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Unexpected Results -The Day Before-
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Volume 44
Original Release January 20, 2019
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -The Day Before- is the 266th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Since both Yashiro and Sho told Kyoko that they would meet her by 7 am, Kyoko decided to meet Sho 30 minutes earlier so Yashiro would not meet him. However, her plan does not go smoothly as Yashiro, who was with Ren, still saw her with Sho while they were driving in the streets. To make it worse, Taisho's wife confirmed Sho's visit by mentioning that Sho has visited earlier and may have left an item in their shop's rest room.


Ren thinks back at the photo of Sho and Kyoko kissing just right after Saena announced on television that she doesn't have a child. Ren refuses to believe that the kiss happened because there was something that changed between Sho and Kyoko, which was why Kyoko didn't react the way she did when he had kissed her during the Dark Moon shooting.

However, it seems like there really is happening between the two of them and Ren can't accept it. Yashiro and Ren are both shocked to see Sho and Kyoko talking to each other in the street, acting very friendly.

Yashiro thinks that it's not his imagination, it's definitely Sho in disguise and he is being very friendly with Kyoko. Yashiro looks over Ren but his expression becomes distressed as he saw Ren's reaction.

Back in her room, Kyoko is rushing. She met with Sho earlier because she did not want Yashiro to know that she was going to meet with Yashiro. Kyoko is worried that Yashiro might be there but it seems like he's not there yet. While still rushing, Kyoko picks up her phone and Yashiro says that he seems to be in some sort of traffic.

Earlier, Kyoko flashbacks to the moment she called Sho and requested him to meet up with her 30 minutes earlier. The two argue until Sho finally agrees with her to meet and also wear a disguise. Kyoko prepares and sit downs while she waits for Yashiro's call. She thinks that if Yashiro did see her with Sho, he must have not recognized Sho at a glance since Sho did wear a disguise.

Back at the car, Yashiro asks loudly to Ren if the guy they saw with Kyoko was Sho. Ren is clearly in a dark mood and mocks Yashiro, he tells him "Who else could it be?". Yashiro says that it might not be Sho since Kyoko does not act that way with him and it would take heavens and earth for her to be that friendly with him. This darkens Ren's mood and tone as he mutters "Heaven and earth...". Throughout the whole conversation, Yashiro gets the chills and gets scared of Ren's expression.

However, Ren quickly apologized and confessed that he just can't get the vision of Sho and Kyoko together out of his head.

Finally at Kyoko's place, she is surprised because Ren is there in the car. Yashiro greets Kyoko and helps her get in the car. Kyoko says that the traffic must have been rough. But in actuality, it was revealed that Yashiro have already known about the traffic. Yashiro and Ren went out early and they killed time by driving along the streets, and that's the moment when they saw Sho and Ren together.

Yashiro regrets all of this since it clearly affected Ren's mood. However, he still does not believe that the man that is with Kyoko is Fuwa. Earlier, it seems like Yashiro has calmed down Ren by insisting that the man Kyoko was with was not Fuwa. Ren laughed a little with him as he seemed to be cooled down by Yashiro's reasons.

However, as Yashiro assists Kyoko to go inside the car, Taisho's wife calls out Kyoko and tells her about an item that may belong to Sho since he dropped by the shop earlier.

Ren looked darkly as Yashiro and Kyoko became distressed after Taisho's wife announcement.

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