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Clear Mist
Chapter 233.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Saena Mogami
Volume Volume 39
Original Release February 20, 2016
Arc Saena's arc
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Clear Mist is the 233rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


What did Kyoko mean when she said "I'm giving up on giving up."? Even though Kyoko has been disappointed and rejected many times by Saena, she still hopes to clear up the mist surrounding her mother. Meanwhile, at LME, there is a new Love Me task... a very strange one, to add on top of that.

Chapter Summary

After hearing Kyoko refuse to give up, Susumu Todoh and Saena are confused. Kyoko replies that she can’t help it, she kept on getting disappointed and getting refused by Saena so she thought that she should just give up. But, she can’t just give up because she still keeps on hoping that Saena would accept her one day. Kyoko continues on and say that she

Kyoko stand 1.png

could never seriously hate Saena no matter how much Saena hates her. No matter how long it takes, she will break down the wall and reach out to her.

Kyoko says currently, she can only get supporting and antagonist roles but one day, definitely – she will be a “proper” actress that everyone will recognize. Kyoko says she has Saena’s blood flowing through her veins and one day, she will make Saena proud of that fact by becoming an amazing actress… and maybe, when that day comes, she could go and give her a pat on the head. Kyoko continues looking at Saena whilst Saena looks confused. Kyoko bows to Saena and puts her head at Saena’s shoulder. Todoh looks at them, smiling. Saena replies, “If you wish for that, then…”

Moments after, Todoh asks if Kyoko’s sure that she doesn’t need a ride home. Kyoko replies she’s fine because she already memorized the directions earlier. Finally, Kyoko thanked Todoh for helping her out. He replies it was fine and if she has any problems, she could go talk to him anytime.

Looking at you 2.png

As Saena and Todoh look at Kyoko walking away, Todoh tells Saena that it would’ve been nice if she at least told Kyoko that she never really hated her, something like that even if it was a lie. Saena replies that she didn’t want to lie. She then started to reminiscence to when Kyoko was younger.

Saena narrates that every time she touched Kyoko, she felt like she was going back to her old self. Fear and disgust is what was making her to continually reject her. But even though she was hurt, she would still come to her every time, waiting to be fearlessly loved. Saena tells Todoh that in the long run while she was with Kyoko, there was some moments where she did think she was cute. However, she doesn’t think she could love like a normal parent. Saena thinks that even going forward from that moment on, she doesn’t know if she could even keep her promise to Kyoko.

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Todoh tells off Saena and tells her she is so awkward as usual and with that way of life, she should be more clever and cunning, just like how she is at work. Saena replies that even though she’s awkward, she’s rather sincere. Todoh replies that if that is her way of being sincere to that child, then he won’t say anything more.

Todoh says that the mist that hangs over and the mist that is within her eyes like a curse, they will definitely clear up one day when Kyoko achieves something that Saena could never do. Saena remembers something from when Kyoko was little. Saena scolds Kyoko about her grades and tells her that when she was little, she never had low grades like hers.

Kyoko byebye 7.png

Todoh continues and says that maybe, they won’t even have to wait for Kyoko’s goal to complete. Todoh thinks that definitely, that mist will clear up. Saena replies that what Todoh said might be true.

The scene cuts back to Kyoko. Once she was on the bus, she checks her phone and sees messages from the Darumaya’s wife, Ren and Kanae. She thinks that getting a message from Kanae is super rare but getting a message from Ren is very unheard of. Kyoko ended up opening Ren’s message first.

Kyoko reads Ren’s message. It says that he heard her message and he’d like to know more about the situation. Kyoko thinks that Ren may be worried about her and blushes. Kyoko recalls the time when she was leaving a message to Ren. She thinks that she left such a messy message and she even cried in front of him last night.

Walking together 5.png

Kyoko texts Ren an apology. and reads Kanae’s message to meet at LME at 7pm, if convenient. Kyoko thinks that Kanae’s message is plain and masculine and straight to the point, just like always. Kyoko thinks that instead of going home, she’ll just head to the office. Sawara sees Kyoko and greets her. Sawara asks Kyoko if she was there to do a Love Me task. Kyoko answers she’s not. Sawara tells Kyoko that he’s worried she got asked again to do a “Dangerous Mission” or something like that. He then continues to tell her that for the past three days, the Love Me Section has been getting strange anonymous calls. The caller apparently requests Love Me jobs and states they need someone to get revenge for them.

Sawara kyoko 8.png

Kyoko stares at Sawara, a bit put off and befuddled. Sawara says that Kyoko’s answer is exact because that’s what the normal reaction would be. Sawara says he would take it as some harassment or prank so he initially gave the caller a scolding. However, the caller might’ve got Kyoko’s contact info or something because she apparently has special power for grudges and curses. She replies that she doesn’t even hate the person they’re asking to be after so her grudges would not work. Kyoko asks if it was asking for revenge, it would probably a female about some stupid romance troubles. Sawara replies that it was a female, a young girl’s voice and comments that Kyoko really knows her stuff.

Kyoko says that she knew it… after hearing Saena’s troubles every other romance stories just sound silly in comparison to that. Sawara, however said that the reason for revenge wasn’t about romance.

Sawara says that the caller apparently auditioned for a role and got it but it was stolen from her by some loser through unfair means. Kyoko asks what were the “unfair means” the caller was talking about. Sawara replies that the chain of events

Sawara kyoko talking.png

were very strange so it’s possible that the caller lied and exaggerated a lot.

The caller claimed that she got into an incident that was perceived as accident so she got her and apparently so, she might never walk on her own ever again because of it. Kyoko says that it sounds bogus.

Sawara agrees. Kyoko then asks that if it was an audition for a role, wouldn’t there be some news about it.

Kyokoko sawara 14.png

Sawara says that the caller was just prattling about it so he wasn’t listening as closely. He says it might’ve been something about a movie or a historical drama. It was something about a wandering samurai, a upperclassman samurai’s daughter, something like that.

And apparently, the role was supposed to protect the samurai’s daughter, something like that. Her role was supposed to be a female ninja.

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