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Airi Oohara
Airi oohara 2.png
Kanji 大原 愛理
Rōmaji Oohara Airi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Presumably in her late teens or early twenties
Status Alive
Occupation Actress
Manga ACT.061

Airi Oohara (大原 愛理 Ōhara Airi) is an actress who played Misao Hongo in the TV Drama, Dark Moon.


Airi is shown to have dark-colored hair that is curled beautifully at the ends with bangs hanging on the right side and dark-colored eyes.

She is usually seen in her "Misao" costume in Dark Moon, which consists of a blouse and a skirt.


Airi is shown to be easy-going. She mentioned that she attended acting training and commented about the kiss between Sho Fuwa and Kyoko Mogami that there was never a kiss that long even in her acting school[1]. She is also caught in the charms of Ren Tsuruga, as she was shown blushing when Ren was smiling at "Mizuki" tenderly as "Katsuki" during his acting test [2][3].


At the start of the arcs covering Dark Moon, Airi used to be in the company of older actors and supported many of the comments they have about the scenes that are being played out [4]. In later chapters, she has been spotted more in the company of Itsumi Momose and Kyoko Mogami.

Airi Oohara in chibi form.

She appears to be a good friend of Kyoko because she was invited to the Happy Grateful Party and became a recipient of Kyoko’s Valentine Chocolates [5].

Hidehito Kijima has a crush on her, since he was always asking Ren for her and Itsumi's number but it is not clear if he ever pursued her.


  • The name Airi means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "reason, logic" (理) (ri).
  • Airi's surname Oohara means "big, great" (大) (o) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).


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