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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier-
Chapter 265.png
Character/s in the cover N/A (Kyoko Mogami and Taisho's wife)
Volume 44
Original Release December 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier- is the 265th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


After a day of meeting the crew and staff of A Lotus in the Mud, Kyoko ponders on the flower ring that Ren gave her. She treasures this and preserves this. Meanwhile, Taisho's wife reveals that Sho has dropped by the shop earlier and left a message for Kyoko.


As Kyoko arrives home, she immediately notices how Taisho is busy serving the customers. Taisho's wife then greets her and asks how her shooting went. Kyoko says that the meeting went very smooth. However, Kyoko remembered a little incident earlier. Kyoko goes to Koga and thanks him. However, it turns out that Koga only gave her the weapons to show to the cast members in hopes of her embarrassing herself. It was not because he wanted Kyoko to break the water with the cast members at all.

However, Koga was disappointed because Kyoko did manage to impress the crew and even mocks her for being a Ren Tsuruga fan. Kyoko ponders on this and realizes that Koga must really hate Ren. Kyoko says she understands because she has been through the same phase once when Ren bullied and mocked her but she really couldn't imagine him doing the same to Koga. In fact, Kyoko thinks that Ren and Koga would actually really hit it off because they could both plaster a smile for the public and both love their acting work.

Later on, while eating food that Taisho's wife arranged for her, she remembered the flower ring that Ren has given her. She remembered that Ren gave it for her for good luck and remembered Kimiko saying something about Ren giving it to her as good luck as well. With that, she concludes that Kimiko and Ren must really be an item.

Kyoko then ponders on this and remembers Ren's inexperience on love, which may be the reason why he's doing the same for everyone else the same way he did to Kimiko. She thinks that Erika's Jewel Troop must be lying because Ren is restricting himself to love and would never reveal who he loves so they could not possibly know.

While thinking about Ren's feelings for Kimiko, Kyoko stars to make preparations about the preservation of the flower ring, stating that she wants to treasure and preserve the flower ring that Ren has given her.

After she finished preserving, she runs into Taisho's wife. She immediately notices Kyoko's happy expression. Kyoko smiles and volunteers to do the dishes. As they go to the ktichen, Kyoko notices Taisho's distressed expression. It turns out that he is messing with the dial to unlock the code of the safe. Taisho's wife says that her husband doesn't try to remember things he's put away but at that time, it seems like he was trying to remember something related to Kyoko and maybe about Ren because Taisho showed an unsual expression when he saw Ren pick Kyoko up.

Afterwards, Taisho's wife tells Kyoko that Sho stopped by earlier and asked them to rely her a message. It seems like Sho wants to meet Kyoko the next day at around 7 am. Just a bit later, Yashiro sends a message to Kyoko that he would be picking her up at around 7 am. While at the set, Yashiro asks Ren if he's really okay to be coming that early. Ren says that it's no problem.

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