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Unexpected Result
Chapter 256.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 43
Original Release February 20, 2018
Arc Unexpected Results arc
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Unexpected Result is the 256th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko is delighted when Kuresaki awards her with the role of Momiji. Her joy is short lived though when she asks after the results of the Chidori audition, half-hoping and expecting Kanae to succeed too. She is shocked to learn that the judges gave the role to Asahina, and not Kanae.

Kyoko attempts to contact Kanae but to no avail. She feels guilty about her success and sobs to Yashiro that Kanae was unjustly dismissed. Yashiro reveals that the judges were torn between the two of them but when a live-action adaptation such as this is made sometimes image is a deciding factor in order to meet fans' expectations. Kanae's looks and the way she carries herself is more mature and sharp than what is probably wanted for Chidori. Kyoko is stunned by this. Yashiro sympathises but she should look at this as another opportunity, for Kanae's skills and talent surely have not gone unnoticed. It may have opened other doors for her, even if she did not succeed today. Besides with Kanae's temperament he is sure she will spring back in no time, fiery and determined to get a bigger and better role. Kyoko agrees with this, for that is definitely Kanae.

Meanwhile Erika and Sayou continue to surveil Kimiko who is sitting around at a cafe. Erika and Sayou receive the audition results and are unsurprised that Kyoko cinched the role of Momiji. Erika goes on the alert when Kimiko also receives a call, most likely telling her the audition results, which causes her to suddenly leave the cafe. They continue to tail her while Sakazaki, her other guard, is revealed to be following Kyoko.


Kuresaki extends a hand to Kyoko as he tells her that he would love to her play the role of Momiji. Kyoko smiles in delight. Yashiro and the judges look happy. Kyoko grabs Kuresaki's hand and bows over it deeply while saying that on the contrary she hopes she can count on his support! Kuresaki replies that since progress has been delayed by various events that have occurred he would like to hold a meeting with the distribution immediately. Is she free tomorrow in the early afternoon? Kyoko looks taken aback at how fast they are moving but she answers back promptly stating she does not have problem with that. Kuresaki nods and tells her tomorrow in building C again then. The place will be the conference room that is south on the second floor. Kyoko enthusiastically affirms her understanding of this. Kuresaki turns to leave but Kyoko stops him with a question. She apologises but if it's not too much trouble can she ask who was cast as Chidori? Her expression turns hopeful and she inwardly wonders if it was Kanae? It feels like it was Kanae, she had it in the bag. Kuresaki takes in her expectant face no doubt guessing her thoughts and then delivers the unexpected outcome. Kyoko's face falls and turns shocked for she never considered this. 

In a deserted conference room of the building, a phone vibrates in a bag. It is ignored as Kanae stares out the large windows of the building, pondering the results of the audition. Kyoko is on the other end of the call looking down as it rings out, unanswered. Yashiro watches on also looking concerned. When there is no answer Kyoko shakes her head at Yashiro, looking lost.

Meanwhile Sayou hangs up on a call. He reports to Erika that he just received the results of the audition from Nihashi. As they expected the Love Me Member was chosen for Momiji. Erika muses that that is no surprise. Sayou continues saying there's also one more thing, it's about the Chidori role. Erika's expression piques at this. Sayou excuses himself when he gets another call, stating that it's Sakazaki. Erika's expression is grim as she ponders the implication of what she just heard. Sayou and Sakazaki discuss the results of the audition with Sakazaki asking if they have heard them, and Sayou confirming they had just been informed. Sayou tells Sakazaki to keep following the Love Me Member after she leaves the building while they will stay and keep an eye on the target. Kimiko also seemed to have received a call while Sayou was on the phone. Whatever was said to her causes Kimiko to finally move from the cafe. From her vantage point, Erika's face darkens in anticipation as she sees that Kimiko is finally taking action. She murmurs to Sayou that she is on the move. 

Back at the audition site, Kyoko is depressed as she refreshes her inbox again and finds no new messages. Sniffling, as she sobs to Yashiro, that Kanae hasn't sent her any text messages either... Sympathetic Yashiro says that perhaps it's best that they let Kanae be for now. She may need some alone time. He's sure she knows that Kyoko's worried about her and once she's settled down a bit, he's pretty sure she'll contact her back. Downcast Kyoko sighs as she stares down at her phone. Upset she says how she doesn't understand how she, a rule-breaking upstart, could have gotten a part, but Kanae didn't...? Wasn't she a shoo-in for the part? Yashiro explains that apparently the judges were torn on the decision, Kuresaki even said it himself. Especially between her and Asahina. The last test of the day, where he asked them to act in traditional attire, it may have been the final push that landed the other person the spot. When a live-action adaptation of an original piece of work is made, they have to take into account that fans want to see it portrayed the way they 'imagined' it. If the scenes or cast are not 'right' or 'fitting' the fans may not be satisfied. Of course, there are many, many cases where the production staff doesn't conform to this idea due to various circumstances. But this time, he thinks there's a chance they used that as a deciding factor, and chose based on the vibe each one gave off. Kyoko looks at him stunned, having never thought that 'image' alone would be a deciding factor... Suddenly she recalls something and it makes her face go ashen in horror. Is it her fault.. she wonders brokenly. Yashiro looks at her in surprise. Kyoko cries that in the original work, Momiji is taller than Chidori. Asahina and her would be fine but Kanae is noticeably taller than her, so maybe- Yashiro cuts off her hysterical tirade with a firm no, telling her that's not it at all. He's 100% sure that has nothing to do with it. Kyoko protests this. Yashiro goes on to explain saying that unless there's an extreme difference in height, it can be just glossed over with some filming techniques. The real difference was probably the air about them and how they carried themselves. They most likely chose the one who resembled Chidori most in that respect. Compared to the image of Chidori in the story, Kanae probably appeared more sharp and mature than she should have been. Kyoko then lets out a wail still protesting Kanae's dismissal but her words are completely obscured by her snot and tears. Yashiro merely smiles understandingly as Kyoko weeps, inwardly thinking that it's hard to make out most of what she is saying but he thinks she is saying that Kanae actually acted out a Chidori that wasn't too mature and sharp? He guesses she's basically saying that 'Kanae's acting is much more versatile than that!' He takes a stab, guessing what she is saying by asking if what Kyoko means is that she thinks Kanae isn't being evaluated more highly? Kyoko nods vigorously at this, tears still falling but the wailing has stopped. Yashiro goes on stating that he bets that there are others who think so too after all real talent and skill almost never goes unnoticed. And even though Kanae didn't get an immediate reward this time round, perhaps it opened the door to new opportunities for the next time. Isn't that how she herself made it all this way? Kyoko blinks in surprise at this and the realisation slowly sets in. Yashiro adds on that this is just his own opinion but he thinks Kanae is the type who really, really hates losing you know? Kyoko's eyes widen at this on point assessment of Kanae's character and she nods when Yashiro turns to her for confirmation. Since this didn't work out he bets she'll come bouncing back with a fiery spirit aiming for an even bigger job. Sounds like something she'd do right? Kyoko doesn't say anything but in her mind she pictures Kanae's demonic face as she rages about how pissed off she is and how she doesn't care about some stalker girl role. It totally doesn't suit her anyway. And how she'll get a bigger and better role than that suits her ten times more. She nods in agreement to Yashiro again. Yashiro smiles as he muses that even so Kanae must be feeling down right now so... then suddenly he stands up stating that they have got to some food into Kyoko's system, for Kanae's sake! Kyoko looks at him, flabbergasted by the topic change. Yashiro explains that if she tries to cheer Kanae up with a sad face like that she'll never be able to lift her spirits. She hasn't eaten anything since the audition started before noon right? She must be starving. Kyoko realises that this is indeed true. Yashiro states that just like one can't fight a war on an empty stomach, by filling and satisfying oneself, one can naturally raise their morale and that mood will definitely have an impact on others around her. Unclouded energy and strength are both necessary if she's going to make it though a thorny path. That's a lesson she knows well right? So give Kanae a hand to hold on to alright? Kyoko smiles warmly at this and promises that she will. She also stands up, looking more determined, and Yashiro returns that smile happily. That's the way he cheers, the Tenacious Thorn Princess rises again! 

Yashiro and Kyoko are almost through their meal when Kyoko gasps on recollection. Back to that conversation they had, by 'Tenacious Thorn Princess' does he mean to say that she's a pitiful girl that runs straight into thorny roads full of hardship?! And he said it like she's some sort specialist in thorny roads!! Or maybe some kind of instructor?! Yashiro hums out how delicious the meal was and inwardly chuckles how Kyoko finally realised what he said. Kyoko continues in outrage at how she was feeling slightly happy that he called her a princess too! How mean Yashiro!

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