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Spiral Echo
Chapter 227.png
Character/s in the cover Saena Mogami and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 38
Original Release August 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Spiral Echo is the 227th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko was ready to swallow down the questions she had ever since she was young but the sympathy she felt completely... Kyoko finally faces her mother, Saena and tries to find the answers she wants.. After a very long time, mother and daughter confront each other.

Chapter Summary

With Todoh’s car in between them, Kyoko faces her mother. The two stare at each other, neither speaking. Kyoko resolves to speak first, otherwise the only thing that she'll hear is a scolding. She imagines Saena saying, Why're you here? How dare you come to my office without my permission? Don't you understand how out of place you are? Now leave. Never approach me again.[1]

Saena and kyoko speak at the same time confront.png

Wishing to say something that will make her mother pay attention to her, Kyoko speaks. However, Saena speaks at the exact same moment, their words overlapping so that neither actually makes out what the other said. Kyoko politely requests that her mother repeat what she'd said, but Saena turns her head, her expression angry again. Kyoko is frustrating and despairing that this bad timing is just yet another sign that she and her mother will always be incompatible. Saena, however, decides to repeat her question and asks if the school uniform Kyoko is wearing is a costume. Todoh attempts to explain why Saena is asking that, but all Kyoko feels from her mother are waves of angry emotion. Kyoko interprets them to mean that Saena thinks her acting jobs so far are shameful, bullying bit parts.

Kyoko looks at her mother oi.png

Kyoko answers Todoh about needing a passport for an overseas mission, but she gets a little too dramatic about it being a secret assignment that she can't talk about and it causes Todoh to worry for her safety. In any case, Kyoko confirms that she does wear costumes for work, but no, what she is currently wearing is her legit high school uniform. She doesn't have perfect attendance because of her jobs, but the president of the agency is helping her pay for the school, which she is paying back little by little. Todoh resolves to look into the agency and make sure they aren't connected to the yakuza. Kyoko seems mature but also incredibly naive and it would be best if he and Saena look into what exactly she's doing.

Saena gives an expression of relief, surprising Kyoko in wondering if her mother had actually worried about her. However, Saena quickly reveals the source of her relief and her earlier anger. "I was so enraged when I thought that you had dropped out after middle school that all I could see was crimson. I considered trying to legally sever my parental relationship to you, although I knew there was no way to do that... you ran away with a man without thinking of the consequences. Just how stupid could you be? And then you were ditched after being taken advantage of. I didn't want to have anything to do with you even on a legal document." [2] Kyoko realizes this is why Saena said on television that she didn't have any children.

Saena continues to reveal that Kyoko running off to be used and abandoned annoys her is that it's the only trait Kyoko inherited from her. Kyoko stares silently for a moment before Todoh decides to usher the two of them inside to finish their talk. Kyoko quietly asks Todoh if he knew about her coming to Tokyo from her mother, but when he evades answering she declares it to be impossible. Her mother is too perfectly an impregnable fortress to be to allow that through. Todoh points out that even fortresses can break when made to bear unexpected weight. Todoh admits that he got her to tell him because he could see that she was upset. She even went so far as to take a single sip of alcohol, which only proves how much she needed to unload the weight of dealing with her emotions by herself. He also gives one final bit of encouragement to Kyoko, telling her that Saena wouldn't bother getting angry at someone she really wanted to sever ties with.

Alone, Saena and Kyoko stare at each other silently across a table before once again they both speak at the same time. Kyoko gestures for Saena to speak first. Her mother asks her when her relationship with Sho Fuwa began. Didn't they elope to Tokyo together? Kyoko is immediately enraged, screaming at her mother that she most definitely did not have any intimate sort of relationship with Sho, she accompanied him as a housekeeper because he was afraid of living on his own. Saena is appalled that Kyoko abandoned everything without even dating the boy, but aloud she only points out that Sho ditched her all the same.

Kyoko asks if Sho told her that, but Saena answers that it was Yayoi Fuwa who explained it that way. Kyoko realizes this is because Sho's mother had wanted them to marry. Saena was able to guess by the fact that Sho and Kyoko have different addresses that Sho had ditched her. When she had reached Sho, he'd said that he had "stopped seeing"[3] her and didn't know where she was. Kyoko mulls over Sho's use of those words while Saena defends that anyone would have come to the same conclusion that the two had been in a relationship, based on the information provided. Saena expresses relief that at least the worst situation hadn't happened and Kyoko didn't get pregnant, which would have been a disaster. Kyoko stares at her mother's contorted brow and wonders if Saena felt guilt about stating that to the child of her own "worst situation."

Continuing to stare at her mother, she realizes that her eyes now are different from when she's angry, even though as a child Kyoko had always thought that expression to mean anger.

"I really like who am I now," [4] Kyoko states, startling her mother out of her furrowed brow. "I know you might think I'm a disgrace since people hate the roles I play. But my small world has grown bigger, thanks to my work. I've gotten to know people and have experiences I wouldn't have been able to any other way. All of that has given me the power to live. If I'd stayed in Kyoto, I'd never even have thought of doing this job. So I'm grateful for everything that I had to experience."

Saena surprised at what kyoko said.png

Saena points out that she sounds grateful even to Sho, but Kyoko is undeterred from finishing her speech with its grand finale.

"But of course I'm most grateful to you. Thank you for bringing me into the world."


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