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Flying Shock
Chapter 254.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 42
Original Release December 20, 2017
Arc A Lotus in the Mud arc
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Flying Shock is the 254th chapter in the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko finally understands Ren's initial dislike of her when she began acting when she finds out that Kimiko is using acting to forward her own selfish desires. It infuriates her. She is further angered by the fact that Kimiko seems not to care about Ren who has feelings for her and is instead going after another man.

Determined to fight it out with the girl she stalks back to audition however Kyoko is then informed that Kimiko withdrew which outrages her further. Kyoko wonders if the girl really wanted the role for she didn't even fight for it. Kyoko is left with lots of anger and no conducive outlet with her rival having thrown in the flag. Kanae reminds her that she is still under a microscope even if this is not technically the Momiji audition, she cannot afford to mess up. She tells Kyoko to remember their promise, that the next time they meet it will be as Chidori and Momiji!


Fury rushes through Kyoko as she recalls her first meeting with Ren vividly where he warned her not to think that will power alone will get her through everything, his face a mask of dark fury - one of the rare moments where he let his true feelings through. It hit Kyoko like lightening, the realisation and understanding. For now she knows exactly how Ren felt back then!! She recalls with anger Erika's bodyguard, Todo, telling her when it didn't go as planned with Ren, Kimiko left Japan and only came back for this audition. And the only reason for that was to hook someone special that she had her sights set on. Kyoko is furious, with her teeth clenched and her eyes narrowed in a glare. She stalks towards the gym ready for a fight. Her face turns demonic in her rage as she thinks how absolutely ridiculous Kimiko's motivations are. A dark aura starts emanating from her. She thinks that hearing about someone using acting as a tool for their own selfish desires is infuriating!! How angry this would make her feel! No wonder Ren disliked her! She would hate herself too! Also what? She's fallen for another guy? Even though Ren has feelings for her? Unforgivable!!! Powered by her outrage she starts rapidly plucking the grass and wrapping it into a voodoo doll. Kyoko muses darkly that its been awhile since she felt this feeling, like something dark and black is squirming around deep inside of her...  She knows it's something bad but she just can't stop it! She finishes the straw curse doll with an emphatic tightened twist on the last knot. Kyoko grips the doll in trembling hands as her dark aura steams and billows around her. She languishes in this feeling... of hate...! For she even received a ring from him like they were lovers! Such hate she feels to this girl...!

Kyoko is almost consumed again by her dark feelings when an inner voice tells her to calm herself. Startled Kyoko looks back, it's Princess Rosa! Rosa tells Kyoko to recall what the flunkies stated earlier. That Ren must have been tricked into giving her the ring by some nefarious scheme but the truth is yet to be confirmed so until then don't jump to conclusions! Kyoko looks downcast at this but lowers the curse doll and drops it. She just can't believe that a grown man like Ren would get tricked so easily by that little girl, a girl younger than him. What if...he only pretended to get tricked, and played along and gave her the ring on purpose? Kyoko can't get that thought out of her head, for deep down she thinks that she really believes that is the truth Princess Rosa... 

Kyoko walks back to gym more sedately and runs into Yashiro. Yashiro tells her it's perfect timing because he was just about to call her to come back. Kyoko is surprised, why the rush? Did something happen? She spies Kanae and is puzzled to see her there for wasn't she going back to the waiting room...? Kanae explains that she just bumped into Yashiro on the way in who told her the situation and so she wanted to stay for it. Kyoko blinks, situation? Yashiro breaks the news that Kimiko has withdrawn to Kyoko. 

Internally Kyoko's grudges who were previously in hazmat suits to shield themselves feel the dark hate suddenly flowing anew in her blood. They rip of their suits reinvigorated. Kyoko's expression is dark with anger and fury. Her grudges dance in a swarm behind her, gleefully exclaiming that it's their time to shine! Kanae and Yashiro look on aghast as Kyoko's aura swirls. Kanae shivers as she looks on, she thinks that there is something 'creeping' about her person. She hasn't sensed this from Kyoko in a while... Through clenched teeth Kyoko manages to eek out two words; she withdrew?  A frazzled Yashiro confirms that this is the case. He explains that it was because Kimiko said she felt she was no match for Kyoko. She and her manager left just a moment ago. Kyoko is speechless with fury and confusion at Kimiko's actions. Because she felt she was no match she ran away? Even though she had a chance to regroup? Even though she hasn't exhausted all her options... and fought with all her might?! Kyoko remembers with outrage the various instances where she put everything on the line, everything into her acting and where she fought with everything she had at her disposal. And this girl just gave up so easily like that? Did it mean so little to her!? Both Ren and the part of Momiji? Kyoko is trembling with rage and fury. She stares down at the ground with a monstrous expression on her face. Then... What the hell is she supposed to do with all this rage?!! 

Kuresaki approaches the group while Kyoko is still processing the news. He asks Kyoko if she has heard from her manager... Kyoko glances up at him with the monstrous expression still on her face, not answering. Kanae is alarmed at this. There is a beat of silence while Kanae is worried about Kuresaki's reaction to Kyoko's glare and Kuresaki seems to wonder how to take it. He asks again if she has heard the news? Kyoko confirms that she has. He tells her that since Kimiko was Asahina's partner for the test, he needs her to substitute in. Any objections? Kyoko says she has none. Kuresaki asks her to come with him and then tells her that the assigned scene is 'Day-Break' where they cross the border through the mountains. Kyoko confirms her understanding of this.

Kyoko heads off to follow Kuresaki but is halted when Kanae hails her. Kanae tells her not to forget right? About that promise. Kanae lifts her fist. Kyoko's sharp expression falls as she recalls their promise at the start of the audition. That the next time they meet it'll be as Chidori and Momiji. Kanae reminds her that even though this audition is for the Chidori role, she thinks Kuresaki is also using it as another test to see if she's really the right choice for Momiji otherwise she doesn't think he'd go out of his way to make a Momiji candidate participate in the Chidori audition. If she messes up here and ruins her image as an actress, then she will automatically lose to that cheating quitter. Kyoko starts at this realisation. Kanae continues that even ignoring that, she's already shown that she can lose her concentration during an important audition. They probably don't have time to redo the Momiji audition again and if that is the case, they have no choice but to choose between her and that girl. And Kuresaki will probably toss out the one with less conviction. When it comes to conviction, she's at a disadvantage here compared to the other girl. Her glaring at Kuresaki earlier didn't help either. He's probably thinking who the hell does this teenager think she is? She's only been in show biz for a year. Anyone would get mad, not just Kuresaki. Kyoko jumps guiltily at this and panics. She glared at him? Her? What?! She totally didn't mean to!!! Did she look that angry?! Kanae tells her harshly that she probably lost 500,000 points in appeal. Kyoko collapses in anguish at hearing this.  Kanae tells her to prove it to them. If she calls herself an actress, then while on set, focus solely on how to portray her role as realistically as possible. Kyoko lets the words reverberate through her. Make it real... She recalls her previous vow regarding Momiji. That she's the only one who can act out a realistic Momiji. A truly accurate portrayal. For she knows her better than anyone else. She remembers Kimiko and her ring, the secret of Ren's she heard as Bo and most of all she recalls Ren. Yes, she understands her feelings better, and she can express them better. A resolute and confident expression appears on Kyoko's face. She can do this!! The part of Momiji is hers! Kanae looks back at her, equally as confident. Both of them lift up their fist and exchange a fist bump, reaffirming their promise. 

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ren Tsuruga (Kyoko's recollection)
  2. Kyoko Mogami (Momiji; B-chan; Angel B; Mio Hongo; Natsu Kitazawa; Bo the Chicken)
  3. Todo
  4. Sakazaki
  5. Princess Rosa (Kyoko's imagination)
  6. Yukihito Yashiro
  7. Kanae Kotonami (Chidori)
  8. Taisho (Kyoko's flashback)
  9. Erika Koenji (Kyoko's flashback)
  10. Jouji Morizumi (Kyoko's flashback)
  11. Hiromune Koga (Kyoko's flashback)
  12. Yuki Kuresaki
  13. Kimiko Morizumi (Kyoko's flashback)


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