And the Box Was Opened

And the Box Was Opened
Kanji そして箱は開けられた
Rōmaji Soshite Hako wa Akerareta
Episode Information
Air Date October 5, 2008
Opening Dream Star by the generous
Ending Namida (ナミダ) by 2BACKKA
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N/A Feast of Horror

And the Box Was Opened is the first episode of the Skip Beat! anime series.


Kyoko followed her first love and childhood friend Sho Fuwa to Tokyo. This was so she could help him fulfill his dream of becoming an idol. She cleans, cooks, works three jobs but does nothing for herself. Though she gets nothing in return, she does it because she loves him very much. She remains devotedly by his side until one day she goes unannounced to his agency with a delivery and overhears him talking about her. Sho reveals to his manager that he only took her with him as a maid, and that he doesn't care for her at all. Upon hearing this, Kyoko flies into a violent rage of food-throwing and tear-shedding. She is apprehended by security personnel but accepts a mocking Sho's challenge to join showbiz in order to take revenge.

Episode Summary

The series starts off with explaining about Pandora's Box; everyone is granted one before birth by God. It shows Kyoko asleep smiling with Sho’s CD next to her.

Kyoko is working at a Wo’s Burger. Another employee comes and takes over her shift and Kyoko rushes to get to her next job at Darumaya.

Original Kyoko is speaking

In the staff room, she overhears that one of the employees, Kuniko, have switched from being a Ren fan to a Sho fan. Kyoko is beaming with happiness until the employee proves to be a fan by showing Sho's poster that came with the music CD's. Kyoko realizes that she didn't receive a poster and is literally sinking into despair. She gets completely revived when she hears that she can still get the posters with the receipt. She rushes off to get them as the employees are left in shock after seeing her behavior.

She crashes into the shop with her bicycle demanding for the poster and beams with delight when she receives them. While walking out of the store, she notices the time and realizes that she's late for her next job and rushes off.

At Darumaya , she gets a lecture from the owners about her being in such a rush and wonders why she is living in an expensive apartment alone, never caring about her appearance. They tell her to rest for the day as she is unable to even stand up.

Okami and Taisho worried about Kyoko

It is revealed that she has been in love with fairy tales ever since she was young and wished to live her life like one... but now as she was growing older she realized that in reality, things aren't always pretty and sweet.

As she is parking her bike, she sees a light in her apartment, and tries to go to her apartment as fast as she can, taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevators. As she opens the door, Sho Fuwa is shown. It is revealed that she lives with the celebrity who she regards as her "prince". She tries to make him happy but he seems ignorant of her, and says that he's too busy to ever come home or answer her calls. She recalls her past with him, seeing that he was much gentler than he is now, and that it may be the celebrity busy life that is changing him. She had come all the way to Tokyo because she wanted to support him, and that he had asked her. She'll do anything for him to be happy.

Sho then prepares to leave as he only came to get new change of clothes. She prevents him from leaving by giving him his favorite pudding. He is delighted and says that he can never eat pudding because he's too famous to go into the supermarkets and buy one.
Kyoko stops Sho from leaving

Kyoko informs him that her fellow employee had switched from Ren's fan to being Sho’s fan, and he is overjoyed that he had stolen another fan from Ren. His aim is to overtake Ren and be the coolest man in the showbiz industry.

As Kyoko is cleaning up, Sho switches the TV on, and there is a live interview show that is starring Ren. The hosts are presenting him, calling him popular, that his legs are really long, his face is so small, and that from a survey conducted on the sexiest man alive for women aged 25 and below, Ren is ranked number. Fuwa Sho appeared to be number 7 on the list. As Kyoko tries to calm Sho down, he storms out, and she tells him that he's too young for the 20+ females and that's why he didn't appear first. He asks if Kyoko is trying to say that he's not on the same level as Ren, which is a big insult and leaves.

On the TV, Ren describes his ideal woman, "a gentle yet strong woman", and it fades out with Kyoko taking her temper out on the TV.

The next day, she leaves a voice message on Sho’s phone, apologizing about the previous night and that he's much cooler than Ren, and that she understands him the most. She decides to cheer him up by delivering food to him. As she is making her delivery, she sees that outside the studio is packed full of Sho's fans. She gets through with the help of the security guards and goes on to make the delivery to Sho.

Sho's past is revealed that he is a son of a restaurant owner, but didn't want to overtake that kind of lifestyle. She overhears Sho talking, complaining to his manager Shoko, about Kyoko leaving messages on his phone. It is revealed that Fuwa Sho thought of her as nothing more than a maid, brought to Tokyo for housekeeping, and that she never once rebelled against him. She is shocked as she listens to him. She realizes that she was being used all along.

The transformation of Kyoko

Inside of her, her Pandora’s Box locks are being unlocked by a mini evil Sho and she comes out of hiding as he describes her as being an old fashioned woman with no pretty looks. Her Pandora’s Box opens and she attacks him with his food. Kyoko collapses, appearing as crying, but is actually laughing in an evil way.

All of her innocent side that adores Sho disappears as her evil side emerges along with evil mini spirits of her. She declares that she wants revenge. The security comes and takes her away, and as they take her away, Fuwa Sho tells her that if she wants revenge, she should join the showbiz industry or else she will never reach him.

It cuts off to her apartment being empty, and her with a huge makeover, declaring that she will enter the showbiz entry in order to carry out her revenge.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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