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Crystal Stream
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Kyoko Mogami and Saena Mogami)
Volume 37
Original Release January 20, 2015
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Stream is the 220th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


In a twist of fate, Kyoko Mogami sees Saena Mogami who was on the elevator at Fuji TV. Will she recognize Kyoko? Will the two finally confront each other? Later at the TBM Studios, Kanae Kotonami and Kyoko meet up with each other. Will Kanae mention Saena being part of the Lawyer Supervision in the drama she is starring in?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was adapted from Kat's blog.

As Saena steps out of the elevator, she notices Kyoko. Mother and daughter stare at each other silently, Saena taking in Kyoko's Love Me badge. Without a single word, Saena walks past her daughter.

Saena looks at kyoko in the eye.png

her. Kyoko remains stunned until a couple of girls call out to her and ask if she is going to ride the elevator.

Saena just walks past kyoko.png

Kyoko shows Chiori Amamiya the printed scarf that she bought. They both express surprise that the scarf was only 500 yen, as it does not look cheap at all.

Kyoko and chiori and the scarf.png

After paying Kyoko, Chiori smiles and thanks her. Kyoko demurs, stating it is her duty as a substitute manager. Chiori puts on the scarf, asking about Kyoko being with her when she had a Box "R" shoot that morning. Kyoko explains that Director Anna let her have the time off since there were only two small scenes for Natsu and Kyoko had the afternoon off anyway for another job. Chiori makes note to give Anna an extra apology for having distrupted his schedule and prevented him from being able to show off Natsu more. The two girls decide to do lunch together.

Chiori inviting kyoko.png
The tbm studios.png

Since there is some time before Kyoko leaves, Chiori invites Kyoko for lunch with a specially prepared bento for the manager along with some delicious plastic bottled tea. Kyoko smiles and accepts her invitation.

Kyoko runs over to kanae.png

At TBM station, Kanae arrives early before her scheduled recording and runs into Kyoko. Sparkling with flowers, Kyoko is about to call Kanae. Expertly hitting away the flowers, Kanae greets Kyoko, who squeals over that ruthless greeting.

Kyokos puppy dog eyes at kanae.png

Kanae asks if she is going to film Yappa Kimagure Rock, which Kyoko confirms. Walking together, Kanae expresses that she's surprised Kyoko is still doing the mascot gig. Kyoko says that she’ll consider having someone take over being the mascot once she starts doing leading roles.

Kyoko in her lala land seeing kanae.png

To herself, Kanae thinks that Natsu Kitazawa is a co-lead role opposite a complete amateur. Kyoko's talent will soon swallow the other girl's whole. Kyoko suddenly become self conscious about having commited a faux pas by mentioning leading roles when no one is even talking about her current drama. Kanae tells her that she didn’t think that, and the quality of a script has nothing to do with an actor's ability.

Kanae thinks of things.png

Kyoko takes the opportunity to ask her if she has seen the first episode of Box "R". Looking away, Kanae says that she didn’t. Kanae says that right now, she is in a new series so she is very busy. Kyoko is teary-eyed for she wanted Kanae to say that she watched it. Kyoko asks if her current drama is still the Minamori Miyako series.

Kanae and kyoko talking at tbm.png

When Kanae confirms it, Kyoko gets excited about being able to see an episode filmed. She pauses, however, when she realized that the Minamori Miyako series is not shot at TBM Studios. Kanae says that she's not there to film, but she is there as someone’s assistant. Thinking that she is also a substitute manager, Kyoko asks if it is Love Me work. Kanae prevaricates, and then changes the topic entirely.

Kyoko with no expression.png

“Is your mother a lawyer?”

After becoming speechless, Kyoko asks why she would suddenly. Kanae says that in this television series, there is a lawyer supervisor and their surnames are the same. “It seems that her name is Saena Mogami.”

Looking thoughtful,

Kanae sweatdropps.png

Kyoko says that just now, she just so happen to meet her mother at Fuji station. She wonders out loud why when obviously her mother doesn’t seem to be the type who is related to the entertainment business. Kanae tells her that she heard that Saena is substituting for someone else.

The supervisor of their television series should be someone else who is part of the main staff, a certain Katagiri Ken who has all sorts of position and a critic. Very lively... a crocodile face. Kyoko exclaims that if he is also a funny crocodile faced lawyer.


Kyoko is a bit taken back.png

informs her that it seems that Ken has collapsed due to excessive fatigue so the jobs that he accepted before was passed over to his subordinate to finish them. The television’s supervisor seems to be the assistant, Kyoko’s mother so maybe she went to Fuji to work as a substitute. Kyoko says that is possible, for her to appear in that news program. Kanae admits that yesterday, Sanae helped her a bit with the script. This surprises Kyoko. Kanae says that before, at the karaoke box, no... because before when Kyoko mentioned about the secret regarding her childhood friend, she mentioned about her mother doing some lawyer-

Kyoko so shocked.png

related work.

Upon seeing the script, the moment that Kanae saw the name, she wondered if this person is Kyoko’s mother but when she really met her... Kyoko says that she definitely felt that it is absolutely impossible. Kanae says that she confirmed that they are definitely mother-daughter. Surprised Kyoko asks why. Kanae says that it is because the two of them are very similar.

This totally freaks Kyoko out for they are totally not the same and this is the first time she heard someone say that. Kanae apologizes and says that she made a mistake, they are totally not alike even if their DNA is 100% identical but it is the degree that one would

Kanae covers herself from kyoko.png

doubt during one’s life.

Kanae corrects herself by saying that the person Saena is similar with isn’t the ordinary Kyoko but the television drama’s Natsu especially when she is expressionless. It is like a doll that completely lack emotion in one’s expressions and temperament. Looking surprised, Kyoko says that actually, Kanae saw her drama. This startles Kanae.

Kanae tries to deny it for she didn’t watch it on schedule but it is because of the television set recorded it on its own when she is just checking what was recorded. Happy Kyoko says that she understands for their television also records on its own <- daruma living room.

If one has to input a keyword in advance, she’ll input Kanae’s name. She

Kanae looks a bit shcoked.png

comments about how the latest television shocks the daruma couple. Looking at embarrassed Kanae, Kyoko thanks her for she is very happy since she is deeply loved. Kanae comments that for her, that emotion is quite reserved.

This made Kyoko want to hug her as she shouts that Kanae is amazing and she’s so happy for she is deeply loved. Pushing Kyoko away, Kanae angrily shouts if she isn’t finished yet.

Kyoko apologizes and says that right now, she feels a bit complicated. Kanae asks why. Kyoko says that it is regarding she and her mother seems to be very similar. Looking somewhat surprised, Kanae wonders a bit and asks if Kyoko hates that. Kyoko sadly smiles and says that it is her mother who hates that.

Saena's job.png

At Viride General Law Office, Saena tells a sobbing woman that it is alright, they will do their utmost in accordance to her request and she’ll properly defend her. The woman bows and exclaims that she’ll leave it to her. Outside the room, the secretary is talking with someone on the phone. She tells the other party that she is very worried for if that fever continues, he has to be hospitalized but then...

Saena talking to a client.png

She notices that Saena is looking at her. Hanging up the phone, the secretary apologizes. She explains that her child had a fever and was bedridden for three days so she is a bit worried. Saena tells her that it is alright but at least finish giving tea to the client.

She reprimands the secretary to at least call on the phone after doing her smallest degree of work.

Saena talking to her co-worker.png

As Saena leaves, the irked secretary calls someone and angrily complains out loud that just now, she got scolded by that iceberg lawyer, yes, that unrivaled queen lawyer and she is just talking on the phone for 15 minutes, so what’s up with that... it isn’t like she is talking for an hour. What’s the big deal and just get someone who is free to pour the tea. She was telling Saena about her child being sick and that person definitely doesn’t have a child for if she did, she will definitely understand the feelings of a parent. Saena

Saena in her uniform.png

probably heard those rants but she looks unfazed.

At a dining hall, while stirring her drink, Kyoko says that actually, there is no big issue that it can reach the news since it is merely an ordinary family’s parent-child relationship which is more intense. A note says that Kanae’s stomach is grumbling so they are now at TBM’s dining hall. While eating a salad, Kanae says that a while, Kyoko said that she saw her mother at Fuji so what happened.

Kyoko says of course it is very ordinary, she ignored her. After pausing, Kanae says that maybe she just didn’t pay attention to her or because her hair became brown that she didn’t notice. Kyoko says that from the first look, it is probably like that but on the second time when their eyes met, she scowled. Kanae says that she is wearing that kind of outfit and ordinary people will also scowl.

Saena looking at her computer.png

After a pause, Kyoko says that person won’t change her expression with strangers whom she had briefly encountered even if they are wearing a strange funny outfit. “Ever since before, that person will only show that expression when I did something that made her unhappy--” In her cubicle, Saena is reading an article about Box "R". It mentions about the ratings to be

Kyoko's profile at lme website.png

unexpectedly low on the first episode. This time the strongest killer weapon used here is Dark Moon’s Mio. The role by the newbie Kyoko that is still fresh on people’s memory. Everyone anticipated a gloomy-like Mio that surpasses Mio. But actually it is far from Mio’s viciousness, thus the audience criticize it as disappointing. Even if it is said, it just started so there is room for improvement. After all, for it is foreshadowed that since it previously fallen so

Saena scolws.png

low, it can still rise up.

So afterwards, it makes people anticipate the most, the progress of this drama. Then, Saena reads an information page of Kyoko on LME page which mentions her birthday, place of birth, height, blood type, expertise = daikon flower, hobbies, filmography and being part of Love Me. Saena scowls.

The scene briefly changes to Kyoko saying that person has indeed noticed her. Back at the lawyer office, someone says that her forehead has that deep Mogami river, just like in the past, which he hasn’t seen for a long time.

As Saena looks at him, the man says that once her heart’s water supply overflows, it will definitely cause a torrent but then, he doesn’t hate that despite it wasting her good-looks. He tells her, but during work, it is better to be a bit callous. He praises her television

Saena looks at something.png

appearance this morning.

Saena says that if it is possible, she hopes that he doesn’t make her go in front of television again for she isn’t quite good at it. The man says that he is in favor of that and he’ll definitely get their boss to quickly recover as soon as possible.

A secretary passes and welcomes Todoh back. Saena tells him that furthermore, he must stop those showbiz activities. Todoh laughs and says speaking of that, didn’t she record some program a few days ago and it seems that to be after sensei has collapsed. He asks when

Kyoko and kanae talking at tbm.png

she said that it will be broadcast, today or tomorrow. Saena closes her eyes and says, who knows, she already forgot.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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