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Ground Call
Chapter 228.jpg
Character/s in the cover Young Saena Mogami
Volume 38
Original Release September 18, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Ground Call is the 228th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


What exactly happened in Saena's past that made her become so cold toward her own daughter, Kyoko? How did Susumu Todoh know Saena from the past and who is Kyoko's father? Will Kyoko finally find the answers she has been looking for...?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

An older man tells a glasses woman that the crucial point is to prove whether or not the client’s business has any connection to the outbreak.. They have to first tidy up the client’s records and business details before the illness happened. The woman says okay, she’ll first generate the data and put it into a file. The older man apologizes and says that he’ll leave it to her. He’ll come back at 17 o’clock and afterwards, they’ll continue.

Yamagutchi san boss.png

The woman says she already knows and please take care. After the man leaves, the woman tells Saena that next, even if she knows that Saena is busy but can she help in inputting this data into the computer for Sakajou’s case. Saena didn’t react so a huge popped vein appeared on the

The two of them talkin talkin.png

woman’s forehead. Saena snaps out of it when the woman shouts out if she is listening. Saena says yes, no..she’s very sorry!!! Soon, it is time for a lecture. The woman asks what’s up with Saena lately, she would be staring blankly a bit too much. “It’s

Yamagutchi san.png

so really unlike you. You should be like before, a sword sharpened on the grindstone, that type of elite appearance, isn’t it so?... ...You’re really an annoying-type. (<- because Saena is ranked first place when she entered college. She is still first place when she graduated. During school, she is part of the elite who always pass the bar exam whereas the woman failed the exam on the first year) Honestly

Saena san scolded.png

speaking, you merely exist to make my throat become bitter. Do you understand? That feeling of being despised by someone..” Saena scowls and thinks she did it again and obviously, she never once despised others.

The woman says, “Oh please, don’t have that kind of bored expression, okay? It is as if you are not treating the other party the same and it really hurts. Forget it, it is possible that I did made you feel bored. I’m really sorry about that for I do not at all possess the conversation skill to make you become interested. *still scowling Saena says that is a misunderstanding. Forget it, that is also inevitable. It has been two years since you came to this firm. Thinking back, compared to my work, your work is more beautiful that even if I detest it, I do understand this point. So, I also can understand why Katagiri got you in the ‘Jou’ project...

...Thinking of it right now, with an outstanding person like you, I can also be at ease in leaving the rest of the work to you. There isn’t much time that I’ll be able to stay here so

Toudou walking coat.png

please pull yourself together. *Saena timidly says yes* One more thing, in the next public trial, if the ‘Jou’’s case has been settled, it has been determined that Katagiri-san can be promoted to Tokyo head office. *Saena perks up and the woman lightly taps her shoulder* Let us properly support Katagiri-san, okay.” Saena looks thoughtful and says yes. The door opens and Todoh says that he’s back. The woman welcomes him back and asks how the situation is. Todoh gives her a thumbs up. The

Toudou stares at saen.png

woman says that she thought so but then, from the very start, there is nothing to worry about. She offers him some tea and he obliges. After Saena greets Todoh, he keeps on staring at her. This made Saena asks what’s up. Todoh says, “You changed your lipstick, right?” Saena looks somewhat surprised. Carrying a tray of tea, the woman asks if Saena changed her lipstick, she didn’t notice.

Saena says no, she didn’t change. Todoh says that’s wrong. “Just now, for a second, your pupils somewhat dilated. When a human’s pupil dilates, that is when there’s a favorable impression, interested, telling a lie, etc-type of situation. While the brain is processing the idea, one won’t be able to suppress one’s momentary mental manifestation...

...*pushes up glasses* That also means that you are lying. *goes very near Saena* You absolutely had changed your lipstick.” The woman shouts for Todoh not to psychologically attack one’s colleague and is he some television’s capable criminal police!!! After a pause,

Fujimichi skills.png

Saena says that she didn’t change her lipstick, she changed her lip gloss. “I had a premonition that spring is coming so I chose a bit paler one.” Todoh says, “I wasn’t asking you yet you explained the reason. All the more, in these two years, you hardly had any concern about ‘spring is coming’ and that is the keyword. From this, I can deprive of the possibility that even if it is hard to believe but there’s a 70% probability that you are definitely..” And the woman has already pinched Todoh’s ear and pulls him away. She shouts that she said that is enough. Todoh exclaims that hurts, that hurts, Yamaguchi-san. Yamaguchi shouts that it is because of that kind of

The veride officers.png

awful way of talking that puts people in high pressure that he doesn’t have a girlfriend!! Todoh says that she’s really rude for even if it is him, he won’t use that kind of talking to all of the women in this world, it is only one kind.. While pinning Todoh down on the table, Yamaguchi tells Saena to please quickly finish her work as soon as possible. Then, she tells Todoh that there is still a mountain pile of data that he has to deal with. She tells the two that from today on, it is forbidden to talk about personal matters and properly go to work. She warns Todoh that if he says one word of idle talk, she will prohibit him from watching ‘Hokkaido’s LIVE delicious food series’. This made the two quietly

The three co workers.png

go to work. Saena recalls what Todoh just said about ‘spring is coming’. She thinks that even if she doesn’t know what he’ll continue to say but she feels that he had become aware..such a scary person and thinking of it in detail for him to say hard to believe, isn’t that quite rude of him. Then, her cellphone beeps. It is a message. She looks happy that she is about to reach for her cellphone. She stops. Upon seeing that it is February and 15:09 on the phone, she scowls and goes back to work. Later on, Saena is rushing through the streets. She looks at her watch and it is already 7:40pm. She sees a glasses guy sitting in front of the building. She calls out to him, Misonoi-san. Misonoi waves at her and

Saena scarf misonoi.png

calls her, Sae-chan. While catching her breath, Saena apologizes for being late and she has no way of contacting him. Taking off his scarf, he says that it is alright and he already made the scarf warm so sit beside here because after all, she is like that. After sitting beside him, Saena gives the scarf back to him. He asks if she feels very apologetic if she looks at her private mail so she won’t look at it. She had told him before that work’s mail has to pass through the computer. Saena tells him that he can reproach her for not knowing how to be flexible. Putting his scarf back on, Misonoi asks why, as a working

Chibi saena misonoi.png

adult, this is also inevitable. This made her blush. Misonoi says that compared to that, is her body okay for she ran all the way here and that is because she looks very unwell this morning. This made Saena blush and look surprised. She whispers to him to please don’t say that thing openly at the streets. Misonoi is puzzled then he apologizes for he isn’t too quick-witted.. He gloomily says that he obviously always tell himself that brainless words can make people angry but he still couldn’t change it.. This made Saena tensely tell him to please don’t mind that too much and it isn’t like anyone would

Saena a bit surpised.png

hear it so it isn’t a big deal. Misonoi quickly snaps out of it and says that since she said that, then he wouldn’t mind it. He says that relatively, Saena should also not mind, because for him, this ‘waiting’ is not at all a big deal. Saena looks surprised.

Standing up, Misonoi says that next, they should go and eat energetically so is the usual place okay. Saena says yes. She wonders if he did that deliberately. Gloomy Misonoi is saying that he is always being reprimanded that he’s too inconsiderate.

Soon, she blushes as she walks together with him to a restaurant. After taking their seats, Saena tells him that honestly, her feelings are very complicated. Right now, she is very happy with the work here but Katagiri will go to the head office, so his subordinates will also move

Misonoi talks once agaim.png

to some other branch. “I don’t have the self-confidence that I’ll be able to establish interpersonal relationships like the current one in the new workplace..” She thinks that the branch before and where she took her judicial advanced studies made her very miserable.. Misonoi says that isn’t there a strict person at her current workplace.

Saena says that actually Yamaguchi doesn’t care what other people would think and will just bluntly say it out. “But on the other side, I know that she is treating me seriously so on contrary, it makes me feel at ease...

...She obviously hates me but on the surface, she treats me well that it made me not know what I should believe and it’s very perplexing. *Misonoi is looking serious at her* For someone like me who really lacks communication skills, it is just right for the current branch people to treat people in a strictly sincere way. ..That is what I think. Today, I was bluntly told by

Misonoi saena walkingg.png

Yamaguchi-san ‘your existence itself is quite annoying’ and I seldom shrink back-- She wonders why her ‘striving hard’ life had become despising other people’s life.. Misonoi asks if that person is capable. Saena says of course, in the business field, she has an extensively rich knowledge and experience that even if it is a disadvantageous lawsuit, she also has the ability to win the court case. The client’s evaluation of her is very high. Katagiri also really trust her as an outstanding lawyer. Misonoi asks about the bar exam. Saena says that she heard that she took it

Young misonoi cryin.png

twice before passing. Misonoi says that’s it, basically she is surpassed by a more outstanding person that she felt that she had lost a bit. “If she thinks of herself as she ought to be the ideal manifestation, then, even if she doesn’t think of it inside her heart but naturally, there will be envy... ...The proof is, me who had to take the college exam thrice to pass, and at over 30 years old, I still wasn’t able to pass the bar exam. I also cannot be a match for you even if I longed for you yet I feel envious~~ Hahahaha, ..but unfortunately, I got a certificate of approval on computer and abacus math that is a so-called useless ability. Simply changing on taxation

Misonoi young glasses.png

services~~ *notices Saena scowling* Just now, you were thinking of how to answer me, right. The scowl had become a small character. *Saena covers her forehead and becomes puzzled over what character he is talking about* Sae-chan can easily be misunderstood by others.

Even if you are perplexed by something pointless, you’ll scowl all together. Ha ha ha.” Scowling Saena muses that thinking about it, when she was young, she was reprimanded by the people around her on why she is angry everyday. Misonoi says that it is like before when she doesn’t know whether to choose teriyaki yellowtail or grilled flounder, her scowl will emerge as a small very cute character. Saena blushes while scowling.

Misonoi says that when she is angry, that small character would become big as if it was carved deeply by a knife and that kind is very easy to understand. While he teasingly pokes blushing Saena’s scowl, he says that they choose a yellowtail, flounder and monkfish hot pot so is she feeling better now. Narration: “..I’m not at all angry. For me to say that, it’s a lie. Even if it’s sophistry, for others, it seems that my emotional subtleties is very difficult to

Misonoi no glasses.png

understand but this man find it extremely simple to read it so even if I don’t say it, I’m afraid that he can catch everything..”

While Misonoi pouts some food for her on a bowl, the steam from the hot pot has fogged his glasses so he goes to wipe them. Then, after she thanks him for the bowl of food, he notices her and smiles. It made her somewhat blush. Narration: “..brains, body, ability to think, and lastly, since it wants to exist then a guardian is necessary including having the working adult’s lowest limit of common sense.” In the toilet, she holds her lip gloss and wonders if it is no problem at today’s work, and she didn’t look at the mail that he sent. “I had prevailed over my own desire. I’m still okay!! I have known him for three months...

...For me who had never gone steady with a man before, I didn’t think that in just three months, it had become THAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP... Thinking about it, the other party has not said, ‘let’s go steady’ that kind of words. It’s hard to believe.. it is like I’m just like a child who’ll instantly run ahead quickly. *scene of Misonoi giving her a gift and says happy birthday Sae-chan* Thinking of this, even if my feelings had become an uncomfortable situation, *puts the lip gloss on her lips* but bafflingly enough, I don’t regret it at all.” Misonoi looks at Saena as she goes out of the toilet. She is puzzled why he keeps on smiling. As they

Saena mogami lip gloss.png

open the door, he says that in the end, it is that lip gloss, and it really suits her.” This made her embarrassed. While they are going out and covered by that cloth by the door, he steals a kiss. Backing away, blushing Saena shouts what he is doing at this kind of place. He sheepishly says that her lips is always opening and closing that he carelessly have the urge to want to touch and see.. She shouts what does he meant by careless, please act dignified for he is already an adult and this is outdoors so they can’t easily do that!! And even if it is

Skip beat kiss saena mogami.png

inside, it is also no if it’s at a public place. Misonoi asks if it is okay at her house. This made her blush and stammers that she isn’t stingy. He happily asks is that for real, then.. Just when she is protesting ‘but..’, he asks her if she can help him with the mock exam. This surprises her. He tells her that there is only two months left for this year’s bar exam so please give him a special lecture. Saena thinks that she was about to say, ‘but merely for a kiss and coming to visit, I absolutely won’t receive you’ “—it looks like I had been once again

Young saena mogami and misonoi.png

seen through--” Misonoi asks if it’s a no. Saena’s expression softens and she says that she isn’t at all stingy. Narration: “-It’s really hard to believe that this man was able to understand me and was able to love me.” End flashback. Saena tells Kyoko that she didn’t do anything. “Didn’t do anything and I even didn’t thought of becoming your mother. After you were born, I am a person who refuses to touch you.” Narration: “WITH THIS, I don’t have the slightest doubt that I will evade the reason for all

Saena and kyoko flashback talk.png

this tragedy and place it on you who doesn’t know anything.” After looking thoughtful, Kyoko asks, “ it because you hate me--..?” Narration: “I thought you are a cursed child but I was mistaken.” Kyoko is surprised when Saena slightly scowls and says, “--..I’m very afraid--... I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you--..” Narration: “The one who is always cursed is me.”

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