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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier-
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Volume 43
Original Release August 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier- is the 262nd chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko, Ren and Yashiro decide to have lunch together in a nearby park. Ren informs Yashiro about the incident with Kana, much to Yashiro's surprise. Later on, Ren gives Kyoko a flower ring after she received the same one from a random girl.


While Yashiro and Kyoko are talking about how great the location and weather is, Ren keeps quiet. However though, Kyoko have correctly guessed that Ren has been looking at her the whole time they were talking together. Kyoko felt like Ren wanted to ask something to her but he's not saying anything.

Later on, they ate the bentos and Yashiro is amazed at Kyoko's cooking skills. Yashiro was talking while eating, to which Ren amazingly translates. Kyoko said that the Taisho helped her with some of the dishes so it is only expected that they taste really good. Ren becomes wary of this and suspects that his bento might've had something different, since he feels like the Taisho does not like him. Ren feels that Taisho have definitely seen through Ren's double masked personality or maybe Taisho is just like a father who is protecting his sweet daughter from a man with a fake personality.

However, when Ren tasted his, it seems like there was nothing wrong in his bento at all. Later on, Kyoko volunteered to wash all their dishes and whilst she was there, Yashiro and Ren talk about the days where they have not seen each other. Ren said that nothing strange has happened, because even his shooting in Guam went smoothly. It seems like the only odd thing that happened is the nightclub incident with Kijima where Kana have kissed him on the lips.

This really surprised Yashiro and thought that Kana might've been drunk or something. Ren says that she was completely sober. Yashiro is left to his own thoughts about why Kana did that until Kyoko came in.

Kyoko happily tells them that a little girl met her at the washing area and gave her a flower ring, which was cute. However, as she saw Ren, she was reminded of Kimiko once again. Kyoko remembers how the flower ring she got was just from a littel girl while Kimiko's was an actual expensive ring and is from Ren himself. Kyoko's mood completely turns gloomy after this and she is left in her own thoughts. She thinks that she should't compare herself to Kimiko because they're in two different positions.

Kyoko notices that the flower ring is coming loose and Ren notices this as well. Ren pulls Kyoko a bit over a field of flowers and kneels down. He picks a flower and starts to make a flower ring himself. This amazes Kyoko since she didn't expect that Ren would know how to make a flower ring.

Ren explains that his father used to do that for his mother when he was younger and he would often try to imitate his father and also give his mother the same ones. Kyoko says that Ren's father must be a lovely person. Seeing her dreamy face, Ren correctly guessed that Kyoko must've been thinking of someone similar to Director Ogata.

Ren said that his father is more like macho, slim, muscular man instead of someone like Director Ogata. This completely crushes Kyoko's illusions and now, she has a hard time of thinking what Ren's father looks like. On the other hand, Ren thinks if it's really unguessable for Kuu Hizuri to have that kind of description.

Ren then smiles with the flower ring on his hand as he reached out for Kyoko's hand. He placed the flower ring on Kyoko's index finger, much to Kyoko's surprise.

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