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Unexpected Results -The Day Itself-
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Volume 45
Original Release July 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -The Day Itself- is the 272nd chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the fourth and last instalment of the four chapters that precedes under this same title.


Kanae explains that she will need real life conversational experience speaking English thus the favour from Kyoko. Kyoko learns how very small the acting world is when she learns the main actor is Cedric D. Bennett, grandson of the famed Mr D. Kyoko doesn't connect the dots until Kanae reminds her that Mr Duris aka Uncle Tiger came to her Happy Grateful Party. The name Cedric D. Bennett also reverberates with Kyoko as this was the name of Morizumi's new prey/love interest. Kanae calls her out for acting oddly since hearing Cedric's name, Kyoko is feeling quite the mess of emotions admittedly. She still recalls Ren's sad face during his confession to Bo that he can't have a beloved, she feels a bit silly thinking it was Morizumi briefly, but now she feels betrayed by believing in Ren as he's done exactly what Sho did to her and chase an older woman. Kanae puts all these thoughts into words and Kyoko screams at her to stop naming these ugly feelings she's glossed over. Kanae wonders why it's such a big deal until she sees Kyoko's face which is quite heartbroken. Ren and Yashiro choose this moment to appear causing Kyoko to run from him once again. Ren tries to follow only to be blocked by Kanae's leg, while she menacingly asks for a chat.


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