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Unexpected Results -The Day Before-
Chapter 267.png
Character/s in the cover N/A (Yukihito Yashiro, Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 44
Original Release February 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -The Day Before- is the 267th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


There is an icy atmosphere in the car, which Yashiro and Kyoko clearly feels despite the two of them trying to ignore it. Later on, Kyoko decides to explain Sho's visit earlier to Ren while he takes this as an opportunity to question Kyoko if she fell in love with Sho again.


Kyoko and Yashiro starts talking about some dogs being aired on TV but despite this, it's definitely a cold atmosphere inside the car. Ren is quiet and is looking at the windows as the two chats.

Kyoko looks at Ren who is clearly not looking at him. Her apparitions even pop up since it's been so long since the last time that Ren got mad at her. Kyoko thinks about the reason why Ren must be mad. Then, she concluded at first that the reason why Ren must be mad is because he thought that Sho had stayed over since he was there so early at the morning, even before 7 am.

This horrifies Kyoko which made her speak up straight away. She explains to Ren that Sho didn't stay over at the Darumaya and simply just asked to meet up with her. Kyoko's explanations horrifies Yashiro and he thinks that Kyoko should've kept quiet instead since it kind of makes Kyoko guilty of something.

Finally, Ren looked at her mercilessly and told her "No one asked.". This made Kyoko quite sad and Yashiro inwardly thinks that it's only right, Kyoko should just keep quiet until they go drop her off.

However, Ren continues speaking. He says that ever since he got back into the country, he's been wanting to ask Kyoko about her relationship with Sho, if they were on good terms again. This shocks Kyoko and questions Ren why he's doubting her because he clearly knows her situation with him.

Ren then says that there was a photo taken of Sho and Kyoko kissing which was most likely taken by the papparazi stalking Sho for news and they were just lucky because the papparazi was a morally uptight company who asked the agencies first for permission. Kyoko tries to explain herself but Ren cuts her off.

Ren said that he knew how much hurt Kyoko back then since she clearly bumped into him too later that night. Ren then says that no one would be surprised if Kyoko fell in love with Sho again after his touching actions during that night. Ren looks at Kyoko intently while she gives off a distressed yet a pained expression.

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