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Pop Chord
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 38
Original Release June 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Pop Chord is the 225th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho still has not left the place where Kyoko was around. He thinks she would've get into some trouble. But suddenly, Sebastian made him leave as he pretended to be a creepy stalker of him. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Kyoko watches the video tapes Ren intended to show her. In LME Buildings, Lory checks up on Ren and Kyoko's situations and recalls the conversation he had with Saena.

Chapter Summary

Sho looking out for kyoko.png

Sho has lost sight of Kyoko and wonders where she went. He accurately decides to go look for her in the direction where there's the most green: trees in a mini park. He's stopped however, by Sebastian, who in disguise sneaked up on Sho, getting between him and his driver and bodyguard.

Chibi sebastian and sho and his driver.png

Sebastian treats Sho like an information bank, quickly running down all the things he knows about Sho, which include some non-public details. Sho and his driver are justifiably freaked out. Sebastian pushes the situation a touch further by asking to get Sho's most current measurements merely by touching him. Sho's driver leaps into action and snatches Sho away.

Sho and his driver dived behind the car.png

Hiding behind a car, the two discuss how freaky "he" was. Sho is unnerved by the fact that it was a male who was acting so obsessively, and decides that he must actually hate him because no male would become such a rabid fan. Sho's driver declares him to be stupid, as he's got talent and an inner manliness that guys would definitely fall for. Sho's driver informs him that he would sacrifice his own life for him if necessary and that he is Sho's forever. Sho calls him a creep just like that perv. Insulted, Sho's driver is too distracted to do anything at first when said perv shows up again. Sebastian picks Sho up from behind and starts listing his measurements. Within seconds, though, has grabbed Sho back, gotten him in the car, and screeches away.

Sebastian acts to stalk sho.png
Sebastian looks over sho.png

Sebastian takes off the disguise and expresses relief at his success at scaring away potential witnesses. He's ready to get back to Ren and Kyoko, worried about how they're doing.

Kyoko is freaking out, having realized that she was clinging to Ren Tsuruga and not Corn. Ren apologizes for not actually being Corn and Kyoko demands to know why he didn't tell her right away. In her head, she regrets that she had "blurted out all sorts of things at full force without worrying what people would think!" In his own mind, Ren's answer is exactly the same: "I thought you wouldn't be able to blurt out all sorts of things at full force without worrying what people would think if you realized it was me, Ren Tsuruga." [1]

Ren answers close enough to honesty. He tells Kyoko that he thought it was important for her to let her feelings out and apologizes for not taking into account that she might be embarrassed. Kyoko stares at him, so Ren bows to emphasize his sincerity and apologizes again. That makes the third apology in just a couple minutes and Kyoko grows horrified that she's forcing Ren to repeatedly apologize. She apologizes, too and after a dismayed beat Ren decides to change the topic and asks if he looks like Corn.

Kyoko mogami horrified.png
Ren tsuruga genuinely smiles.png

Kyoko quickly remembers that she had already told Ren about meeting Corn, but that she definitely did not discuss Corn's appearance with him. She can't tell him what Corn said about taking on the appearance of whomever she was thinking of, because that would reveal that she had been unnecessarily thinking about Ren. Embarrassed, Kyoko instead tells Ren that Corn played a prank by making himself look like Ren. Ren is disappointed that Kyoko felt she had to lie; he wouldn't have made fun of her even if she had told him the truth. Kyoko goes on to explain that she had been hoping Corn would appear, which is why she jumped to the wrong conclusion and assumed Ren was Corn. Kyoko bows and apologizes again.

Ren tsuruga regrets ey.png

Ren offers to listen to her, even if he's not Corn, but Kyoko declines. Ren pushes, informing her that he knows her well enough to have seen that she uses her anger to help her back on her feet when something absurd happens. Since she was crying this time, she wasn't able to use that method, therefore she should vent her heavy feelings. Kyoko hesitates and Ren gets very angry with himself for not listening to Jelly Woods and letting his hair stay its natural color. Kyoko would be sharing with him if he were Corn in that moment.

Ren pretends to look away.png

Kyoko, however, tells Ren that he's right, but her heavy feeling is gone now. Ren doesn't believe her, because Saena stating that she doesn't have any children on national television is a bit more serious than when Saena scolded her for not getting a perfect score. He stares at her, saying nothing, and Kyoko states that she had cried it out. Ren, remembering a similar incident of her getting hyper and imaginative after a good cry when they were children, decides it is possible she did recover that quickly. Back then, all he had to do was mention Sho. This thought causes Ren to look around suspiciously.

Ren takes out his smart phone.png
Lovely kyoko looking at the video tapes.png

In the silence, Kyoko cautiously asks Ren what he's doing there. Ren pretends to be affronted and reminds her of his promise to show her food videos. When she questions the lateness of the hour, he points out that she came over to his place late at night to ask for modeling tips. Kyoko feels his point sharply and cannot deny that they both lack common sense, especially since in the circumstances it was both of theirs "only free night."[2] Ren takes it back, states that he'll have more free time after his next assignment, but he wanted to see her. There's an emotional beat before he cracks and eagerly shows her the videos, childishly sharing how hard he tried. Kyoko inwardly berates first him for being so wicked and then herself for hearing it the way she really wanted to hear it. As she watches the videos on Ren's phone, she zones out, realizing that the real reason she lost that heavy feeling was that she forgot everything once she realized it was Ren before her.

A mature inlove kyoko.png

Ren tells Kyoko that he hopes his videos cheer her, even though they're not magic like Corn can use. Kyoko shares that she's fine, but asks if she can watch the videos from the beginning because she was thinking of something else and not paying attention. Flummoxed, Ren wants to know what cheered her up then if not watching the videos.

Lory in his bar thinking about saena.png

At a bar and wearing an ornate headdress, Lory reflects on his conversation with Saena. Saenae does not think it is possible for her to feel love for Kyoko, and Lory wonders if there were a way to get that woman into the Love Me Section. If she were in show business he could swing it, but Saena's not.

His phone rings, and it's Sebastian reporting in on Kyoko. THe girl is unbelievable feisty now, even though she looked like her soul was about ready to leave her body when he first saw her. Lory cautions Sebastian to remember that Kyoko is an actress. Watching Kyoko animatedly talk with Ren, Sebastian tells Lory that he can't tell if she's acting and perhaps Lory should look at her himself. Lory looks on the bright side, because whether Kyoko is acting or not, she at least has energy and will be fine for tonight. Sebastian has something else he'd like to report, just in case.

Sebastian on the phone with lory.png

Kyoko wants to say goodnight to Sebastian, but he's busy on the phone so she doesn't disturb him. Ren offers to pass her message along and insists that she get home before her landlords worry. Kyoko thanks him, but he doesn't want to hear it since he was being selfish to show her the videos. Kyoko insists that he cheered her up very much. And then she says something that causes him to worry.

Ren chibi curious chapter 225.png

"I'll use this positive force to throw myself headfirst at the root of today's depression!"[3]

She needs to prepare herself for war, and since that's the case, she asks Ren, showing her unmarked palm, if he would give her the stamp he promised.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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