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Unexpected Result -Ghost Card-
Chapter 259.png
Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga, and Kana
Volume 43
Original Release May 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Result -Ghost Card- is the 259th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Veteran actress, Kana plants a sneaky kiss on Ren and then allows him to walk him to her car. Erika's full machinations behind the scenes to catch Kimiko are revealed. Even though Erika plays the role of the bad guy telling Kyoko it would've been better material if she had fallen Kyoko sees through the ploy for she knows something distracted her kidnappers at a crucial moment. Something like a camera flash. Caught Erika explains that she just didn't want that women playing the role of Momiji which would have occurred if Kyoko got injured. Erika and her bodyguard also explain that that wasn't the end of Kimiko's plan.

Apparently Kimiko had her plan thought out several moves in advance all so that Producer Kuresaki, who had insulted her pride during the audition, would have to beg her to come back since there wouldn't be enough time to do another audition for Momiji. Both Kyoko and Yashiro are shocked, could a teenage girl have made such a detailed plan?

Kyoko then thanks her for everything and Erika then tells her if she really wishes to thank her to please act out her Momiji with all her capabilities. She then asks after Kanae, wondering if she is worried? Kyoko is pleased to see that Erika is concerned about her rival which causes Erika to protest.

Meanwhile in another location Kanae is shocked as Producer Kuresaki is bowing down to her for some unknown reason! Could the role of Chidori be open to her perhaps?!


Ren is stunned at the kiss and Kana, the veteran actress, merely smiles at his shock and says that she will take that as her return gift for this year. Ren recovers as Kana turns to the silent waiter and apologises while asking if he would be able to redo the receipt for her and separate her portion and then lists the cocktails she had for him. The waiter confirms his understanding and says he will change that for her. Ren protests saying she won't let him treat her? Demurely she declines saying she will appreciate the sentiment though. After forcefully taking her return gift for Valentines, she can't very well make him pay for her drinks now can she? Ren protests that it's really fine... Kana refuses saying she would feel bad about it. Ren ponders it for a beat and then complies with her wishes and asks if she would at least let him escort her to the car coming to pick her up. Kana sends him a soft expression as she asks for she is surprised that he wants to. Well in that case she would love that.

Meanwhile the Kimiko has made a decision to the ultimatum that Erika put forth to her. Sayou communicates that answer to the other bodyguards that Kimiko Morizumi has given her word to never work in the entertainment industry again. This statement has also been recorded to avoided any lose ends as well. Sayou tells them to treat the camera team to the best since they helped them out a lot and show them great hospitality. Erika-sama will be heading over shortly too. Kyoko is looking over the balcony railing that Kimiko and her manager were attempting to toss her over and is looking less concerned about her predicament. She wasn't as high up as she thought she muses aloud; only about 3 floors? She probably wouldn't have died if she had fallen. Yashiro's sputters at her nonchalant attitude saying she definitely would have! This was no small matter! If she had landed badly it could've been fatal! Kyoko laughs saying that she just froze up when she imagined that she was at least 10 floors up, but seeing this now she's realise that she probably would've just broken a bone you know? Yashiro has a dark and terrifying flashback to Kyoko's first role where she acted with a fractured ankle and her grim resolve as she stated that broken bones heal. Erika butts in stating that honestly if she really had fallen, it would have given the video more threat power and frightened her all the more. It would have caught a lot of viewer attention with its suspense factor so it's a shame, she really wishes Kyoko had fallen. Kyoko laughs and agrees. Yashiro glares at Erika angrily that spins back to again glare in outrage at Kyoko who agreed with her.  He grits his teeth as he glowers at Erika, that girl! How could she say such things! Wasn't she their ally?! 

But Erika took steps to make sure that happen, didn't she? Kyoko asks. Kyoko and Erika exchange a stare but Kyoko merely continues stating that she was blindfolded so she couldn't confirm but those two were distracted at one point and they said "something just lit up, like the flash of a camera". Even if she was just trying to capture Kimiko in the act, there was no need for pictures since she has the ultimate evidence with videos and also she could've taken the photos without the flashes anyway. Photos as clears as day if she really wanted to secretly take successful evidence, then noticeable flashes like that would have just got in the way, wouldn't they? and yet she used them on purpose, all so she could slow them down, even for just a moment, for Yashiro to get there in time. Yashiro glances over at Kyoko in shocked realisation as he too figures it out. That's the truth isn't it? Kyoko asks. There's a beat of silence as Erika seems to turn over her answer and she admits that she just didn't want that woman to have her way. Kyoko understands for if she were injured enough to not be able to act then the part of Momiji would automatically go to Kimiko. Erika tells her that is not all that is involved in Kimiko's plan. She believes that one of her goals in her plan to obtain the part of Momiji was to "get Producer Kuresaki to bow down to her". That's why she dropped out of the audition. Both Kyoko and Yashiro are shocked at this statement and tilt their heads in obvious confusion, wondering how one translates to the other. Erika sends them a frustrated look. Sighing she orders Sayou to fill in the blanks. Sayou explains that this is information from a very reliable source so they are confident that it is true (Nihashi heard from his subordinates). Kimiko took a heavy blow to her pride from Producer Kuresaki during the audition. On top of that, they are sure she couldn't handle an official rejection. So once she realised that she couldn't win by fighting normally, she dropped out of the audition of her own volition because of that, Kyoko, a Love Me Member, was given the part. However should she sustain heavy injury and be unable to act in the drama then the Sacred Lotus in the Mire, which has already been through so much trouble (thanks entirely to that woman) would still be in need of a Momiji. And if they cannot afford to waste anymore time with auditions, the Producer Kuresaki would only have one option left. Though not optimal he would have to give the role to Kimiko Morizumi one of the two final contestants for the role. However!! That woman had withdrawn from the audition already! So what would he have to do to bring her back?

A scene is shown of Producer Kuresaki begging Kimiko to fill the role of Momiji and bowing to her.

Sayou is now yelling passionately as he explains that this is exactly how she would get Producer Kuresaki to bow down to her! Fuelling her conceited nature! And to make it worse she would even say 'I really couldn't refuse when everyone pleaded me to' setting everything up to daintily seat herself in the role of Momiji! She would fuel her image even more! 'I'm so cute! I love myself. Everyday is wonderfully Kimiko-filled'. That's her plan! Yashiro and Kyoko are looking ashen as the size and scope of Kimiko's plan is revealed to them. Kyoko is sure she has heard the pun 'wonderfully Kimiko-filled everyday' somewhere. Then she realises it's the title of Kimiko's blog! Yashiro wonders if Producer Kurosaki would really need to bow and beg just to bring back someone who had withdrawn of their own will...? Sayou tells them not to underestimate that woman's greedy need to be 'loved, sought after and pampered'. when she withdrew she took measures to lessen the blow like confessing that she had spied on Kyoko's audition. Kyoko jumps startled, from where?! Sayou informs them that the fastidious Kuresaki would never let such a dishonest act slide so her 'withdrawal' was also a disqualification for dishonesty but by admitting her wrong and stating she was prepared to accept her punishment to the public, that made it seem like she had withdrawn of her own volition even though Kuresaki had actually forced her to retire. Truly a plot fitting of her. Foul play and sly tricks galore! Kyoko and Yashiro are reeling. This is crazy! Did a teenage girl really come up with a plan that detailed? She tried to manipulate Producer Kuresaki's state of mind...That's frightening. She is really a person who can and would do frightening things as Yashiro recalls Kimiko tossing Kyoko over the balcony. His thoughts turn dark as he remembers that she also can lie about it without batting eyelid all with a smile on her face and easily fake tears. He knew that she schemed and manipulated information to the media...but could she be much more troublesome than he originally thought?! She must have just been feigning friendliness in front of Ren. Kyoko's expressions turns pensive in light of the new information. 

Erika calls to her bodyguard and tells them that they are leaving as she's tired. Sayou snaps to attention. Erika reminds him that before she leaves she must also give her thanks to the camera crew. Kyoko dashes after them as they begin to depart saying that before they leave she would like to just say thank you for everything. Erika sends her a look saying that 'everything' is rather vague but if she is referring to the fact that she is completely unharmed then she can thank her by acting out a Momiji that will completely satisfy her. Kyoko looks a bit surprised at the request. Erika continues saying that as mentioned before it would have been better for the video threats if she had actually fallen so for the sake of completely cornering that woman, she actually had no intention of stopping them. Yashiro lets out silent exclamation of shock, this girl is scary too! Kyoko looks a little taken aback at Erika's bluntness but not too surprised. Erika informs her that she was certain that she could act out a much more charming and captivating Momiji. She has the utmost confidence that Kyoko's Momiji could never compare to the beauty of her's. Indeed those were her beliefs. Up until she witnessed Kyoko's Momiji at the audition. Kyoko looks astonished at this proclamation of Erika's. Erika recalls Kyoko's audition, the liveliness, skill, and spirit of her Momiji, because of each and every one of those aspects, she had forgotten to remember that she was a Love Me Member. Because of how real she made them and before she realised it she found herself wanting to see more of it, in full glamour on the movie screen. Erika turns to Kyoko stating that her Momiji seems different to hers so she'll allow her to act it out. Have fun acting out an uncouth, dirt-smattered Momiji. May she try best to make her say it was wonderful. Kyoko smiles as she is challenged and replies that she shall do her best! She will show her an even more lively and spirited Momiji than what she saw here today! Please look forward to it as she bows to Erika. Erika squawkes in protest. She can't just change her words to make herself sound better!! She said uncouth and dirt-smattered! Kyoko laughs, for even if she perfected the dirty and uncouth aesthetic, a haugh-refined person like yourself wouldn't call that wonderful! Goodness that's what commoners do! Erika gapes at Kyoko's audacity. Kyoko continues saying that please rest assured! She would give her life - Erika interrupts, just a second there! She was about to say haughty there wasn't she? Is she trying to put her on the same level as that woman?!  Kyoko blinks then corrects herself asking Erika if she would prefer condescending? Erika roars in offended outrage, EXCUSE ME?! How rude! This is why she hates small-minded commoners. Is this anyway to treat someone who saved their life?! And just seeing a Love Me Member walk into her field of vision packed with their lack of common sense makes her feel sick!. Sayou is listening during the argument, and his heart lifts at hearing Erika's vitality come back. He is nodding vigorously by the end and states that he completely agrees with Erika-sama while looking at adoringly. Kyoko is also nodding along. She sends Erika a thumbs up saying its because she is well aware! While inwardly glad to see that there's the Erika that they know! She always knows the right words to get on someone's nerves. That's a relief! Erika sends her a vicious glare. 

Erika asks her if she should really be standing there laughing like an idiot? Is she not aware of what happened to her partner? Kyoko sends her a small smile full of as she asks her if she is worried? About Mo- about Kotonami? Erika furiously denies it. Why would she ever worry about a stubborn weed like her? If she were someone who would let her roots wither just because she didn't win an audition, then she wouldn't have so much trouble with her weeding every year!! No matter how much concrete hardens above her she'll find the tiniest gap and spring up there with all her might. That's the kind of person she is!! Kyoko beams at this furious declaration, and says that she should have really expected no less of Erika. Her long history of stalking Kanae isn't just for show. She knows Kanae better than anyone else with shocking accuracy. Erika still furious and embarrassed stutters for Kyoko to shut up!

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Kyoko and Erika, Kanae and Producer Kuresaki are having meeting. Ironically, Producer Kuresaki is bowing down to a surprised Kanae, but through no manipulations unlike in Kimiko's version. What is he asking her for?

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