outshine the original and become the equal of Kyoko's character.

Episode Summary

Through Kyoko's stunning performance as Mio, Ogata is reminded that he wants to create a Dark Moon which is different from the Tsukigomori 20 years ago. In order to achieve that, changing the title and background is not enough, he must come up with a unique take on the characters as well. To surpass the original, he needs the support from all the characters to create an impact.

Kyoko is relieved that Ogata has accepted her version of Mio. However, she thinks that Ren may not think likewise and is prepared for Ren to scold her. Surprisingly, he does not intend to. Instead, he says that her Mio is better than what he had expected. This makes Kyoko very happy.

Meanwhile, Sho finds out about Kyoko's involvement in Dark Moon, in spite of his manager trying very hard to hide it from him. Sho appears very shocked.

Despite difficulties in the beginning, Kyoko has continued on to prove that she deserves the role. Even the old actress is convinced that Kyoko's version of Mio has surpassed her own version.

Other than Kyoko, Ren's performance is commendable too. So far, Ren is the only one in Dark Moon who hasn't had to retake a scene. However, that record comes to an end when Ren is asked to retake a scene many times. The scene requires Katsuki (Ren) to show mixed emotions towards Mizuki (Itsumi). While acting, Ren finds himself unconsciously thinking about the same scene from the old Tsukigomori he watched the previous night. This causes him to freeze in the middle of the take and he finds it difficult to continue acting.

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