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Disaster -Impending Doom-
Chapter 275.png
Character/s in the cover Bo the Chicken & Ren Tsuruga
Volume 45
Original Release October 20, 2019
Arc Confession arc
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Disaster -Impending Doom- is the 275th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko is gobsmacked by the revelation that Kana Kusunoki used Ren as a tool. She's amazed at Kana's confidence and wasteful use of the 'Ren Tsuruga'. Kyoko wonders at the ploy though, as there was a chance a man could fall for her charms, even one such as Ren. Ren dismisses this instantly as he knows he isn't on Kana's spectrum, literally, as her interest lie in women. Kyoko is, again, shocked. Ren isn't really concerned about Kana but the damage the press is doing, for it's making it hard on his relationship with the girl he likes as she keeps running away. Kyoko falls to the ground in pain as she is still under the impression that the 'high school girl' Ren likes is Kimiko Morizumi. She tunes back in knowing she should be supportive since Ren has made such progress with opening his heart. Despite her trepidation regarding Morizumi she encourages Ren to confess, to throw all his feelings at the girl.


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