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Disaster -A Roaring Vortex-
Chapter 274.jpeg
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga & Kyoko Mogami
Volume 45
Original Release September 20, 2019
Arc Confession arc
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Disaster -A Roaring Vortex- is the 274th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko is at TBM playing Bo while she ponders what she has deduced about Ren, that he has quite a grievous wound on his heart and doesn't believe he deserves to be happy. However he seems to have found 'the one' so he must have freed himself from those shackles. Kyoko is so caught up in her thoughts that she practically runs into the man himself while at TBM. She is so distracted she forgets she is dressed as Bo as she makes another dash for it. Ren halts Bo knowing that he must think low of him despite their talks but can he give him a chance to explain himself. Bo agrees reluctantly. Bo asks why he seems so depressed if he is marrying the No.1 woman men want to marry. Ren is shocked that the rumours have escalated so much and unimpressed that Bo has such a short memory. Ren tells Bo that he will never admit it as a man but he was used as a tool by Kana to spice up her own relationship.


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