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A Scary True Story You Don't Know

A bit of a leftover story

A scary true story you don't know: Yashiro Yukihito (25) edition

A bit of a leftover story is the extra chapter from Volume 9.

What is revealed

Extra Chapter Summary

Hand of Glory

Kyoko voodoo doll

Kanae looks at them...

Two things were shown, a curse doll of Kyoko in her Love Me suit was described as a small imitation of the real thing because whoever receives it will be protected from disaster and will hold it's power of protection. The second one was called the "Hand of glory", it was described as a left hand of the dead because whoever receives it will have good luck and whoever holds it will gain the demonic power of evil.

A party!

Maria and Kyoko planned the small party from Kyoko and those two things turned out to be their gifts for Kanae. The curse doll was from Kyoko and the Hand of glory was from Maria.

Kanae looks at her gifts oddly and wondered why the "Hand of Glory" somehow makes her feel bad and thinks that the curse doll and Kyoko are both scary and gives her a weird feeling.

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