Ground Call
Chapter 229
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Saena Mogami
Volume 38
Original Release October 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Ground Call is the 229th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko have always wondered if her mother really despised her ever since she was young.. and now, she finally asked her the question and her mother begins to explain how it all started.

Chapter Summary

Saena and kyoko talk small
Ch229 saena mogamii talking

Saena reveals to Kyoko that she used to abuse her and was afraid that one day she would seriously hurt Kyoko. Saena's boss, Kenichi Katagiri deemed that Kyoko should be separated from Saena and put into foster care with his sister at the Fuwa Inn. Kyoko is a bit undone to realize that it had been that serious that she had to be taken away from her mother. She is also completely surprised to learn that Katagiri is Yayoi Fuwa's brother. Trying to come to terms with all the information Kyoko weakly gets out that she never met Katagiri.

Saena comments that siblings don't often visit each other after one gets married, but that Kyoko always avoided Katagiri when he visited. She used to run from him, screaming. Kyoko thinks that her younger self probably believed that she would get eaten. All this would explain why she tensed up when she saw him on television the night before. To think that she'd actually met him in the past and he had even saved to life was the actual truth. It's another piece of the puzzle that formed whom she is today. There's still one more, though...

Kyoko hesitates, considering asking about her father and becomes a bit distraught. She doesn't want to think that knowing will change her future and, even worse, she doesn't want to force Saena to talk about her "biggest landmine."[1] Saena, however, encourages Kyoko to speak up, since she must have come to her office to see her for a reason. Saena promises to listen to whatever Kyoko has to say or ask, as Kyoko has the right to do so.

Kyoko wonders hate

Kyoko cautiously asks if it will still be alright, even if what she wants to know will open an old wound in Saena's heart. Saena agrees, but warns Kyoko that she might also get hurt. Kyoko states that she is prepared for that. First with a sigh and then a gathering of strength, Saena begins to tell Kyoko of her past.

Saena back to work
Toudou smile scarf
Young Saena wakes up, mortified at having fallen asleep at the office, where she'd stayed late to work. Susumu Todoh appears, no longer dressed in work clothes and bearing food. Saena feels both guilty and grateful. She eats while Todoh cautions her against working so hard. She's trying to fill the shoes of a woman who had to leave before a trial was over, and by doing so she's slighting another more senior member of the law office. Saena protests, explaining that she's just trying to do her best while staying out of the way, since the Josei trial will affect Katagiri's promotion. Todoh regrets that he's not a part of the team working on the Josei trial, and Saena exclaims that she's been curious why he wasn't chosen to be a part of it.
Shos uncle

Todoh reminds her that Katagiri had said right in front of her that he didn't want to throw his lot in with "that perv!" [2] Saena blushes, explaining that she had thought Katagiri was joking when he called Todoh a perv. After a beat, Todoh advises Saena to relax about the trial. He'll be in court that day for moral support if necessary, though he has his own work to complete first.

Sees misonoiss

Saena leaves the office and rendezvous with a young man who calls her "Sae" and comments on how exhausted she looks. Saena becomes worried about her appearance while he asks her if she's been put in charge of a big case. Saena brushes it off, she's only in charge of certain sections of a large trial, while her superiors juggle several cases at once as chief litigator. The young man grows concerned: she's younger and has a lighter load yet she looks this worn down. He takes the time to tease her that he's canceling their dinner date, only to reveal that he's decided they need to eat in. He cooks a clam and broccoli pasta for her at her place, stating that he didn't make it as spicy as last time, in deference to her being so tired. He also fetches her a cup of tea. As they eat, Saena gets incredibly woozy. Her beau chats amiably as she starts to collapse, stating he figured she'd get drowsy after a meal and it was a good thing that they ate in. As his image blurs in her view, he encourages her to go to sleep. Saena protests that she can't because the trial is four days away.

His blurry hand reaches out to her and he tells her "Goodnight, Sae."


Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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