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Unexpected Results -The Day Itself-
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Volume 44
Original Release April 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -The Day Itself- is the 269th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series. This is the first instalment of four chapters that precede under the same title.


Under Yashiro's scolding look, Ren admits that the way he talked to Kyoko was quite immature and is intending to make amends with her. On the other hand, Kyoko overhears two girls talking about using the silent treatment as a tactic on guys and contemplates if she should do the same to Ren. However, when she saw Ren's missed call, Kyoko's decision is disregarded. The next day, a tabloid comes out with a scoop about Ren's lover.


Yashiro shows Kyoko's text to him to Ren that states she won't be needing a ride for the time being. Yashiro, clearly unhappy with this, says that he won't help Ren patch up things or act as the mediator between them. Ren agrees and tells Yashiro that what happened inside the car was completely his fault. He says that he would try to clear his schedule and make time for Kyoko.

Yashiro says that he doesn't mind backing him up even though he won't help him patch things up. He says that as a fellow man, he understand what Ren must've felt. He says that he understands Ren's confusion when he saw Kyoko being all friendly with Sho Fuwa. It's a complete natural reaction to want to ask Kyoko about it.

Ren says that the way he put it out was not very mature. Yashiro agrees and says that he knows that Ren didn't even believe what he declared to Kyoko. Yashiro knows that Ren didn't really think that Kyoko would really fall in love with Sho a second time. Ren was not reacting so Yashiro bluntly asked him about his answer. Yashiro says that he bets Ren just wanted to hear it straight from Kyoko.

Yashiro wants to assure Ren by saying that maybe Kyoko's feelings about Sho didn't change as it was still ice and hate but Kyoko has never said those things before but maybe Kyoko have softened up to Sho a little bit.

Yashiro says that it is his wishful thinking but he really has no idea what's going on. He warns Ren and tells him that it's clear that things are not going his way at the moment. He advises Ren to resolve the matter and if possible, within the day. Ren silently agrees.

At Darumaya, there are two girls chatting about relationships. It seems like one girl is ignoring her boyfriend because he has been jealous about her ex. Kyoko overheard this and relates this to her current situation with Ren, even though they definitely not lovers and Sho is not her ex.

Kyoko reckons that ignoring or the silent treatment is a gentle coping method and it must work since Ren has been quite angry earlier. The words "Let time pass and everything will return to normal" makes an impression on Kyoko.

However, later on, Kyoko checks her phone and there's a missed call from Ren. Kyoko convinces herself that she would just message him tomorrow since it's too late already but being a person of integrity and politeness, she is unable to just ignore a person's call.

The next day, at a magazine stall, a staff replaced a bunch of new magazines. It turns out that the magazine is from Boost and it is about Ren Tsuruga's lover. A random passenger praises Boost for its ability to cause damage since they have another scoop that is going to sell like hot cakes.

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