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Unexpected Results -The Day Before-
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Yukihito Yashiro and Ren Tsuruga)
Volume Not compiled
Original Release March 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -The Day Before- is the 268th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko is shocked and hurt at how accusing Ren is and accidentally ends up defending Sho in her shock and anger at his accusations. Looking back though, she is disappointed at how she reacted and unknowingly cries in front of her co-star, Hiromune Koga. Later on, Kyoko texts Yashiro stating that she would be refraining from carpooling with him, and thus Ren, for a while.


As a continuation from the scene last chapter, Kyoko is shocked at the blatant assumption that Ren makes. Then questions Ren why he just assumed these things so quickly. Kyoko then leaps to Sho's defence stating that Ren doesn't know him well enough to say anything about him. Yes he may be a bit of an intolerant idiot but he actually has a considerate and kind side even from before. Both Kyoko and Yashiro both have a mental double take when they hear what angle she has taken to arguing back with. WHAT?! In this situation? She's arguing that point?!

At the present, Kyoko looks back at how she reacted and is disappointed at how she answered Ren. She calls herself an idiot and is frustrated at how the only rebuttal she could come up with to Ren was that Sho had a good side. When in reality, all she wanted to say to Ren was "Don't assume things.". It turned out that she got so frustrated so she ended up saying such vengeful things out of spite.

Kyoko then thinks that Ren may go on and assume as well that during the miserable time she had with Sho, the two of them had 'that' kind of relationship. Kyoko cries as she thinks that nothing could probably change Ren's mind and the precious thing she has protected for so long could be affected.

While Kyoko is crying, Koga is right in front of her just casually checking out his phone. Kyoko asks what was Koga doing there. Koga then explained that he was actually there first, relaxing. Then suddenly, Kyoko just came in and just suddenly burst into tears. Koga then sits up and asks Kyoko not to ruin his relaxation.

Kyoko apologises and tells him that she just got caught up in her own bubble. Koga says that he doesn't really care but he does hope that Kyoko's tears were caused by Ren bullying her. If that was the case, it would be Koga's greatest interest to know. With what Koga said, Kyoko made a stiff face which made Koga do the same.

He immediately concluded that he was right, basing from Kyoko's expression. Koga says that Ren seems to really be the bullying type. Kyoko inwardly thinks that Koga must be really happy about the thought. However, she says that it's nothing like that.

Koga says that it's too boring and sometimes, Kyoko is really too honest. If she played along instead, they would be kind of friends. This frustrates Kyoko and tells Koga that he is right and it is a shame. Koga says that she still sucks at that thing and she should learn it because it's how the business works. Kyoko nods to this.

Sounds of swords clashing interrupts them as it turns out that it was Koga's ringtone for work. It notified him that it was time to meet up. Koga is about to go and Kyoko tries to go with him but Koga stops her.

He says that she should fix up her bare, messed-up face first because she clearly looked like she had been crying. If the crew saw her, they would definitely think that Koga must've caused that especially if they came in together.

Kyoko jokingly 'pons'. Koga accuses Kyoko if she's trying to frame him and make him look bad in front of his friends. He says that it seems like Kyoko wants Koga to bully her, even if he won't match to Ren's bullying. Kyoko then says that she was just joking and she would stay in because she really does look awful.

Koga turns away to say bye but before totally walking away, he tells Kyoko to not leave a trace at all. Kyoko sadly smiles at Koga. While Kyoko was putting make-up at her face, she made a sad frown as she looks back at Ren's accusing face.

Later on, at the car, Yashiro gets a text message from Kyoko. It seems like she apologized for not thanking Yashiro for dropping her off and kindly requests that she would like to refrain from carpooling with him for a while.

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