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Unexpected Results -Ghost Card-
Chapter 260.png
Character/s in the cover Kanae Kotonami
Volume 43
Original Release June 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Results -Ghost Card- is the 260th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kanae reveals that even though she didn't get the role of Chidori, Producer Kuresaki have offered something else for her, which lifted up Kyoko's sprits. Meanwhile, Ren is happy to know that Kyoko got the role of Momiji.


The chapter starts with Producer Kuresaki and Kanae talking in a meeting room around that studio. Kuresaki asks Kanae if she has plans after this and if she has her manager to pick her up. Kanae says that she doesn't have a manager yet. With this, Producer Kuresaki asks Kanae to wait because she could go home with the rest of the staff members as well since it is difficult to catch public transport around that area. Finally, Producer Kuresaki also tells Kanae that he badly needs a "good answer" from her about his offer.

While waiting for the ride, Kanae ponders on what the director meant and wandered around the empty meeting room. Then, she realized that she should probably call LME's acting head, Matsushima first. However, upon checking her phone, she immediately sees 3 missed calls from Kyoko. As she saw Kyoko's name, Kanae realized how Kyoko must've felt guilty about how the auditions turned out. Kanae smiles a bit as she decides to give Kyoko a call because she also wants to hear directly from her that she got the part of Momiji.

Later on, at Yashiro's car, Kyoko freaks out when she receives a call from Kanae. She asks Yashiro what to do as she is afraid to answer Kanae but at the end, she accepted Kanae's call. First off, Kanae tells Kyoko where she is as a response to the text messages that Kyoko sent her. Kyoko then realized after a while that Kanae is still at the filming studio, much to her surprise.

Kanae then asked Kyoko if she got the part of Momiji and Kyoko hesitantly says yes with a guilty face. Kanae guessed Kyoko's expression even if they were not facing each other and made a distressed expression.

To ease Kyoko, Kanae told her about what really happened with the producer and apparantly, he is involved in another production project and the moment he saw Kanae, he thought that she would be the perfect role for it. After seeing the Chidori auditions, it seemed like Kanae was perfect for that role instead of Chidori. Upon hearing this, Kyoko's mood instantly lifted up and she gleamed about the role that could be a princess or something since Kanae is so qualified for it.

Kanae is a bit distressed because she is actually worried about reaching the producer's standards. Initially, she thinks that she actually has no confidence in acting out her role and she was actually considering on refusing the role. However, Kanae finally made up her mind and told Kyoko about her role because she'll be doing it anyway.

Meanwhile, Ren looks like he just got out of shower when he received a text message from Yashiro informing him that Kyoko got the part of Momiji. He feels like he's getting played when Yashiro seems like he still refuses to talk to him. In the end, Ren smiles at his phone as he clicks the call button on Kyoko's name on his contact list.

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