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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Ark
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami & Ren Tsuruga
Volume 45
Original Release February 20, 2020
Arc Confession arc
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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Ark is the 279th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the third instalment of four chapters that precede under the same title.


Ren sees that Kyoko is blushing but with the skill of a jaded man he holds back any excitement, believing that Kyoko is once again veering off on another track. He asks if she could just tell him what she is thinking so that there is no misunderstanding. Kyoko gets even more worked up for how presumptuous of her, it couldn't be her that Ren likes right? He must be making an American joke or its a misunderstanding. Ren hurriedly puts a stop to Kyoko's whirl of worry and confirms that it is true, she is the one he likes, it's no joke or delusion. Kyoko blushes deeply and is overwhelmed by the point blank confession. Ren admits that he didn't want her to misunderstand the thing with Kana. But probably even more so was due to seeing her and Sho acting so friendly, he was jealous and lashed out at her that day in the car[1]. Ren asks if perhaps she feels the same way he does due to her reaction to the ring[2]. If she doesn't they can leave it alone but he would appreciate an answer. Yes or no.


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