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Pressure Change
Chapter 224.png
Character/s in the cover N/A (Little Kyoko Mogami and Saena Mogami)
Volume 37
Original Release May 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Pressure Change is the 224th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Right at that moment, all she could think of is how Corn comforted her when they were younger. But Corn's forest isn't in Tokyo and Corn isn't there.. or is he? A tall figure suddenly appears in front of Kyoko and she immediately hugged him. Meanwhile, Yashiro and Lory are at Lory's office and have a little conversation about certain things..

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Flashback: Young Kyoko opened the door to see her mother on her desk. She looked troubled as she covered her face with her hand. Flustered, Kyoko went to her and called out, “” Saena noticed that Kyoko is about to reach out and touch her. She quickly

Sanea slaps kyokos hand.png

hit Kyoko’s hand away and shouted for her

Little kyoko is afraid of saena.png

not to touch her. “If you touch me, I’ll be stained with bad luck!!! *crying* I won’t be able to tolerate another defeat!!! I must win!! If I were to lose this case, then it is all your fault!! Why don’t you get out!!! *Kyoko looked hurt and on the verge of crying* Didn’t I tell you before that you are absolutely not allowed to come and enter this place!!!”

Young sanea crying.png

End flashback. Narration: “Ever since I was young, I already know that I was hated. Generally, I felt that I had already accepted it, the

Kyoko running towards ren.png

possibility that I’m detested by my mother.. *stands up from the bench* But.. *crying while looking at Ren* I still have not *cries more in anguish* truly properly made myself aware of it. *Ren looks surprised when Kyoko called out, ‘Co—rn’* Accepting this kind of reality-- *walks towards Ren* that my existence is rejected -- *hugs Ren* --Why?.. ..*cries bitterly* After all, what’s bad about me? What do you hate about me? Even more than hate, you detested me. In the end, what kind of reason is it? *scene of her mother pulling her hand away from young Kyoko* I was often on the verge of saying what’s on my mind but I

Kyoko crying full of tears.png

controlled myself for I was unwilling to ask it out. *Saena left crying Kyoko* It will only bring about uneasiness and despair. It has always been a taboo question. *hugs Ren tightly* because I’m afraid of the answer.

Saena walking away from child kyoko.png

So I never truly asked that person-- But, I don’t want to be like this again. I don’t want to repeat it again. I don’t want to expect again nor do I want to be in despair again. –Always felt, that I’m already tired --” Scowling Sho is standing at the street. His driver opens the car’s door and calls out to him. He is surprised to overhear a couple of women behind Sho

Sho chibi waiting for kyoko.png

trying to pacify a drunk woman who still wants to drink at some nearby club. The driver says that even if he doesn’t know what is

Chibi sho disapointed.png

troubling him, but if Sho doesn’t want to immediately leave, then he must first quickly get in the car. He also says that although there are few people here because there aren’t that many bars around but there are cars passing by. Sho thinks of Kyoko telling him to let her calm down a bit. He imagines her crying and a couple of gangsters asking her, ‘what’s up miss, you’re crying so pitifully’ and they can properly comfort her if she goes with them. Crying Kyoko says that she’ll go with them for everything doesn’t matter anymore. This made Sho think that Kyoko is an idiot and right now, it cannot be

Fuwa and his driver ey.png

guaranteed that she won’t go with them. To his driver’s surprise, Sho furiously walks away. Sho thinks that in the end, he Sholdn’t have let Kyoko alone in that kind of situation and left. Even if that is her life’s first and also last ‘request’ from him!!! Sho and the driver return to the back alley of Daruma restaurant. Sho thinks that she isn’t here so could she have gone in her room. He thinks that is wrong for she said that she wants to be alone and if she is preparing to cry alone by herself, compared

Sho and his driver in the view.png

to this way, there is a higher possibility that she went to the other side.. At the park, crying Kyoko is still hugging Ren. He is about to hug her back but he stops upon recalling that she called him Corn. He sadly holds his hands up. He scowls in regret upon recalling Jelly asking him if he really wants to dye his hair black again when he is going back to Japan for only a short time. Kyoko starts bawling again. This finally made Ren hug her back. In the car, Sebastian is saying, yes, yes, it is like that, and just in case, he stayed at a place where there is less traffic by going towards the alley, and just in time, they had seen Kyoko coming out from the alley. Upon seeing her looking very downcast, Ren chased after her

Sebastian diriving w his suit.png

because they are still quite far. From here, he cannot confirm the current situation of the two. But Ren has not yet come back so from the looks of it, he thinks that Ren shouldld have smoothly met up with her. He asks Lory if he wants him to go and confirm it. Lory says that there’s no need, just wait there but because the situation is a bit sensitive.. so he go and secretly be mindful a bit of the surrounding situation. Sebastian says that he Lory asks what it is. Sebastian says no, it is nothing, really sorry. Then, when Ren comes back, he’ll give Lory a report. Lory says okay, he’ll leave it up to him. After hanging up, Lory says that it looks like Kyoko has watched it, and her situation isn’t too

Lory with a feather hat.png

good. Yashiro says that for her to be like that, how come he feels like Lory is smiling as if he has some sort of plot. Yashiro exclaims that Lory isn’t too serious when he already knows of Ren’s feelings for Kyoko. Even if from the looks of this current situation, perhaps, for Ren, it is indeed an opportunity for his and Kyoko’s relationship to become more intimate but at this time, Lory would imagine the direction of the two young people’s love future and take pleasure in it. “Even if it is rude, I’ll also say it!! President you aren’t a simple love freak, you are a nasty love

Yashiro realizing something lory is planning.png

freak!!! Lory asks what a love freak is. Love freak -> a freak who uses love as its staple food. Lory says that even if he doesn’t quite understand but calling him nasty doesn’t make him happy but then, saying that ‘at this time’, it is possible that Yashiro wasn’t mistaken in calling him nasty for his imagined ‘future direction’ is that child’s growth.

Lory smirking at the current.png

He currently anticipates whether or not, she’ll transform once again as an actress. Yashiro is puzzled. Lory says that he’ll watch at how Kyoko will accept this and this time, what would she have come to decide. Will she merely, view it as ‘scar’ or will it be viewed as treasure. Flashback: Young Kuon stroked Kyoko’s head to calm her down. When she looked up to him, he smiled and asked what is it today..? End flashback.

Little corn patting little kyokos head.png

After calming down and Ren is stroking her head and her back, Kyoko thinks that if it is the usual Corn, he would wait for the crying her to calm down, then, he’ll definitely ask her why she cried. But today, she doesn’t have the confidence of honestly telling him.. Silently, he’ll only be quiet and pacify her to make her be more at ease. If it happened before the goodbye

The height difference skip beat.png

with Corn at Guam, she thinks that she’ll definitely talk non-stop about her own issue again. Right now, she already cannot do it. She recalls Corn smiling and saying that they’ll meet again. She closes her eyes and thinks that it is like a dream for she called for him and he really showed up. She glances at him and looks surprised. She holds his face and asks Corn why

Kyoko looks at ren tsrugas face and realized.png

is his hair not blond today, the one that is all shiny like diamond and his mysterious green eyes. She looks surprised when ‘Corn’ is looking at her sheepishly. Her eyes widen upon seeing Ren’s

Kyoko flabbergasted much.png

necklace. He continues to look tense. She imagines sparkling Ren saying that he doesn’t know about it so can she explain it to him? Aghast Kyoko looks at Ren and let go off his face. She backs away and mutters, “” Ren sheepishly apologizes to her for he really didn’t have an opportunity to say it. Kyoko is aghast and petrified before mustering to shout, “Nnnnnnooooo...”

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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