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Crystal Storm
Chapter 222.png
Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 37
Original Release March 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Storm is the 222nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho is truly horrified to see Saena's interview on the T.V. He is outraged about Saena's statement regarding not having a child. He thinks about Kyoko and wonders if she already saw the interview. Meanwhile, Ren and Lory talk and Ren is troubled whether to call Kyoko or not after seeing the interview..

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Lying at the back of the car that is struck in traffic, Sho whines to Shoko. She says okay, okay they'll immediately break away from here if they can advance smoothly without obstruction. "If

Shotaro relaxing shoko driving.png

you're bored, how about watching some television?" Sho thinks, television..ever since he hurriedly lived at Shoko's place, he rarely watches any entertainment program (especially comedies)..and even though from time to time, he'll secretly watch television from his cellphone. "In the end..If it is possible, I would really want to watch real television--!!! Not wearing some earphones and just plainly watch!!! Plainly watch it on the big screen!!! The amazing me unexpectedly laughs more delayed than the earth's commoners..!!

Sho shoko chibi upset.png

After watching, I always felt that my self-ego is very wounded..!!" Climbing to the front seat, Sho asks if there is an interesting show on the television. Shoko is surprised that he is climbing to the front seat right now when the car is still moving. She tells him to wait until she stopped the car.

Sho lazy lying down.png

Super happy Sho thinks that it seems that today, it is at this time!! Fuji station's Taiare's eponym program. *top three favorite celebrity ensemble. With anticipation, he opens the television on the car's dashboard. To his horror, 'Golden Brain' program is going to occupy Taiare's 'Boring Splash' time so their program will be longer by 120 minutes. Trembling in anger, Sho thinks what is this thing that is being shown, this devil program--!!!

Shoko says that it is a question and answer program. Sho thinks that he knows and he couldn't understand it for it is a program wherein performing artists are regularly shown but couldn't make people laugh!! Even if there are some not bad artists who would also appear there. But then, no matter how many people have joined up, it cannot be compared to Taiare--!!

Sho dazes at the tv.png

"Darn it-!!! It isn't easy!!! It isn't easy to be able to watch Taiare in real time, that precious opportunity--!!! I curse you!! Chestnut gold group~~!!!" Shoko asks if he is going to watch that when before, after watching it once, didn't he say that he won't watch it for the second time. <- boring artists (chestnut gold group) <- artists who cannot make people laugh.

Furious Sho thinks that he won't watch anymore, aren't there any other programs. Switch channel. It is a couple of jpop idols with screaming fans. Switch channel. It is a young child saying everyone to quickly look at the mountain being pointed at. Switch channel. Saena is being introduced as an accomplished lawyer substituting for Katagiri. Switch channel. Someone is Shoting to one’s boss that it is not good, not good. Switch channel. Someone exclaims about it being delicious, yes, truly very delicious.

Okami taisho kyoko.png

Someone exclaiming how come it is this impossible ensemble-!? Another person answers, right, and everyone who tasted it personally also said that. “After eating it once, you’ll definitely change your mind~” And Sho starts to switch channel back twice.

The host exclaims that honestly speaking, compared to an ugly crocodile-faced lawyer, it is better to have a beautiful lawyer. “Simply become a regular guest here, Atty. Mogami. How about it!? Ah ha ha” Saena says no..she is just Atty Katagiri’s substitute. She explains that in the first place, she cannot be like Katagiri who can issue a lively speech which is needed in media.

Kyoko okami darumaya.png

The host says that is truly regrettable. Then, he wishes for crocodile-sensei to slowly properly recover and don’t force himself. Sho is in disbelief. “Saena-san!!? What’s up for her to be on the television!?” At Daruma restaurant, Kyoko has finished sweeping the floor. Okami thanks Kyoko and says that is it for today. The rest will be up to her husband so she can go up first. As Kyoko bows to the boss, Okami tells her husband that they are going up first.

Boss nods and says okay. As Okami leads Kyoko inside, she apologizes for asking Kyoko to help them out when she just got home. Kyoko says that it is okay for lately, this is the only help she can do for them. It is already 12:35am. Okami tells her not to mind this small thing for according to the customers, more or less, it is possible that it will end early like today.

After sitting down, Okami decides to watch the programs that are recorded today. <- something that must be done daily. She says that here it is, ‘one thousand nautical mile’ and didn’t she appear on that show before. Kyoko doesn’t remember it so Okami says is alright. This made Okami think that Kyoko doesn’t recall the work that she has already finished doing.

Kyoko mogami serving food.png

As Kyoko puts the tray of tea on the table, Okami tells Kyoko that today, there is a customer who mentioned that there is a news program that showed Kyoko’s name so it is recorded. And maybe, there is that possibility wherein before, there was actually a time when the customer thought that he had recorded Kyoko’s program but in the end, it is someone else’s show. Pouring tea on the cup, Kyoko says is that so. Okami asks isn’t there a well-known actress called Isaki Kyoko.

Thinking that Kyoko seems to be under LME’s actresses, Kyoko says is that so. After Okami thanks Kyoko for the tea, she tells Kyoko that it seems that customer reacted to the word ‘Kyoko’ so he recorded it unconsciously. As Kyoko pours a cup of tea for herself, Okami says that being too intelligence also has its detriment.

Kyoko says to it turns out there is that kind of thing. On the television, someone says that this week, they will undo the rope’s knot of her life’s relationship. The guest are these.. Someone screams and Shots for the host to properly introduce her. Then, today’s special guests are Isaki Kyoko and also, Komaki Isumi.

Lory ren and yashiro bar.png

Okami says as expected. Kyoko says that it seems to be like that. The host says that afterwards, there is someone who has an outstanding ability to be life’s navigator, and first time to appear here is.. As Okami tries to figure out how to delete it, Atty. Saena is introduced as one of the few beautiful lawyers in the legal profession. Kyoko looks surprised and says, --..ah.. This puzzles Okami. At a bar, Ren, Lory and Yashiro are having a drink. Lory says that Murasame Taira is Kuu’s fan. Ren says it is so, and it is up to an exceptional degree.

Lory says that it seems that before, he is the leader of a gang and after seeing Kuu Hizuri’s dramas and life, his life had a change. Ren says that it turns out that rumor about being a gang leader isn’t a joke. Lory comments that he is an interesting talent. From the start of his acting, it seems that his growth is very fast and there is a huge potential for him to rise up. In the future, perhaps, he’ll also become an actor in Japan who cannot be ignored. Ren says that he also thinks that.

Sebastian bartender.png

Lory says that lately, it is particularly felt, this greed of Murasame for acting. It makes him happy to see an immature talent to blossom and bear fruit. Ren says by the way, president. Lory asks what, want to scoop out Murasame to their company. Ren casually says when Lory met with Kyoko’s mother, was there any mention about any objections to giving consent regarding Kyoko’s acting activities. Lory comments that if he wants to change the topic, then prompt him a bit in order not to startle someone by changing the topic.

Ren apologizes and says that it is because his brain is completely thinking of it and he wasn’t at all deliberately interrupting his talk all of a sudden. Frowning Lory says that he is talking about a lot of topics and in the end, he wasn’t paying attention to him. It makes him angry for this guy would come to get some news yet would have that kind of conduct..wrong, it is of course, inevitable to mind it. Even if he still really believed that Kyoko didn’t saw it. Lory says that although she doesn’t oppose it. Ren asks if she didn’t oppose it.

Saena eye talking.png

Lory clarifies that she won’t oppose..but there is a condition. Ren asks condition? Lory says that even if it is Ren, he cannot casually tell it to him. Ren says, is it this condition, ‘no matter what is required of her to do, she doesn’t care as long as their relationship isn’t publicized to the masses’.

This surprises Lory and asks if Kyoko has told him about her family issue. Ren says that she told him a bit and he also heard that her mother is very strict towards her. Yashiro becomes nervous for he feels that it isn’t quite good for him to listen to all of these. Lory is

Lory so so upset.png

puzzled for indeed he has heard about it from Kyoko and Kyoko has heard Ren telling her that he doesn’t have the right to be happy, and it seems that she already knows that Ren always has something that he blames himself for.. Could it be.. He recalls his talk with Kyoko before. He wonders if the two of them have already talked before and he thought that Ren won’t reveal his wound and own weakness to a girl whom he is infatuated with..for it is quite serious and dark.

Ren says but normally, if thinking of it on the bright side, that strictness can explain that she is thinking of Kyoko, right.. Then, Lory recalls what Saena coldly told him in the car while he is disguised as an older gentleman. Ren says that what she told Lory, and what she declared now on the television, it is using her own way of considering Kyoko’s future and position..

Ren stops upon seeing Lory’s slight scowl and sad frowning expression. Somewhere else, the door opens, Shoko leads Sho inside and tells him good job and wait a while as she greets Kimura.

Sho thinking what to dooo.png

Sho sits inside and recalls Saena telling on the television earlier that she doesn’t have a child. He grinds his teeth and thinks that person is incredible, for how can she possibly say that out and in the national network..!! He looks at his cellphone and holds it. He thinks that Kyoko Sholdn’t have seen that right.. And, Ren is also holding his cellphone. He recalls how he saw dismayed Lory covering his face and said that she already said not to come one after another for a consent..everything will be up to their instructions to do as they wish.

Little corn and kyoko.png

Ren remembers young Kyoko telling him that her mother said that she doesn’t like a stupid child so she is striving hard in order to get 100. “Afterwards, one day, I’ll definitely become a good child whom mother can praise with a smile.” Ren thinks that he’ll hear Kyoko’s voice to know whether or not she saw the program. No..he was already deceived before by her acting on the phone’s recorder and besides, calling at this time, what would he talk about, it is too unnatural.

He is really afraid that if she didn’t saw the program, she’ll look for the source of his acting unnaturally and instead, he’ll create an opportunity to make Kyoko watch that program. If it is ‘seeing each other’, he still has a trump card of Guam’s

Ren tsuruga wonders about saenakyoko.png

eating evidence video. He’ll create an opportunity for a short meeting while he is temporarily in the country, another day--.. He then recalls young Kyoko crying. At Daruma’s place, Kyoko is now watching her mother saying that she doesn’t have a child and since she hasn’t been a mother, whether it is her hardship or fury, even if she were to imagine it, she also cannot feel as if it had happened to her but, right now, it has nothing to do with the current case.

Okami worries a little.png

Earlier, Kyoko asked Okami if she can let her watch that. Okami asked if it is a relative since the surname is Mogami. Kyoko timidly said that it is her mother. End flashback. While Saena is telling the mother that despite it being like this, she can entrust it to her so that she can carry out a plead and she’ll definitely help the mother in improving the current situation. Okami turns around to look at Kyoko who looks dark and glum.

Kyokos reaction from saena.png

Okami calls out to her and Kyoko lamely says that she is going to her room. Okami can only worriedly think of Kyoko. Kyoko goes to her room. She looked stunned and aghast. She tries to recall her past memories but the memory of what her mother said on the television resurfaced. A tear starts to form in her eye.

Sho sees kyoko darumaya.png

She quickly opens the light and runs to her bag. She shakes out all of its contents on the floor to find a small purse She grabs the purse. Putting aside the tray of tea, Okami sees Kyoko running out. Okami calls out to her but Kyoko continues to go out. Kyoko rushes towards the door and opens it to see Sho holding his cellphone and looking at her. After looking surprised, Sho sighs and says, ah~~ ..ah ah..looking at her the end, she saw it--..

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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