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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier-
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 43
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier- is the 263rd chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko gave out an unexpected response to Ren's flower ring, much to Ren and Yashiro's confusion. Kyoko is left to think that Ren is a playboy and for the first time, she introduces herself to the A Lotus in the Mud crew. Meanwhile, Sho asks his driver to stop over at Darumaya.


Kyoko is quite surprised with Ren giving her a flower ring. It caused her to think of her feelings for Ren, on how even though she won't deny them, it would be the best to suppress them since Ren already has someone else she loves. If she doesn't stop, it would only be more painful.

In the end, all Kyoko could mutter to Ren was "You're a despicable guy.". This clearly shocked Ren. Yashiro wishes Kyoko good luck as they drop her off and she acts normally with him but when Ren does so, she acts stiff. Yashiro particularly noticed this and asked Ren what happened during the few minutes he was gone and left the two of them together.

Meanwhile, while Kyoko was walking, she recalls the events. She thinks that Ren probably had no idea what the other party must be feeling since he is a natural playboy. She further ponders that he could've given it to her normally instead of making her wear it similar to wedding ceremonies.

Kyoko thinks back to the incident and it seems like Ren reasoned out that if he did something wrong, he apologizes. He just thought that the ring would fit on the pinky finger because the strings of the dandelion were getting shorter. Ren also insists that Kyoko should think of it as a good luck charm instead. Kyoko wishes that Ren had bounderies between the woman he loved over everyone else because it seems like he was treating everyone the same. It frustrates Kyoko because she feels like getting trapped by desires and fantasies she should not even have.

Kyoko rants about Ren being a playboy until she bumps into Koga with the rest of the staff. The staff asks who she is while Hiromune Koga answered that Kyoko would be playing the role of Momiji who was hired yesterday. Everyone else started to chat in front of her, saying things about her being a talent and guesses about which agency she came from.

However, Kyoko recalls Ren's words that she won fair and square. She gathered up her courage to introduce herself properly and even mentioned LME.

Back in Yashiro's car, he is as confused as Ren regarding Kyoko's reaction. Yashiro thinks that it must be because Kyoko, after all, is still Love Me Girl #1. He also thought that Ren being promoted into a love interest in Kyoko's eyes would be too much too as for, as if it's a miraculous development.

Ren, on the other hand, wonders why Kyoko made such a pained expression when he mentioned the pinky ring and he is frustrated because he still hadn't asked her about the photo with Sho. He is sure that the next time he sees her, he would be able to ask her about both things.

Meanwhile, Sho is in the car with his driver and he tells him that he wants to stop by Darumaya first.

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