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Unexpected Result -Hungry Ghost-
Chapter 258.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami, Kimiko Morizumi, Kimiko Morizumi's manager
Volume 43
Original Release April 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Result -Hungry Ghost- is the 258th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Yashiro manages to intervene in time to foil Kimiko's plans for Kyoko. Despite the fact they were caught red-handed, Kimiko and her manager succeed in turning the situation around on Yashiro, wasting time so there is no drug left in Kyoko's system. The situation looks like Kimiko will get away again however Erika arrives. Erika reveals to Kimiko that she had her followed and then sprung a trap knowing that she would not be able to help herself and would use the same method again when she did not get what she wanted. Erika threatens to put all evidence of her foul play on to the internet where it might attract the attention of a certain man. She tells Kimiko that whether this ends up on the internet is entirely up to her and her answer. Right here and now.

Kijima and Ren wrap up the drinks they agreed to. It seems they were joined by an actress when they got there. Kijima is shocked when he finds out that Ren gives everyone a white day present and worried for Ren when the older actress blatantly shows her interest especially since he has been so distracted lately. Kijima is right to worry for the older actress manages to plant a sneaky kiss on the unguarded Ren, shocking him.


Worried about Kyoko, Yashiro calls her while he walks to the bathroom to check on her. On the ground he notices a folded cloth. Crouching down to examine it more closely he realises he recognises it as he recalls Kyoko pulling out that exact cloth before her Momiji audition and tying it around her head while looking determined. His worry increases and he looks frantically around for a sign of Kyoko, all the while still trying to call her. He hears a noise from behind him and he whips around trying to locate it. 

Kyoko recalls what Erika's bodyguards told her about Kimiko's true nature and how she was at fault for Erika's injury. That because she failed to get the role of Chidori she tried to make a come-back and went for the role of Momiji instead but Erika managed to get the role so since she couldn't win it with her own skills she decided to take what she wanted by force even if it meant physically harming her opponent. That's just how she is. She's not normal. Kyoko weakly grips the railing and as she tries to stop what's happening to her. Blindfolded she is sense deprived and also drugged but internally she fearfully wonders what floor is this again?! As Kimiko and her manager pick her up and start to throw her over the balcony's railing. Paralysed by fear and narcotics Kyoko can't do much to stop them. Suddenly there is a flash causing the Manager to stop in alarm and wonder what it what that was?  Confused Kimiko asks what was what? The manager says something lit a camera flash... Suddenly there are a lot of camera flashes coming from across the street, causing both Kimiko and her manager to freeze in shock.  Gasping they look around as more flashes come not just from across the street but also from windows on either side of them. Kimiko cries what's going on?! They are both startled when Yashiro bursts through the door and shouts at them, asking just what are they doing over there?!

Caught in the act they both quickly drop Kyoko to the ground who slides down balcony wall unable to support herself. The manager hastily slips the blindfold off Kyoko and hides it behind her back. Yashiro rushes up to the two women demanding to know what where they trying to do just now?! The manager starts to address Yashiro and Kyoko hears her say his name. She is relieved and glad he came looking for her. Kimiko and the Manager are acting ignorant to Yashiro's inquiries. Kimiko smiles sweetly as she says this is great! The Manager states that she didn't know he was here too Yashiro. Kimiko lies while still smiling sweetly stating that they found Kyoko crouched down inside saying she wasn't feeling good so they figured they would bring her outside for some fresh air.  They were going to give her a ride home too after she was feeling a little better but now he is here can they leave her in his care? Yashiro's expression is grim; looking after her? To him it looked more like she was trying to push her off the building. Kimiko's expression goes shocked and she stammers out some protests before she dissolves into tears wailing at Yashiro; how could he even suggest that she would do something so frightening?! That's so mean?!  Such an act has never crossed her mind!! Kimiko lets out a pitiful wail as she sobs into her hands saying that Yashiro probably secretly hates her right?! That's why he treats her like this?! Yashiro stumbles over his words, shocked by the emotional display. The manager sighs and wonders is it because of what happened back then? That incident where the team atmosphere on set for that drama became incredibly awful because of Kimi and Tsuruga? Kyoko twitches at the mention of Ren's name. The manager continues stating that Kimi's not the only one to blame for the discord over that little romance incident, you know? Kyoko’s expression morphs to shock. The manager still continues saying that everyone else decided to get jealous on their own and that's what killed the mood around there. Honestly both Kimi and Tsuruga should be considered the victims there. Yashiro gapes at the woman dumbfounded, internally reeling. No no no he yells inwardly! Now wait just a second here, excuse me! How can she just group Kimiko in as a victim as if she did nothing wrong?! Ren was the victim there!! The main cause of all that trouble was none other than her! That girl under her care right now!! Also that bittersweet 'little romance incident' as she so politely put it NEVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE!! AND SHE KNOWS THAT!! Yashiro realises though if he responds with this, Kimiko's Manager will merely deflect with 'I never once said Kimi and Ren were in a relationship, Kimi was certainly in love with Tsuruga though. Don't confuse romance incident with an actual relationship.' That's most likely how she would answer so Yashiro doesn't want to say anything. Yashiro grimaces for this is why he did not want to get involved with these people. Darn it! Everything's gotten so complicated. The Manager attacks again, sighing over poor Kimi and then warns Yashiro that if he continues to let his personal feelings take over and verbally abuse Kimi like this, they'll sue him for defamation. Yashiro gapes again at the sudden turn in the conversation, they turned him into the bad guy somehow while he was still in shock. Recovering he glances worriedly over at Kyoko, stating that whether or not Kyoko was really felling sick and had asked the two of them to bring her out... He''ll know immediately when he asks Kyoko directly. Yashiro ponders internally that Kyoko was completely fine when she went to the restroom. There's no way she suddenly become so sick she couldn't even stand up. But she hasn't even interjected during this conversation at all.  Yashiro stares at Kyoko for a beat then is struck by realisation. He looks at the two women, wait did they drug Kyoko? Kimiko's expression is now hard as she answers that even if for arguments sake her testimony is different from theirs, how exactly would he prove her's to be true? He doesn't have any evidence. On the ground behind them, Kyoko realises she is slowly regaining feeling in he body again. In that moment Kyoko realises that's what they are doing, buying time until the drug wears off! 

At that moment another party joins them on the balcony. Evidence? asks a voice. If that is what she wants then she can provide plenty states Erika as she wheeled in by Sayou. All of them whip around at the sudden intrusion. Kyoko looks stunned to see her and Yashiro realises who she is. Kimiko and her manager are silent for a beat. Kimiko's eyes then narrow as she recognises her; You... she growls. Erika's face is expressionless bordering on cold as she responds sarcastically, oh? she remembers her? she's honoured. Kimiko asks why she's here...? Erika tells her that she had her followed. She waited for a call from her cousin the manager. She had her watched ever since she entered the cafe knowing her she figured that she'd do it there. Kimiko's face is full of dark anger. Erika continues that it was just as she predicted and thanks Kimiko for staying faithful to her greed. It's thanks to that that she was able to acquire proof of her preforming the act. The manager inquires confused proof? Wait was that what that storm of flashes was? Is she saying she took pictures? Kimiko lets out a hmph of derision; pictures? does she really think pictures will work as evidence in this day and age? People alter pictures like crazy nowadays. Erika isn't deter by their disbelief and merely continues in a measured tone asking if they think her painstakingly detailed and thorough plan to corner and trap her would stop at mere pictures? Kyoko blinks, a little taken aback. Kimiko's eyes widen in shock and comprehension. Erika tells her to take a look, as Sayou whips out a laptop and spins it around; for this is just a small portion of it. These are views from the security cameras currently watching the area, and of course it has been recording everything. If they wished they could even upload it to a video site right this moment. She has a member on standby in front of computer just waiting for her to say 'go'. He could release the video to the entire world in only a few seconds along with the perfect instigating factors that would make anyone want to click on it...Perhaps it might even catch the eye of that man she loves so much. Kimiko jolts in surprise and for the first time looks genuinely scared. Erika pretends to search for his name, what was it again? Oh yes Cedric D. Bennett. Kyoko's twitches at hearing this and her eyes cool and she frowns as she continues to listen in. Erika continues on stating that given the man's strong belief that Japanese women are all pure and loving if he saw her now... She's certain that he would be quite disillusioned, now wouldn't her? Kimiko is looking horrified and is shaking in fear. Erika now addresses the trembling girl, stating that whether or not she says 'go' is entirely up to her and her answer. Will she make the decision? Kimiko glares at her, furious. It has to be now Erika emphasises. Sweat beads on Kimiko's forehead as Erika drills it in again. Right here right now. 

Meanwhile Ren and Kijima and a pretty actress are wrapping up the drinks they went out on. Ren tells them that he is going to settle bill much to the protest of his companions. The lady feels uncomfortable saying she did join them uninvited. Ren asks her to let him repay her, doesn't she remember she treated him here once before? The lady laughs astonished he remembers. Leaning in coyly she smiles and asks what about for Valentines? Ren looks a bit stunned by the bluntness. And Kijima is also shock by the forwardness as the lady asks if she will be getting something this year as a return present? Ren gives her a small smile and merely says that white day has long since past hasn't it? The lady smiles and agrees that indeed it has. Kijima stares after Ren a little awed and flabbergasted at the idea that Ren goes through the hassle of sending everyone return gifts from Valentines. How does he not go bankrupt? Anyway wasn't that... His thoughts are interrupted when the pretty actress gets up saying that she really thinks she should go pay her share. She turns to Kijima saying with a sultry pout that she is just not used to being treated by men younger then her. Kijima doesn't say anything. Inwardly thinking that if Ren keeps up that nice guy act, doesn't he realise some people are going to get the wrong idea? And this woman's a prime example. plus she seems a bit he going to be alright? He was already acting weird and distracted to begin with so he's full of openings... Now to make it worse this actress has him in her sights and she used to be known for her sex appeal. Well she's still plenty sexy now...Kijima hopes he doesn't let his guard down and gets voraciously eaten up...   However Kijima's worries and fears come into fruition for it seems as Ren went to bid her good bye she stole the opportunity to grab a kiss from Ren, if his shock and stunned expression is anything to go by. 

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Yukihito Yashiro
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Erika Koenji
  4. Kimiko Morizumi
  5. Sakazaki (Kyoko's recollection)
  6. Todo (Kyoko's recollection)
  7. Kimiko Morizumi's manager
  8. Sayou
  9. Ren Tsuruga
  10. Hidehito Kijima
  11. Older Actress (joined Ren and Kijima for drinks)


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