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Ground Call
Chapter 231.png
Character/s in the cover Saena Mogami
Volume Volume 39
Original Release December 19, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Ground Call is the 231st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Saena continues telling the story about her past to Kyoko and finally, it is confirmed who is Kyoko's father. Meanwhile, at a traditional Japanese setting, Ren, with Yashiro, listens to Kyoko's voicemail and still worries about Kyoko meeting up with her mother. Also, a certain someone looks over the two at the end.

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Saena is taking a bath. She looks at the clock and thinks that 10 minutes had already passed.

Saena shower.png

After she went out, Misonoi welcomes her back and asks if she wants to drink something. Holding her neck, Saena says that she

Throat hurts.png

doesn’t know why her throat feels a bit itchy from the start. Misonoi asks if it is a cold. Saena says that she doesn’t think so for she is always like this during this kind of time. She tells him that she only has to drink lemon tea with a bit of honey and she’ll be fine. Taking something from her bag, Saena says that it is available in a vending machine in front of the road so she’ll go buy it. Misonoi stands up and offers to buy it for her because she just

Misonoi offers and ye.png
Young sae suprised.png

got out of the shower and her hair isn’t dry yet. He says that even if it is nearby but it is still no good because today’s wind is very cold and she really might catch a cold. Holding her wallet, Saena says is that so, then, she’ll leave it to him, here’s the money. He says that there’s no need. He asks if she wants it hot, right? She says yes. He tells her to wait for a while, then he heads out. After he left, Saena slightly scowls and looks at her bag. She takes out her box and finds the diskettes in the correct order. She is relieved that it

Young saena pain.png

didn’t change. Then, she thinks that it is possible that there is no reason to get it again because he already stole the information so it isn’t necessary-- She shakes her head and doesn’t want to acknowledge this kind of thing for she hopes that everything is only her mistake.. that kind of kindness <- telling her not to go out even if it is near, that kind of smile <- wait for him, she doesn’t want to believe that all of it is a lie..!! Soon, she is holding a honey lemon tea drink. Misonoi asks how is her throat. She says that it feels somewhat better. He smiles and says that’s great. She says ya.

Smiley kyokos dad.png

He offers to wash the bento box. Saena tells him that she’ll do that kind of thing. Misonoi insists that it is okay and she just go finish that drink slowly. While they both hold the bento box and Saena is insisting on washing it, Misonoi’s cellphone is vibrating loudly. This made Saena ask if it is his phone and is it okay for him not to answer it. She looks up at Misonoi and he is somewhat scowling. He closes his eyes then smiles at Saena. He gives her the bento box and says that he’ll leave it to her then. While Saena is washing the bento box, she overhears him on the phone, “-okay. No, that is alright. I’m already finished. ..I understand.

Saena misonoi last.png

Then, I’m going there right now.” Just when Saena closes the faucet, Misonoi apologizes and says that something is up so he has to leave right away. She asks if it is his parttime job. Misonoi says yes. Outside the door, he bids her goodbye. She thinks that there is no ‘good luck with your job tonight and I’ll come back tomorrow’. Just when Misonoi is walking away, he stops and calls out to her. This puzzles Saena. With a scowling and somewhat anguish expression, Misonoi says, “I’m sorry..” This

At the apartment door.png

puzzles Saena. After he left, Saena suddenly realizes something. She quickly throws her bags on the bed and opens the box. She takes a diskette and immediately inserts it on her computer. The diskette is empty, it’s a fake--!!! This made Saena rush out and calls out Misonoi’s name.

Final words from kyokos dad.png

But he is long gone. End flashback. From that time, Misonoi had already disappeared as if this person ‘Misonoi Kazuhi’ never existed from the very start. There is no trace at all. No matter how many times she called there is no answer from a cellphone that has been already turned off. On the second day’s morning, the contract has been terminated.

Saena chases after.png

Of course, from the place where she heard that he is working part-time, she also got a recorded reply that they didn’t hire this person. Saena tells Kyoko that for them to already live together, no matter how many times he went to her house, not a single fingerprint or a single strand of hair has been left behind. This surprises Kyoko. Saena wonders out loud when and how was he able to deal with all of the traces.. When she was conscious of it, his personal items

Toudou pushes his glasses.png

had unconsciously disappeared like the soft and thick slippers. Kyoko asks for her to mention about fingerprints, at that time, were the police also involved? Saena says no, regarding gathering the fingerprints and hair.. There is a scene of Todoh pushing up his glasses and offered to do it since gathering that is very simple. This surprises Kyoko for it is..simple..? She says forget about hair, but gathering fingerprints? Is that kind of thing something one can do just because one is intelligent? Is it easy?

Kyoko nervous a bit.png

Saena explains that according to Todoh, when he was young, he and his brother had played with an identification kit that they got for Christmas and they searched for fingerprints all around the place. Kyoko thinks that searching for fingerprints can be considered as gathering insects.. Kyoko says, but something like a children’s kit and professional kit, in the end, can they be talked about on equal terms..? Pause. Saena informs Kyoko that in every generation of Todoh’s family, it seems that there is an unusual amount of people whose profession is related to the police. She’s saying that if Todoh can find any suspicious fingerpint, he can ask a relative

Kyoko is curious asf.png

to help out in secretly try to investigate

Saena view front.png

it. Kyoko wonders if that kit is possibly the real thing designed for police use and is it really okay to do that..? Saena says that in the end, only her fingerprints are found so talking about it is in vain. ..but, even if they really collected Misonoi’s fingerprint, they cannot report it to the police.

Surprised Kyoko asks why for wasn’t the intelligence stolen. It cannot be said that it is copied for basically the diskette/s itself had been stolen. And, besides, this isn’t an intelligence that can determine the trial’s victory. Or it should be said that it can become a theft case. Saena says that’s right, and it is because this has already been passed around. It is an important intelligence of the trial’s outcome of this five year [legal] battle so they absolutely cannot allow it to cause any public disturbance that this thing had happened.

Not only was the intelligence stolen, there is also a damage on the reputation. As for being deceived by that man, in the end, it will create the end result of bringing enormous shame to the company. From the order above, no matter what happens, the intelligence is definitely from within the office. They are to conceal this leak. Kyoko says, it Ken..? Saena shakes

Saena front scowl.png

her head and says at that time, they belong to the Josou law firm. Even if right now, it is also the biggest organization in Japan’s law world and Katagiri is the leader of Ascham’s Kyoto branch. It is ordered from the Tokyo branch for him to step down.

Kyoko tear sweat.png

Kyoko thinks the Tokyo branch..obviously he only has to smoothly resolve this on-going 5 year trial, Ken can be promoted.. Kyoko becomes dark and thinks, --..promoted..but right now, the current firm and that name isn’t the same— Right now, it seems to be called, Viride General Law Office.. If it is that way, then it can be said..could it be..don’t even mention about promotion..

To Kyoko’s shock, Saena says that Ken has been expelled from Ascham and he assumed all of the responsibility. “The accumulative time as lawyer, whether it is track record, position or even a bright future, everything of that, I have snatched it all away from Katagiri-san--” Kyoko scowls and looks tense. She timidly asks that also means, that 5 year on-going case.. Saena

Saena reminisence.png

says that the other party had exploited the data that they got means this is not a case that can be won. Kyoko thinks that means this so-called ‘Misonoi-san’, in the end, is a spy sent by the other company.. Even if she knows that it is very frustrating but it isn’t stated that this kind of thing is not allowed in spite of what the other party asserted.

Kyoko side view pmore.png

If there is no organization to protect oneself and even placed on a gag order--.. good..there is no situation later on about proving that ‘Misonoi-san’ stole the intelligence and if the other party would make a false counter-charge, they will worry about picking faults.. those related to the development of the product shouldn’t be just one or perhaps, two people and there is a situation of possibly, other channels had been leaked.. the end, there is no way out..!!

Kyoko looks in front.png

Kyoko darkly mutters, Misonoi Kazushi..may this person until his grandchildren, go to hell 1000 times..!! Saena exclaims that is already desperate ..! In case something happens, those words’ hatred willpower can make her as an important reference person. Kyoko covers

Kyoko looks down a bit.png

her mouth and is surprised that she carelessly said that. She says that obviously a part of her hatred is rushing forth from her heart but doesn’t she felt hate and could it be that after those years, the hatred had already become exhausted.

Saena asks, hatred..towards him, she totally didn’t felt that way. This shocks Kyoko. Saena says that she felt that how he left the diskette is a message for her, ‘This thing is my goal, you better be careful, don’t trust me too much’..that type. Kyoko asks why, obviously he came close to her to deceive her. Saena says that is it because she is on her way of being merciful or it is because she had feelings for him, even if she doesn’t know what the exact reason is.

Simply stealing the intelligence, he can do it the night when he gave her sleeping pills and take the diskettes. Maybe this thing is committed on the last night when she was taking a

Saena sayin more.png

shower because without a doubt, it is true that she brought home the diskettes on that day. Kyoko looks at her then looks at the side. Saena says that Misonoi gave her two opportunities but she wasted what he had done. After this idea floated in her mind, the possibility that he is very suspicious, she wondered if she didn’t bring out the diskettes out from the company for the second time, if she didn’t go first to confirm the diskettes after he apologized and just go and chased after him first, if she didn’t insist on her own private feelings and just prioritized work, then she would have avoided this thing, she always think of that-- Kyoko looks at her mother who says, “I cannot

Mother daughter face to face.png

forgive my shallowness and stupidity.” Unable to tell the truth to the public, Ken by himself became the butt of public criticism as the one found to be bearing that heavy responsibility. Compared to her, Ken was scolded to the point that she couldn’t endure that difficult situation. Flashback: The client is scolding Ken. The others looked uneasy about it. Saena looked really awful that she suddenly covered her mouth and fell down on the floor. End flashback. Her body

Katagiri sensei arguing.png


Saena collapses.png

together with vomiting and an unwell body. After that, it always constantly happen that she and even those around her thought that it is caused by her mentality. “But, it really isn’t that, my belly already has you.” Kyoko just looks seriously at her mother. The scene changes to a Japanese looking inn. Ren looks stunned at his cellphone that causes Yashiro to also look in shock. He asks Ren if Kyoko said that she is going to see her mother

Ren poker face after reading kyoko.png

today. Ren says

Kanae sees ren + yashiro.png

no..she didn’t tell him the precise schedule. Yashiro recalls listening to Kyoko’s voice mail on Ren’s phone: “This is Mogami, sorry for interrupting but actually, I’m currently at my mother’s office..waiting room..ah ah ah..In short, we are going to talk.. sorry, I’ll report to you again later.. *hangs up*”

The two guys look totally gloomy. Yashiro thinks that is really quite scary for that girl’s ability to move is really quite scary. Even if he didn’t go, one can suppose and know that Kyoko is currently in the center of a snowstorm. Then, Kanae notices that Yashiro and Ren sitting at the side.

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