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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier-
Chapter 264.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Ren Tsuruga
Volume 44
Original Release September 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier- is the 264th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


It is revealed that Producer Kuresaki is a super fan for Kotetsu Uesugi and shows unexpected reactions upon Kyoko mentioning that it was Uesugi who taught her combat skills. On the other hand, Kanae visits Uesugi and tells him about the job offer she just got. Uesugi encourages Kanae to take the job although he worries about Hiou's reaction when he finds out that Kanae will be working at America.


The chapter begins with Producer Kuresaki and Director Morizumi talking about Kimiko who is supposedly retiring from showbiz already. Kuresaki could not believe it, given Kimiko's reactions during the Momiji auditions. Kuresaki tries to guess the reasons but even Morizumi don't even know. Both of them agrees that Kimiko believes that the reason why she didn't get Momiji was because her uncle didn't pull enough strings for her.

Both of them never expected Kimiko's real personality as opposed to her cute, innocent image. They then agree than Kimiko is one frightening actress. Morizumi is a bit disappointed to lose an actress with such potential whilst Kuresaki says that there's nothing they can do since it is Kimiko's own choice. Kuresaki even sneers that Morizumi probably just wanted to spoil her cute niece a little by giving her the part, to which Morizumi agrees.

However, Morizumi says that even if he did that, Kuresaki won't still hire Kimiko, to which he averts. The two continues to talk about that matter until they come across loud sounds from a room.

It then reveals Kyoko who was showing off her katana skills to the rest of the cast members. Everyone was amazed because the combat that Kyoko brought seemed handmade and they were amazed with her efforts just for the Momiji auditions. Kyoko then said that the combats were from her master, who taught her. When they asked if her master was an actor, Kyoko answers without hesitations.

Kyoko says that her master is the retired actor, national treasure of the period drama world, Kotetsu Uesugi. Everyone was then distracted by a sudden thud caused by Kuresaki. Everyone turned to them and greeted the presence of Kuresaki and Morizumi.

Kuresaki asks Kyoko what she just said and without even mentioning Uesugi's name fully, Kuresaki violently reacted again. He pleaded for Morizumi instead and it was Morizumi who asked Kyoko if she really did learn from Uesugi. Kyoko says she did and decided to tell them that when she auditioned for Momiji, she realized that she definitely needed more experience for stage combat. Through Hiou, Uesugi's grandchild, she was able to contact Uesugi and be taught from him.

Morizumi says that Kyoko's story is a dream come true in the industry and that the rumors may be true that Uesugi is really a doting grandfather and asks Kyoko if she really is friends with Hiou. Kyoko says she is but Kanae is much closer to him than she is. In fact, it was because of Kanae that she even got the chance to be trained under Uesugi. On the side remarks, other casts have been talking about Hiou who is appearing as Makoto in Mizumori Ayako series.

Kyoko says that it was all thanks to Kanae, Hiou and Uesugi that she was able to get the role of Momiji. Morizumi is quite shocked and asks Kyoko if Kanae was really taught by Uesugi as well. Kyoko answered yes which resulted Kuresaki to violently react and thump over the floor several times.

Kyoko is now quite worried about his reaction and asked if she did something wrong. Morizumi says that there's nothing to worry about since it's the normal Kuresaki when he gets emotionally upset and gets crazy.

Morizumi then whispers to Kyoko that the reason why Kuresaki is reacting like that is because he is regretting so much about his decision to reject someone related to Master Uesugi. Even though he did get Kyoko, he's pretty greedy. Kyoko then asks if Kuresaki really is a Uesugi fan to which Morizumi answers yes, in fact, to an extent where Kuresaki is a member of an actual fanclub of Uesugi.

Kyoko says that it makes sense now since during the audtions, she felt like Kuresaki's swordmanship was quite similar to Uesugi's. Morizumi then whispers to Kyoko that she should say it a bit louder so Kuresaki's spirits would be lifted up.

The scene cuts to Kanae talking to Master Uesugi. He says that the reason why Kanae must be telling him that is because Kanae really intends to take on the role. However, he says that she might face another disappointed just after losing the role of Chidori. Kanae bows and apologizes.

Uesugi then tells her that she is a strong girl because if it were him, he would not have taken the role. Uesugi then tells her that a long time ago, he was offered a role where it was very unfamiliar for him. Due to his high sense of pride and him being afraid of failure, he never took the role. Uesugi says that he still regrets that decision and wished that he took the role. Because even if he had failed, there is nothing gained from not trying. He says that even failure itself can help one grow stronger, so do not fear it.

Kanae smiles and bows to Uesugi, thanking him.

Uesugi is then lost to his thoughts at how he's going to explain the matter to Hiou. It seems like he would not be able to visit Kanae because it's not just some 1 hour trip. It's not a permanent trip but Kanae is going to America.

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