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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier-
Chapter 261.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 43
Original Release July 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -2 Days Earlier- is the 261st chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


It is the first time that Kyoko would meet Ren after everything that happened while auditioning for Momiji. She maintains a calm face and realizes how much she syncs with Momiji's feelings when it comes to her feelings with Ren liking Kimiko Morizumi.


Kyoko stares a bit oddly at her phone screen where it says that Yashiro will be handling her and Ren's schedule at the same time during that day. Kyoko freaks out as she finds out that she will be seeing Ren without any warning even though the two of them have talked last night.

Kyoko flashbacks to last night where Ren congratulated her for getting the role of Momiji and he mentioned that they will meet with Yashiro the next day but Kyoko didn't expect that the meeting he said would turn out to be carpool.

Kyoko really thinks it's too sudden because there are still problems bothering her and her face just turns sour because Ren reminds her of unpleasant memories of Kimiko, whom she thinks is Ren's lover. Later on, Taisho's wife went to Kyoko's room which distrupted her thoughts. Upon seeing her face, Taisho's wife thought that Kyoko might've been just freaking out because she received really good news.

Kyoko tries to compose herself as she waits for Yashiro's car and she thinks that she absolutely must not float to happiness upon seeing Ren because again, she will be forever reminded of unpleasant memories of Kimiko.

When Yashiro arrives, Kyoko tires to maintain her calm face by thinking of frivilous thinks. Yashiro offers to help but Kyoko refuses. Ren then tries to go out of the car from the backseat and help Kyoko as well but she aggressively refuses and put him back in because he would apparently attract a lot of people.

Kyoko also reasons out that when Ren comes out of the car as well, he won't be able to sit on the inner side. Kyoko says that it is only proper that Ren gets the best seat since he is senior to her and she is a mere junior. Kyoko even reprimands Ren to not go out of the way for a mere junior like her.

Ren is disappointed along with Yashiro. Ren mutters a short 'Sorry' to Kyoko. Taisho's wife waved to Kyoko and as she waved back, Taisho's wife noticed her husband's grumpy face. Taisho's wife is pleased that Kyoko got a new job and she's already meeting all her co-stars. She guesses that her husband must be displeased because Ren is with Kyoko but she thinks it's convinient that Kyoko has a someone to carpool with since she's so busy already.

Back in the car, Kyoko apologizes for intruding Ren's schedule. Ren says it's fine and convinient, especially for Yashiro. Kyoko laments how it feels quite strange to have Ren sit in the back and he agrees, to which Yashiro comments that it should have always been that way. Ren then reveals that he didn't know that Yashiro knew how to drive only until last night and Yashiro apparantly wanted to surprise him.

Yashiro contradicts this and calls Ren a liar since he already sent him a picture of his driving license ages ago but all Ren could comment was how it was the first time that he saw a picture of Yashiro with his hair pushed back. Kyoko thinks that she wants to see the same photo as well, curious on how Yashiro would look.

Yashiro then says that he is disappointed with the way Ren reacted and Ren said that he already apologized. While Yashiro and Ren are talking to each other, Kyoko is grateful that she was able to maintain a straight face while talking to Ren. She was scared that she was going to mention something about the incident with Kimiko even though deep down, she wanted him to know and she felt like he deserved to know about what kind of person Kimiko is. It frustrates Kyoko how Ren is fond of Kimiko but no matter what, she could not bring it up to Ren because she knew it would cause him pain to find that Kimiko was not the person he probably thought she would be.

It makes Kyoko smile because she is very alike to Momiji, who thinks that no matter how much she'd want the other girl disappear, she still wouldn't because it would be against her own heart to cause pain to the man she loves.

Yashiro then asks about lunch. Kyoko says that she actually made bento lunch boxes for herself and also for the two of them. Kyoko invites them to have lunch with her. Yashiro thinks that it is just as expected, especially from a high school girl like her.

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