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Crystal Storm
Chapter 221.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 37
Original Release February 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Storm is the 221st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren is back in Japan to do some temporary work. Kyoko is still a bit troubled on the incident seeing Saena but tries to ignores it as she knows that Ren is finally back. Meanwhile at the LME Buildings, Lory is so immersed into a show that is broadcasting in the TV that he couldn't get his eyes off it. It's not his favorite love drama.. What might it be?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

‘Furthermore, she always felt that my existence is absolutely detestable. Starting from childhood, always--’. After Kyoko told that to her, Kanae looks apprehensive. This made Kyoko somewhat smile and tells her not to show that kind of expression. “For me, I’m already used to

Kanae shocked and feels sorry.png

it. I’m not at all that hurt as you imagine. Regarding things about mother, my heart is soft like a konjac. No matter what kind of attack, it will just bear it and let it slip pass, then poof patter, tremble and it will go back to its original shape. *image a heart made of konjac jelly hit by a cannonball but after hitting it, it bounces, poof patter on the heart, and slips away.* So, do not mind it!!”

Kyoko says she is used.png

After a pause, sad looking Kanae says, “ various kinds of sense..” After looking surprised, Kyoko look slightly sad and says no, it is alright. Narration: “In the end, I made her

Kanae says she is sorry.png

worry about me, right--..” Lying on the bed, Kyoko is wide awake. She thinks that after all, Kanae’s family is gathered together in such a dense love.. but..she refuse it will all her strength. “..I hope that she won’t feel guilty... ...Until now, I myself, had gone through the feeling of being envious upon seeing other people’s warm family. ..although I cannot say that there was never a time that I didn’t. Ah yes, this is also inevitable. But I never feel sad because of that nor do think I’m unfortunate. After

Kyoko futon.png

all, to this day, I’m no longer living alone all by myself. After all, right now, I also have people whom I love dearly. Compared to when I was young, the current me have absolutely obtained a lot of happiness. *stretches and looks up at her hands* My heart always..” Then, she notices a faint writing on her

Chibi okami morning.png

right palm. This made Kyoko smile. The next day, Kyoko happily greets Okami a good morning. While preparing to set the table, she tells Okami that breakfast is done so come and eat. Okami says that this is a big help, thank you. Looking at the clock which is at 6:55am, Okami asks if she is going to eat now. Kyoko says yes. Okami suggests that they eat together for the smell of the food causes her stomach to become

Chibi kyoko okami food.png

hungry. Kyoko happily says okay. While eating, Okami says that this bonito soup is not bad at all and it is very delicious. Kyoko happily thanks her. She tells her that this kind of bonito soup is based on the extraction of its hidden flavor. While Kyoko happily continues to eat, Okami comments that she is quite happy today than the usual. “Is here something good happening?” This startles Kyoko just when she is drinking the soup. Okami sweatdrops and watches Kyoko slowly swallows the soup. Kyoko looks at her in disbelief. Sheepishly smiling, Kyoko gestures and says, it’s a little bit, that’s all.. While

Kyoko okami chibi.png

walking at the streets, Kyoko glumly thinks that unexpectedly it is such a disgrace for she obviously vowed that she will only hide it in her heart. The result will be people in some degree will ridicule her if she is in high spirits. She is glad that it is Okami who didn’t know about the situation but if it is Yashiro whom she is with, it will be instant death and that person absolutely won’t let her off. She then becomes gloomy and thinks that it’s too stupid. According to the schedule, Ren will temporarily coming back to the country today and obviously she has no way of directly seeing

Kuon hizuri headphones.png

him..yet, she would endlessly be in high spirits..really idiotic.. She looks at the remaining writing on her palm. <- she wore gloves while cooking in order to protect it. She smiles. She clenches her fist and looks up the sky. And, the airplane carrying Ren and Jelly is flying high above the sky. Ren with golden hair notices that Jelly puts her cellphone on his table. While drinking her beverage, Jelly just make

Kuon hizuri and jelly talking.png

a casual glance at him. Ren looks down to see that she wrote that this time, he’ll stopover at Japan for a very short time so is she really going to help him dye his hair. Ren types back on the cellphone that in case something happens, he will be very troubled so please dye his his hair. After reading his message, Jelly looks sad for can’t he just put a wig on top of his real hair. She types that she is worried about the damage on his hair and scalp. After returning the phone to him, Jelly eats her dessert and thinks that it is like she is deliberately harming an innately beautiful thing that it endlessly distressing her. Even if normally, the protection that she does

Jelly woods and kuon hizuri.png

on it is very thorough but the frequency of dyeing is quite high. Ren returns the phone to her. He wrote that if he becomes bald, then, he’ll just shave all of his hair for Tsuruga Ren can also wear wig so it’s alright. Rather, isn’t it good not to waste the wig. While Ren is all smiles, Jelly angrily thinks that it is such a recklessly waste of natural resources [<- his hair]. That seems like a good method to charm people and that smile really makes one angry. Shoving her phone in her bag, Jelly mentally complains that she doesn’t have any

Kuon smiles a litte plane.png

expectation towards Ren’s taste [<- /esthetics; he is okay with being bald?] and she is going to bet her dignity as a beauty expert that she will definitely protect that treasure!! “Absolutely not going to make him shave his head clean!!” Then, Ren casually looks out the window. At the lounge while waiting for their turn to act, Honami asks Kyoko if she is still not registered in the performing artist [actor/actress]’s roster. Kyoko says that it seems that she cannot catch up to this year’s roster and probably, she can be at next year’s.

Kyoko natsu loveme.png

Honami exclaims in disbelief for obviously last year, she already acted in Dark Moon and that is a very popular drama so how come she isn’t registered. Kyoko says yes, it is the company’s..or rather the president’s policy since basically, she is a ‘Love Me member’. She is treated as a kind of a reserved performer because her inner heart is lacking which makes her unable to become a performer. So she must undergo training.

Honami is confused about lacking in her inner heart. Kyoko thinks but..for her, wanting to become a formally affiliated performer and also,

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.50.53 pm.png

the ‘parents’ commitment’[permission?], this is a hindrance so she still does not know what to do.. “In order to get the passport, I’ve talked and got in touch with that person.

This is also considered to be after that. Because as a formal performer with a contract, who’ll be put on the company’s homepage, the president asked me whether or not, I’ll let him directly talk with that person. It is because I can already be put on the homepage.

Kyoko natsu think.png

There should be no blocking at all by that person then it’s okay right.. Yesterday when we saw each other, she also ignored me like the usual. *image of her mother scowling* ‘—Entertainment industry? No matter what you do just do what you wish. Even if you make a mistake, it has nothing to do with me.

Please do not let the people know of our relationship’ –that seems to be what that forehead wrinkle is saying. Until now, I also haven’t seen her for so many years yet unexpectedly, I can still read that person’s feeling on her scowl. I’m really amazing...

...I suppose she also more or less said those words to the president. For that person, that is what’s important. –but, even if it is like that, she also didn’t. This will give me trouble so not being acknowledged, saying it like this--..” Then, she snaps out of it when someone calls out to her and says that she can go in for it is her turn.

Standing up, Kyoko says yes. And, at a photo shoot, Ren is doing some cool poses. After the

Ren gloves cm shoot.png

shooting, the man tells him good work. He says that Ren’s very good in the white suit’s graceful and alluring but in black, it is also very good since he is wild and sexy. He comments that even if he is a guy, he also loves Ren a bit. Ren laughs and thanks him. The man tells him to leave the latter part of the work to them. Yashiro tells Ren that the director wants to greet him. Ren says then, he’ll also go. The disappointed women say that he’s

Ren cm shoot.png

going when they plan to brew some tea. Ren apologizes for being in a hurry but after this, he still has work so he must take his leave. “I really anticipate the completion of the CM. *bows* Otsukaresama everyone.” The women have hearts on their eyes and the man is blushing.

While in the car, Yashiro says that for him to say that but aren’t they just returning to the company. Ren says that he has two interviews. Yashiro says yes, afterwards, he will be cozily drinking with the president. Ren says that they’ll incidentally be drinking and the main point is Guam’s battlefield report. Yashiro says that is true. Ren says that actually it isn’t any dramatic story that Lory anticipates. He’ll reluctantly say that right now Cain is on strike which led to cutting the filming short, that’ all.

Yashiro sheepishly says that’s right. Ren thinks that when he returns, he’ll definitely be scolded by Murasame along with some violent action. Then, his lips will say ‘bastard, you’re more useless than castanets’ -type of stuff.. Yashiro says that even if he already told Lory of

Ren and yashiro looks at the tv.png

Kyoko’s report but he still wants to directly hear it from Ren so go and tell him to make him feel at ease. And, they arrive at LME.

Matsushima greets Ren and welcomes him back. He asks how is the work at that side, and is there no problem. Ren says that it is going very smoothly and according to the director’s schedule, they can finalize it next week, even if it is only him. Matsushima says is that so, then just a little bit more of do your best. Ren says yes.

Matsushima asks if right now, he is going to have an interview. Ren asks how he knew. Matsushima says that the president said so. Pointing at the lounge where there is a television, Matsushima says that he is there right now. Ren is speechless as some women greet Ren otsukaresama.

Matsumisha and ren chibi.png

Matsushima tells Ren that just now, Lory suddenly appear and ask if he came back then, suddenly, he is staring and watching the television. Surprised Ren asks if it is Lory’s favorite romance drama even if this isn’t the time when dramas are shown. Matsushima says no, right now, he is watching, ‘Crossroad Knot’. Yashiro explains that it is a show wherein sometimes performers will have serious life consultation and it is about untying life’s crossroad knot. Ren says that so, yes, yes, just now, he already knotting it up

Lory back watching instense.png

with his memory. Yashiro didn’t reply back. Matsushima says that it is because right now, a certain Isozaki is going to appear so they opened the television but then, he doesn’t think that it is because their actor is going to appear that Lory would like that program..that president of theirs. As Yashiro notices what Lory is watching, Ren tells Matsushima that it isn’t definite for maybe it is consulting about love affairs so he’ll go greet Lory first. Then, Ren notices Yashiro watching the program, too. He looks at the program. In the television, a woman’s face is covered with a screen as she narrates things to the ‘advisers’. “—and then, this time, the child will run

Saena looking at her client.png

away upon seeing me. In the end, it is because the child doesn’t like it that they won’t let us see each other. This is really quite funny. I can only think that my ex-husband had said some bad things and lies about me to the child. Obviously we agreed that every month, he’ll let me see the child several times so I gave the custody rights to him. But, he isn’t complying with the agreement so I want to get the child

Saena listening to the problem.png

back.” Saena says that it is like what she just said, changing the custody rights is very difficult like right now in this case, there is no problem at all with the parents so which side of the parents that the child wants is at the law’s..” Ren had notice the name, ‘Saena Mogami. The woman says so that is the problem.

“My ex-husband had brainwashed the child!! ..Obviously I was also deceived like this and everything was taken away. Then, there’s law, law, it is basically impossible to resolve this problem, right!! I’m the one who gave birth to that child!! As a mother, how can I permit that I be deprived of the time that I can spend with the child as well as [lose] the right to touch the child!! Don’t you understand!? Don’t you have a child!? You..definitely didn’t endure the belly aches in order to give birth to a child, right!!!”

Lory with a deep scowl.png

Lory intently watches Saena’s emotionless face. Saena replies, “—indeed, I do not have a child. For me who has not been a mother, your hardship and fury, even if I were to imagine it, I also cannot have the same feeling. But, that has nothing to do with this current case.” Yashiro looks tense over that. Then, he glances at Lory. He sees Lory deeply scowling.

Lory ren yashiro watching saena.png

This made him ask if this woman, in the end, she is Kyoko’s.. This surprises Ren that he looks at scowling Lory. Lory says that it is good if Kyoko didn’t see this program. Looking a bit worried, Ren looks back at the television. Lory looks down on the television that shows Saena and says, “..this is the worst..”

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