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Crystal Storm
Chapter 223.png
Character/s in the cover N/A (Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa)
Volume 37
Original Release April 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Storm is the 223rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Could things get any worse after Kyoko's heartbreaking reaction after hearing Saena's statement on the program? Sho, knowing that Kyoko already saw the interview, tries to at least make her feel better - something he didn't do when she needed him during their childhood days.

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Looking at Kyoko’s distraught expression, Sho says that in the end, she saw it. After a pause, Kyoko asks what he is saying. Sho tells her not to pretend that she didn’t know. “Today’s broadcast. The program that

Kyoko head downn.png

Aunt Saena took part in.” Then, Okami rushes out to see Kyoko with Sho. She recognizes Sho who sees her.

After Okami nods in acknowledgement, Sho shakes his head. Okami starts going

Sho fuwa says something.png

inside and thinks that regarding this kind of thing, it would be better to leave it to a childhood friend who understands the situation. Sho says that looking at her, it is impossible that she didn’t see it. Kyoko says that she doesn’t know.

Sho says who she is deceiving. “..currently, your eyes’ expression is lifeless.” Kyoko lowers her head down and asks why he appeared. “ come you are here.” He says,

Sho fuwa looks at kyoko.png

“..because there is a certain idiot who won’t answer the phone no matter how many times I called. *Kyoko didn’t answer* now..where do you plan on running off to?”

Then, he remembers the time when they shot his PV, Kyoko told him that she would avoid him and she’ll go to a place to cry because she doesn’t want to make him feel awkward. Then, Sho asked if she went to some place to cry during the time when she suddenly disappeared.

Kyoko doesnt cae depressed.png

Sho thinks that she plans to cry all by herself again.

He tells her that actually, he doesn’t feel awkward and even if she bawls out here right now, he feels that he is capable of acting the role which is as good as probably the wild dogs on the streets. “But, there is someone who can warm you up rather than to be all alone, which isn’t good, right.” She didn’t react. Sho scowls and goes to her. He asks,

Sho is horrified so much.png

“ you hear what I said? You girl.. *holds her chin* Hold your head up.”

Sho is surprised to see her blank expression for it now totally devoid of emotion compared to the one earlier which seems to be in the verge of crying. He thinks that this girl made her feelings.. He goes near her and kisses her.

Sho and kyoko talks lifeless.png

A few cars pass by and Sho ends the kiss. He looks at her and says, “..what..if it is the usual you, you’ve kick me and send me flying, right. If you do not want to cry in front of me, (at least) get angry at me.. (vent out that feeling--..!!)” Kyoko looks at him and says, “..truly annoying--..” This startles Sho. She continues, “..Sho--..tarou--.. I have... a request..”

Sho asks what it is. She continues, “--..let me

Sho fuwa kisses kyoko mogami.png

calm down a bit..” Sho scowls a bit about this. Back inside, Okami’s husband is busy cooking while Okami looks gloomy. He is startled when his wife suddenly shouted in surprise. She says that it is because she felt that it is very serious so she came back but just now, shouldn’t it be better for her to invite them inside. The Daruma couple peeks out the door but no one is there. They wonder where the two ran off to. And, at some park, Kyoko is sitting by her lonesome on a bench. She recalls Sho asking her where she wants to run off to.

Kyoko doesnt care.png

Holding the small purse, she thinks, “--..Geez--..the place where I want to run to.. where to go--.. Obviously, there is no Corn’s forest in Tokyo. Obviously, there is no place where I

Taisho and okami looking outside.png

can let go.. and cry out loud.. There is basically none-- *recalls Sho saying that right now, her eyes are lifeless* Basically, I thought that after a long time, I don’t feel it anymore. For things to reach this stage, talking about despair, talking about expectation, --but-- Kyoko received a mail and it is from her mother’s law firm. She looked happy about that.

Takenori called her out and showed her profile on LME’s page.

  • Holding the awareness that I’ll be ‘ignored’. Attempting to convey to that person my ‘wish’. It is to
    Kyoko on the bench.png
    make that person turn into someone who cannot ignore me. This is the kind of method that I have chosen-- Including being on the home page.

I’m afraid that she’ll be annoyed but she still signed the consent letter and gave it to me.

Lil kyoko wiping her tears out.png

*recalls her mother’s scowl* It isn’t at all because she values my future.

Rather, that person.. *Saena saying that she doesn’t have a child* treated me, along with my everything, as never existed, so..”

A tear starts to fall that she quickly closes her eyes and holds the purse tightly. Slightly biting her lip, she thinks, “’s great--.. that this didn’t happen before meeting with Corn again.. –or else— I will once

Ren shadow.png

again..” He remembers young Kyoko crying in the rain and calling out to Corn:

Kyoko crying bc of Ren.png

“Quickly come back. *wipes tears* I beg of you.

Quickly come out. Quickly listen to what I have to say. Corn. *cries* CO-RN” Kyoko looks as if she is on the verge of tears.

Then, there is a shadow of a person coming towards her. She looks up and sees that it is a man. And, she is surprised for it is Ren. She scowls and tears start to form in her eyes. She mutters, “”

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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