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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Ark
Chapter 278.png
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga & Kyoko Mogami
Volume 45
Original Release January 20, 2020
Arc Confession arc
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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Ark is the 278th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the second instalment of four chapters that precede under the same title.


Kyoko is finally cornered by Ren after running from him for two days straight. Kyoko gets angry and wonders why he's doing this in a roundabout way. He's the Ren Tsuruga, can't he just go in guns blazing and talk to the person directly. Ren yells that's exactly what he is doing! Kyoko is confused and wonders if he is drunk as she is not Kimiko Morizumi. Ren blinks and wonders who she is talking about. Kyoko frustratingly clarifies who she is for Ren, reminding him that he even gave her a ring for good luck. Ren looks at Kyoko sharply asking did she specifically say that he gave it to her or did she say it in a different way? As apparently Morizumi has a habit of taking things out of context to create the tale she wants, not to mention the lies of omission like the fact the ring was actually her own. Kyoko is gobsmacked by Morizumi's manipulative talent and that she wastes it all on creating misunderstandings. Ren realises that Morizumi was likely why Kyoko spurned his flower ring that time. Meanwhile Kyoko herself has an epiphany, for if Morizumi isn't Ren's crush then who is? She slowly puts the pieces together: Ren being desperate to talk to her, the girl being a high school student, strict about meals, discreet, and has been running away from him since yesterday. Her mouth drops open in shock as a blush forms on her face at her realisation.


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