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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Ark-
Chapter 277.jpeg
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga & Kyoko Mogami
Volume 45
Original Release December 20, 2019
Arc Confession arc
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Ambush -Sneaking Onto Noah's Arc- is the 277th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the first instalment of four chapters that precede under the same title.


Ren and Kyoko come face to face once again. Kyoko makes another run for it as she feels quite awkward seeing Ren after hearing his confession as Bo that he will tell his beloved his feelings (which she still thinks is Morizumi). Ren bolts after her while yelling that he needs to tell her something. Kyoko manages to dodge Ren's advances by sneaking into a closing elevator. Kyoko then ponders why he keeps chasing her, both yesterday and today. She now knows that the Kana scandal is fake so then why else would he be so determined to talk to her? She spies the parking lot and thinks she's almost free but before she can make another dash for it, the elevator doors are pried open by a desperate looking Ren, who then corners Kyoko in the elevator.


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