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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 44
Original Release May 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results - The Day Itself - is the 270th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the second instalment of four chapters that precede under the same title.


A shocking exposé on Ren and his apparent secret lover, renowned actress Kana Kusunoki, is revealed to the public with a scandalous picture of them kissing. It sends the women of Japan reeling but at the same time agreeing reluctantly that the Lady Kana is a good match for Ren. Ren, himself, is reeling albeit for different reasons. Kyoko is also left reeling and with jealousy stirring. Our two find themselves face-to-face in LME's foyer with tumultuous feelings in their hearts from the day's revelations.


Yashiro is having a peaceful breakfast until the morning gossip show announces the current rumour started by the infamous tabloid magazine Boost. Everyone is clamouring to know if it is true or fake as the magazine is known for using underhanded tactics. Across the T.V. is plastered Boost's current scoop of Ren kissing Kana and the endless speculations on their relationship. Yashiro freezes in the midst of setting out his breakfast as this plays out and then faints. Then wakes up violently the next moment with a huge yell of shock!

Kyoko is also setting up for breakfast at Darumaya when she also sees the same show along with the picture. She freezes in shock when she sees Ren kiss another women. Okasan spots her staring at the TV and wonders what is the current buzz. She sees that they all gossiping about Ren and his new lady Kana. And muses idly that Ren has a new lover. How even she has heard of Kana Kusunoki when she doesn't even watch many shows or movies. Apparently she is being called a 'handsome' women. Okasan says she heard that she is quite nice and friendly lady. And she's an older women. She quotes of proverb, saying that it takes persistence and patience to court an older women. She thinks they suit each other well and hopes Ren and her a are happy. Kyoko remains silent but her face darkens not dissimilar to her time when she was jealous as Setsuka.

The talk show continues in the background, as hosts and hostesses continue to speculate when and where Ren and Kana become a couple. Dissecting times when the appeared at functions together and how close they stood and so on. Ren and Yashiro are on the couch not really paying attention to the show, more despairing of the fall out of it all. Yashiro is stoic, whilst Ren looks weary, head in hands. The silence is loud between them.

Yashiro informs him that he had an inkling of Kana's plan but couldn't believe it came true. Ren agrees that in hindsight it was weird that she was apologising a lot to him. And sighs realising that this was why. Yashiro inquires if anyone from the office had called yet. Ren confirmed that Section Chief Mastushima and the President called him. Yashiro wonders what the President said. Ren pauses. Then says that he laughed in an infuriating voice that it was clear he was grinning ear-to-ear. Yashiro stares at Ren wide-eyed for a bit and then has to muffle his own snort of laughter.

Ren is not amused and wonders what the hell is so funny about this. He knows the President thinks he's a boring guy for never being the target of a rumor despite being sexy but still... This is a false rumor! Also despite him being one of the tope actors at LME, he doesn't even seem to care a bit about damage control or how it might affect the company. Ren thoroughly miffed turns to Yashiro "He does know who I am right? I'm a 'Gorgeous Star' right?!"
Yashiro is amused that Ren would refer to himself as such then shrugs if the President is unconcerned that it seems they will just let the rumor run its course.

Yashiro pensively stares until he then asks Ren if he had ever heard of what goes around comes around? One could interpret it as what one stores secretly will be paid back with interest. Ren deadpans Yashiro wondering when become a priest. Yashiro continues stating that he didn't say anything complex, Ren doesn't need to confirm nor deny anything, if he is harassed by paparazzi Yashiro has faith he will blast them away with that charming smile of his while sending Ren a sharp one of his own.

Jokes aside, Ren wonders if Yashiro means that this will be a profit to him. Yashiro muses that Kana definitely thought so. Even if it isn't does he really think this commotion is going to last long? Ren agrees that it likely won't.

Kyoko is confronted by the other girls in the Lotus in the Mud regarding the article. They want her to confirm if she knows if it is true or not as she has Ren's own manager, Yashiro, as her manager, worked opposite him in Dark Moon, is part of the same agency LME and also temp managed for him. Kyoko informs them that Yashiro is only helping her out as a temp manager and specifics regarding Ren's private life never come up so she doesn't know if the article is true or not. The girls are sad but it makes sense.

Kyoko walks away inwardly thinking that although she doesn't know Ren's beloved, he (Bo The Chicken) does know. And it is certainly not the "4 time Winner of the Woman Most Men Want to Marry" contest or a woman 10 years older than him. Kyoko presents herself to a weapon's trainer on set that starts instructing her how to throw daggers for her role as Momiji. She frowns while throwing the knives, as her thoughts whirl internally. If so what is all this news about them being lovers?! Or, recalling Ren's confession about his beloved being a high school girl during her time as Bo, was that all a lie? Then his helpless expression when he said that he can't have a lover, was that also a lie too? Kyoko believed that he was really quite stressed over it all, finding reasons to avoid entering a relationship at all. Was that all fake too? The lesson finishes with Kyoko finding no answers to her internal thoughts.

Kyoko is invited by the other girls to go to dinner with them and delightedly accepts. She is heading out with them when she receives a text from Sawara to swing by the office, he'll explain once she's there. Kyoko is curious as the message is slightly vague, wonders if it may be for a job but responds in the affirmative. The other girls are still caught up discussing the whole Ren/Kana scandal. The girl who it seems was most distraught by the news, has accepted defeat since it is Kana-nee-san. She admits if it was someone their age or younger she would not be so quiet about it but because its Nee-san she can bow out gracefully. The other girls agree that Kana is hard to beat especially being the most desired woman to marry. Not too mention her intelligence and beauty and skills that can please a man. The other girl calls her out, saying isn't putting skills in there a bit lewd? The other girl gets flustered assuring she didn't mean it that way. Kana-san is apparently good at managing a household and cooking (from what they say), it's ridiculous she's a total dream! Kyoko listens on looking lost by hearing all these good qualities.

President Lory invades the LME acting section with his usual drama, asking Sawara if Kyoko has texted back yet. Irritated Sawara informs the president whose tail feathers have knocked people and stuff from their desk to not wear his outfits into the office as they make a mess. The President pouts and tells Sawara that he is taking of aftermath as he goes as his manservant Ruto is seen picking up after him. Sawara tells him that Kyoko sent a message informing him that she was leaving for the office 2 hours ago so she should have arrived by now. Perhaps she got stuck in traffic. The President walks away musing that this is unlike Kyoko, his tail feather creating a wide berth for him as he walks, for she is the type to let them know if she is running late. The President opens his phone intending to see where she is via a tracking app. The app indicates that she is in LME.

He glances up and lets out an oh as he instantly spies a stand off in the LME foyer between Kyoko and Ren both looking stunned to see each other.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hosts on TV Show
  2. Yukihito Yashiro
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Ren Tsuruga
  5. Kana (TV/Flashback only)
  6. Taisho's wife
  7. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (with magazine)
  8. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (with shoulder length hair)
  9. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (with short hair)
  10. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (with curly ponytail)
  11. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (in background 1)
  12. Girl in Lotus of Mud project (in background 2)
  13. Bo the Chicken (in silhouette only)
  14. Weapons Instructor
  15. Takenori Sawara
  16. Lory Takarada
  17. LME Acting section Staff
  18. Ruto
  19. LME Employee


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