And Then the Door Opens

And Then the Door Opens
Episode 25 titlecard
Kanji そして扉は開かれる
Rōmaji Soshite Tobira wa Akareru
Episode Information
Air Date March 29, 2009
Opening Renaissance by the generous
Ending Eien (永遠) by Yusaku Kiyama
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And Then the Door Opens is the twenty-fifth and last episode of the anime series.


Ren is flashing back to his conversation with Bo. He's confused about his feelings with Kyoko. His shoot for Dark Moon is coming up and, as always, he's not eating properly. Kyoko is asked to go to his house and feed him and she does. While there, it's uncomfortably silent so they turn on the TV. The show is about a couple with a 19-year difference and the man is her teacher. A similar situation which sets them both on edge. Later, he drives her home and when she says something, he hides his feelings and realizes it later. Kyoko wishes on her blue Corn stone and wishes for Ren's strength. The next day, they both go to the set and she talks about how far she's come.

Episode Summary

Despite the heart to heart talk with Bo (Kyoko), Ren is still at a loss. He wishes he had not realized those feelings, which Bo was talking about.

Meanwhile, the filming for 'Dark Moon' is still ongoing. While changing, Kyoko overhears the other co-actresses commenting on how her acting is better than Ren's. Instead of feeling happy for being praised, Kyoko feels very upset as she personally thinks that Ren is the best actor around. With that, she decides to call Ren's manager to ask for Ren's schedule. Ren's manager promises to give her Ren's schedule only if she fulfills two conditions. One is to eat dinner with Ren and the other is to listen to Ren's work problems. To Kyoko, the first condition is very easy to fulfill, however the second condition is mission impossible.

That night, Kyoko pays Ren a surprise visit and cooks dinner for him. The moment she appears in front of him, Ren's unexpected feelings begin to pour out. However, he tries to suppress and hide it by acting cold and indifferent. Throughout dinner, he says nothing much to her and keeps a distance from her. After dinner, he sends her home. Before he leaves, Kyoko, with a heartwarming smile, tells him that she can't wait for the return of Katsuki. Those words of encouragement, again stirs up mixed emotions within Ren. With a cool tone, he replies, 'I'll do my best' and leaves.

When Ren reaches home, he receives a call from Takarada, who reminds Ren that he will be removed from the role if he's still unable to act as Katsuki. Ren finally understands that he doesn't have to figure out the role, but he has to feel it. Rather than trying to come up with a Katsuki which people think is better than the original, he will now focus on coming up with a Katsuki he can pull off. Meanwhile, Kyoko is holding on to Corn's stone and praying that it will take away Ren's worries and pain.

The next day, Kyoko looks forward to seeing a new Ren. On her way to school, she realizes that, through the many people she met, she also has changed. Though, initially, she entered Showbiz because of Sho, now it's more than that.

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