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Flying Without Wires
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Yuki Kuresaki
Volume Not compiled
Original Release October 20, 2017
Arc A Lotus in the Mud arc
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Flying Without Wires is the 252nd chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


The full extent of Kanae's signal is explained and it is impressive how little Kyoko had to go on yet she was able to infer which scene was being acted. The judges are caught between being impressed and being annoyed that a sign was needed. Kimiko is angry that her manipulation didn't succeed like she had hoped.

Kyoko gets a vicious scolding by Kanae for being so distracted, with the threat of ending of their friendship Kanae forces the truth out of Kyoko. Or a modified version. Unable to confess that it was her own love troubles that distracted her, Kyoko uses Chiori as her substitute in the story and comes to the sad conclusion that Ren and Kimiko are in love. Erika's bodyguards overhear her tale of woe and discuss it between them thinking it must be from ages ago that she is referring to but even 2 years ago Kimiko was never with Ren at all. It's ludicrous to even think of them together. In fact these days she is gushing over another man entirely!

Chapter Summary

Kyoko watches as Kuresaki walks away after delivering the challenge to her that he would like to see her try and pry the words 'I would love to have you play that part of Momiji.' from his mouth. She looks thoughtful and a little taken aback as she watches his receding figure. Kuresaki joins the other judges on the other side of the gym. Jouji glances at him considering what just went on, he then asks if this is becoming a fun game for Kuresaki? It is isn't? Just look at that evil face he is making. He tells Kuresaki to take it easy on them for they are only girls in their teens. Koga watches on during exchange with a worried look. He says to Kuresaki that he is glad that he's interested in Kyoko now, but he isn't a fan of how he is bullying her. The girl must be so stressed. And he bets he'll just keep tormenting her. Poor thing... He feels bad for her... Kuresaki tells them that they are giving him quite the bad rep. Choose their words carefully next time why don't they?

They are interrupted by the staff member in charge of the Chidoris -  the supervisor for the kimono dressing and etiquette. She looks thoughtful and asks what happened? Did Kanae give Kyoko some sort of signal on what to do? When? For she didn't notice it at all. Kuresaki looks at Koga inquiring if he saw it? Koga is startled but answers cohesively stating that yes he did, it was when Chidori transferred her shikomi katana from her right hand to her left wasn't it? He explains that in the eyes of a samurai ones conduct can mean life or death depending on ones actions, so you absolutely cannot make a mistake with this. Basically in order to express to the other party that he means no harm, when he sits the samurai will place his sword on his right-hand side where his dominant, sword-drawing hand is. That way it's way more difficult for him to draw his sword. The supervisor nods, an expression of realisation on her face as she recalls the audition. She murmurs in agreement as Koga's description starts making sense. Koga continues explaining that when Chidori deliberately transferred her sword to her left hand, she was expressing that she was ready for combat at all times and that she was leaving her self in a dangerous position. In the original work, there was only one scene where Chidori places herself in danger on purpose and that was the scene they just acted out, which is nicknamed "The night fog of the sun and moon" scene. However in the actual scene, Chidori doesn't hold her shikomi katana in her left hand, nor does she sit while placing it on her left. that was likely a clever act on Kanae-Chidori's part to communicate the assigned scene to her partner. And Kyoko-Momiji successfully caught and understood that hint perfectly.

From the mezzanine level Kimiko and her manager watch as Kyoko exits the gym, crouching on the balcony to keep out of sight. Kimiko's manager addresses Kimiko hesitantly saying she ended up acting it out well enough to pass. She looks to Kimko asking that didn't she say that she was going to be kicked out by Kuresaki without her having to lift a finger? Kimiko is silent and she is looking away, her face hidden by her hair but a dark aura surrounds her that causes the manager to lean in closer to look at her expression. Whatever she sees causes the manager's face to go wary and sharp.  

Outside the gym Kyoko is reprimanded by Kanae with a fist to the head. Kyoko cries at the pain and whines that she's sorry to Kanae who is standing above her looking angry. With her fist still red she tells Kyoko coldly that she doesn't know what is distracting her so much but if she hadn't caught her signal she would have ignored Kyoko for life. Kyoko lets out squeal of fear and shock at the announcement. She bows over and over to Kanae in apology who continues to reprimand her. Yashiro walks in on this scene and wonders what is going. From what he can guess something probably happened during the Chidori audition but.. Kanae said that Kyoko was 'distracted' by something and almost failed the test? Yashiro's eyes widen in realisation. Wait 'something' happened...Could that something be....?!

Kanae then demands to the bowing Kyoko to tell her why she was so distracted! Kyoko startles at the request. Her expression is hidden for she is still bowing low but she is obviously shaken. Kanae continues saying that it must be something pretty important for her to have prioritised it over the audition. Yashiro watches on excited as he waits for Kyoko to answer.  There's a beat of silence. Kyoko is still bowing deeply.  Kanae is staring down at her whilst frowning. Yashiro looks from one to the other in anticipation. Kanae breaks the silence by stating that if she doesn't tell her she will end their friendship here and now! It's a sucker-punch right to Kyoko's weak spot. She starts trembling, taking on the appearance of a frightened squirrel with it's tail between its legs. Afraid she peeks up from her bowing position. Kanae's expression is contorted with fury clearly conveying the message that if its not an answer she is satisfied with then it's over. Here and now! Kyoko screams internally in fear for it feels like Kanae will end the friendship even if she tells her. No she is positive for in Kanae's mind actors are more important by the power of an entire earth revolution than love. Kyoko knows that even if she does tell her she'll leave but if she doesn't she'll still leave! She commiserates that if their going to break up either way then... but then she has an epiphany. She tugs at Kanae's hand and asks her to come with her so they can talk. Kyoko glances nervously behind and spies Yashiro. Apprehensively she looks at him then blushes hard exclaiming that its too embarrassing to say in front of men! Yashiro gapes at her. What!!! That's foul play, no fair Kyoko! She made it so he couldn't even ask about afterwards!! Yashiro is dying of curiosity as he watches the two of them leave, a hand lifted in a useless gesture.  He wants to know!! What is she going to confess?! Could it be? Is it about their boy who's clueless and insensitive to romance?!

Kyoko and Kanae sit outside the gym on benches. Kyoko is stiff with trepidation at what she has to divulge. Kanae is taken aback at her haggard expression. It's that bad? Her stress is showing on her face...It's something so serious that she has to build up the resolve to even talk about it? Kanae wonders if she was actually being really inconsiderate earlier demanding she tell her. Kyoko with a heavy expression on her face starts telling Kanae that what she is about to tell her is a horrible secret and that she must ask that she also keep it a secret until the day she dies, no even after she is long gone.  Kanae gapes, aghast. No no no, she doesn't want to know anything heavy like that! Does it have do with Kyoko's mother? She can't take it! Please stop! She just doesn't have the capacity to give someone advice with something like that. Even if she is just looking for an opinion or simple advice, she has no idea what to say! Especially with household matters! She is the worst person to ask about that! Kyoko starts her story with an aggrieved expression on face. Kanae lunges to stop her not wanting to face the emotional baggage when Kyoko's next words stop her. Kyoko says that it seems that she has a love story to tell... Kanae halts mid-lunge, surprised at the strange turn.

Kyoko then interjects suddenly that it's about Chiori!  Inwardly she rolls around in agony, thinking she can't do it, she's too scared to tell her. She mentally apologises to Chiori. Kanae's expression cools and becomes confused. Kyoko explains the tale with a few embellishments to keep her anonymity. Chiori has feelings for a certain man but by some mischievous act of fate, the man in question is secretly in love with another woman! Confused Kanae tells her to wait a second but Kyoko ignores her. And it just so happens that the woman he is in love....Kanae tells her to wait again but Kyoko's on a roll and she keeps going. That woman is Kimiko.  Most likely. Probably. The chances are extremely high. Today she learned all that --- Kyoko is cut off when Kanae gives her a a forehead chop telling her fiercely to calm down!

Kanae tells Kyoko she doesn't get it. So what if her crush has feelings for another girl? Why is she in such a wreck because of Chiori's love problems? To the point that it's even affecting her performance? Even if it does involve that huge pain of an actress as she refers to Kimiko. Kyoko gives an awkward sigh. Kanae asks if this causes problems for her in some way? Kyoko lies saying there's a spin-off for Yumika! Kanae wonders who she is talking about. Kyoko informs her it's the role Chiori's playing in Box "R". There will be spin off in which she will be appearing as Natsu so its totally problematic for her as depression from heartbreak is going to affect Chiori's acting! Kanae cuts through Kyoko's rubbish by stating simply that even if she says that there is nothing she can do. The man in question has his heart set on another woman, she does feel sorry for her but it ended before it even began, but if she takes that pain and uses it to further he acting, then she'd be able to call her self a true actress right? Kyoko's expression goes impassive at the mention of her one true goal for suddenly she realises the true sacrifice she must make to get there, that she must use her own heartbreak to fuel it. She agrees softly.

Kanae then changes the subject by asking which part of the conversation was so embarrassing that she couldn't talk about in front of a man? Kyoko is thrown off by the question. Kanae presses for didn't she make them because of that? She said it was so embarrassing she couldn't discuss it in front of Yashiro. Kanae says Yashiro's name and then realises the answer to her question with an oh. The person Yumika's in love with is either Yashiro or Ren isn't it? Kyoko jumps in shock at the smooth deduction. And by process of elimination she supposes that it is Ren, is she right? Kyoko gasps stunned how?! Kanae reasons that its because she can feel that Chiori has extraordinary tenacity toward acting. Not just for the love of it but something even more frightening. Kyoko has a haunted expression as she knows exactly what she means by this. Kanae continues stating that Chiori's investment in acting is the real deal though so she's pretty sure that she's like her in that regard and has no interest in men who aren't actors. Kyoko looks at Kanae with a withdrawn look as she thinks that ironically Chiori has absolutely no interest in a top actor such as Ren Tsuruga. She has the tendency to treat them as respected rivals. Kanae is still reasoning out the situation that if it is Ren that they're talking about here. She thinks Ren would fall for Kimiko right away though she does feel sorry for Yumika. Kyoko looks down as she murmurs that she thinks they're past 'falling' for and she suspects their feelings are mutual but they just haven't realised it yet. Because she head that Kimiko received a ring from Ren. And it happened 2 years ago. Back then she was working feverishly for a certain idiot boy, its kind of amazing... Kanae gapes in shock. She knew it! That man moves fast!! She can't believe it! And towards a minor!! Kanae blinks as she works out the age difference, for if it was 2 years ago Ren would've been a minor too. She guesses it should've been obvious but he was probably different in the past. He must've had an innocent stage to at some point though its something she can't imagine at all. Kyoko looks like she has aged a decade since making that statement about Kimiko.

Suddenly a voice speaks out from the bushes reiterating what Kyoko and Kanae have just spoken about, that Kimiko and Ren are in love with each other? It's Erika's bodyguards who then start discussing this combo. Sakazaki wonders if Kyoko means the distant past for she can't possibly be talking about the present. Todo agrees that this is definitely not the case. Kyoko and Kanae spin around at their voices and are stunned to see the two men huddled in the bushes. Todo likens the situation to if the two of them, a pair of handsome men,  were to go crawling and digging in the wet sand at a beach for an endless amount of shellfish. Those two going out is even less likely than finding the two of them in that situation. Even two years ago it was hard to picture Ren Tsuruga ever taking her seriously. And nowadays one doesn't see her trying to kiss up to him anymore.  Inside the gym Yashiro watches in surprise as Kimiko and her manager come down the stairs from the mezzanine level. Kimiko's face is sharp with anger. The bodyguards continue stating it'd be very weird to think they love each other under those conditions. Besides recently she's been gushing over some other guy so she should have absolutely no interest in Ren Tsuruga at all. As Kyoko listens to the bodyguards a shocked expression claims her face as she hears their side of the tale.

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