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Beyond the Shock
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Character/s in the cover Kanae Kotonami
Volume 40
Original Release July 20, 2016
Arc A Lotus in the Mud arc
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Beyond the Shock is the 238th chapter of the Skip Beat! Manga Series.


Kyoko has doubts about her strange training for Momiji but Hiou wipes those away.

While at the hospital visiting Yoshimoto, Kyoko encounters an unknown lady in a wheelchair who knows her, the Love Me Section and Kanae. Is she the one requesting revenge for a stolen role in A Lotus in the Mud...?

Chapter Summary

Kanae is practicing her sword play with Kotetsu, parrying his blows skillfully and showing the results of her training. Hiou looks on as they spar thinking that Kanae has definitely improved for her movements have become more sharp and agile which is no doubt thanks to his Grandpa. He asks what exactly Kyoko is doing over here. Kyoko, who is enthusiastically cheering on Kanae while twirling a baton, looks like she is just there for the show. Hiou scolds her saying if she is just there to play around she should just go home. Annoyed Kyoko tells him she is doing exactly what Kotetsu told her to do as she continues to twirl a baton in one hand. Hiou is surprised to hear this so Kyoko recounts what happened four days ago when she and Kotetsu met for the first time.

Four days earlier Kotetsu demanded to see what Kyoko is made of and told her to do back-flips all the way to the dojo's end. Kyoko was taken aback and told him it was impossible. Kotetsu gave her an expression of disdain whilst mocking her for wanting to do a ninja role but can't even do a back-flip? Defeated Kyoko agreed to practice. Kotetsu performed his specialty of twisting it around and neatly counter-pointing her by calling her stupid. The producer Atsuchi will hire stunt women and men anyway. Kyoko peered gloomily at Kanae thinking that wasn't she suppose to be liked by him? Kanae stared back at her with an expression that is equally gloomy. Kotetsu brought their attention back to him by stamping the wooden sword on the floor. He asked Kyoko to try taking a stance with the sword. Kyoko held the sword in front of her in a combat stance. Kotetsu seemed impressed by it and mentioned that Kana-chan was like that too, which was to be expected by LME's training. However Kyoko was aware that unlike Kanae she hadn't completed the stage combat curriculum. Kotetsu whipped his own sword around dramatically and took a stance across from Kyoko, challenging her . Kyoko's face took on a frightened expression but she didn't back down. She clashed swords with Kotetsu, going at him from various angles however he deftly blocks her. With a swift hand movement he disarmed her, sending her sword flying. After that he told Kyoko that he understood quite well and that she's most suited to sitting in the corner cheering Kana-chan.

Kyoko finishes recounting the tale to Hiou with a dark expression thus explaining why she is on the sidelines spinning batons. Hiou is amazed for now she is spinning more than one. Kyoko tells him at first she wasn't able to spin them at all she kept dropping them but she's been spinning them at every moment she has free over the past four days. Hiou becomes confused because she suddenly starts using formal speech. Kyoko continues saying she believes that he, Master Hiou, Grandson of Kotetsu would likely know the answer to this next question. Why is she being treated in such a fashion? Is she being shunned? Is she really hated? Hiou jumps back at her scary face saying he doesn't know and her batons are like weapons so keep a distance. Well there is a clear difference with how he treats her and how he treats Kanae. Hiou tells her there's nothing she can do about that. Blushing slightly he says it's because he asked his Grandpa to be nice to her. Still spinning the batons Kyoko wonders darkly why Hiou didn't do it for her too?! Kotetsu notices Hiou and walks over saying how cute he is. Kyoko thinks inwardly that he is definitely hallucinating. Kotetsu suddenly yells at her to shut up! This causes to Kyoko to jump in shock and her baton to go flying upwards. She wonders if she accidentally said it aloud? Kotetsu tells her that just now he felt that she had aura around her that was badmouthing Hiou! Kyoko is chilled and thinks how scary! Perhaps Kotetsu has black antennae too? He picks up the fallen baton saying she has progressed quickly for nothing of her sluggish self remains so they can progress to the next step. Kyoko has stars in her eyes thinking she's going to Kotetsu's classroom to finally learn real stage combat however he merely hands her two clubs and a ball.

Kanae is sitting outside the dojo while Kyoko works with her ball as she complains to Kanae that she's trying to hold her feelings in but she really wants to learn stage combat. She doesn't get this weird training! Kanae looks on as she bounces the ball and thinks that they have been at this for 10 days and the audition is only getting closer so it's not like she doesn't understands where she's coming from. Kanae says that although Kotetsu acts like that there is no way he would waste a young person's time with meaningless tasks as they earnestly aim for a role. A dark cloud forms around Kyoko as she ponders this thinking that may be the case but she has brought her fist down on Hiou many times and teased and bullied him when he was a guest on the show flashing back to the first time she met Hiou on Yappa Kimagure Rock. If he were to tell Kotetsu about those evil deeds she committed she will never get Kotetsu to like her let alone train her...


Hiou bashes his head against Kyoko's and tells her off for thinking his grandfather would do something so petty, he just has a quick temper that's all but he treats everyone equally. Kyoko interprets this to mean that although he gets angry alot, he gets over it quickly. Hiou explains that stage combat is always different and has intricacies as well. Momiji is a ninja for starters, she also uses two swords in her style of combat. Kyoko recalls the two clubs she received from Kotetsu and understands their purpose now. Hiou tells her that his Grandpa is trying to help her portray a Momiji that is true to the original but he hasn't gone to the hassle of talking about it so all she has to do is follow his instructions without fail! Now that she has a little bit more insight into his methods and why she is learning these skills, Kyoko is willing to put her faith in Kotetsu. Hiou tells her that for the times she hit him as Bo and when she came to visit him he'll consider them all paid back with the head butt so don't do it again. He invites both Kyoko and Kanae out for tea before they leave. Kyoko jokes by saying thank you for treating us, senpai! Hiou is at first annoyed, then agrees to treat them causing both Kanae and Kyoko to pause. Shouldn't it be the other way? Hiou is technically their senpai however they are older than him. Kyoko blusters that it really was a joke so he doesn't have to. Kyoko remembers she has to be somewhere and apologizes to Hiou and tells him and Kanae just to go ahead without her. This causes Hiou to freeze up at the realization that he will be having tea alone with Kanae. Kyoko bids them both farewell and runs off balancing her ball causing Kanae to yell after to stop doing her Momiji training in public! Be more conscious to what she looks like! Kyoko sends a wave back making her lose the ball, she runs after it. Kanae watches her go wondering who is Mizue-chan? She turns back to Hiou saying that it's too bad she had another engagement for Hiou wanted to use it to apologize to her didn't he? For the headbutt? Hiou confirms that this was the case. Kanae says she will ask Kyoko next time she sees her when she is free so they can go out for tea. Hiou wants to invite her out for tea but can't get the words out. In the end Kanae departs before he can say anything and he weakly waves goodbye. Depressed that he couldn't overcome the hurdle to be cool, he decides he should first aim to grow to equal height as her.

Meanwhile at the General Hospital New Branch Kyoko is visiting Yoshimoto, Chiori Amamiya's Manager, who was more severely injured in the car accident that they were in. Yoshimoto is giving Kyoko full points in her Love Me job as stand-in manager for Chiori. Although it's not an offical job Yoshimoto feels she definitely deserves the points. Apparently Yoshimoto had had difficulty getting Chiori to go to variety jobs to the point where she almost had to drag her there. Yoshimoto feared that with her out of the picture Chiori just wouldn't go and once she got into the habit of running away it would be all downhill from there. That's why after the accident she called for Kyoko for if the advice came from her Chiori would definitely stop and listen. Kyoko ponders Yoshimoto's words as she walks back through the hospital wondering why if the advice came from her it would make such a difference. Although it is true that Amamiya was intending to take a break after the accident but she turned over a new leaf but that was because in the past, by wanting to quit variety shows, she was actually making light of the acting world and she couldn't tolerate that part of herself. For as an actress opportunities to improve oneself can be found at any moment, any second of one's life. Chiori finally realized this for Kyoko recalls Chiori telling her that she will take any and every experience and life event and incorporate them into her acting which is why she made the choice to continue with Majisuka. Kyoko doesn't think that had anything to do with her...

She glances up as she hears voices. Then suddenly a child bullets into her, she and the child are thrown across the floor. The mother runs up to her to see if she is okay which Kyoko assures her that she is fine. The child is throwing a tantrum saying he doens't want to get shot! Kyoko assures the mother again that she is really alright and then she carries the child still kicking and screaming. Kyoko suddenly realizes that Mizue-chan is gone having been thrown clear due to the impact. Panicked she looks around for where she might be when a woman in wheelchair rolls up and greets her, Mizue-chan is resting on her lap. The woman says it's been quite awhile hasn't it Miss Love Me Member. Kyoko looks stunned to see her and gasps as she realizes who it is.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kotetsu Uesugi
  2. Kanae Kotonami
  3. Hiou Uesugi
  4. Kyoko Mogami
  5. Matsuda (Kyoko's flashback)
  6. Bridge Rock (Kyoko's flashback)
  7. Unnamed People at hospital
  8. Yoshimoto
  9. Chiori Amamiya (Yoshimoto's flashback)
  10. Unnamed people in hospital cafeteria
  11. Tacchan (child who knocks Kyoko down)
  12. Tacchan's Mother
  13. Erika Koenji


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