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Crystal Stream
Chapter 219.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 37
Original Release December 20, 2014
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Stream is the 219th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko accompanies Chiori to the shooting of the "Something Fun" mission given to her by Lory, being a guest on the variety show This Show Will Really Make You Feel Good. Chiori gains enough confidence and tries to put enthusiasm into her work. While waiting for the elevator, Kyoko sees a certain someone she hasn't seen since she was six years old...

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was adapted from Kat's blog.
Chiori is back at the set.png

People are looking at the two girls outside the studio. Kyoko asks Chiori if she has already prepared herself. Chiori repeatedly mutters that today, she isn’t an actress. “Today, I’m a comedian...!!” The two girls in the Love Me uniform heads inside the studio building.

The cast amused at Chiori.png

A spiky haired guy, together with two guys, enters the lounge.

Upon seeing Chiori, he says that is a strange outfit. Chiori formally bows and greets everyone and that she’ll be under their care again today. While Taichirou greets back Chiori, his companions had noticed Kyoko also bowing and greeting them at the side. Taichirou asks what’s with that strange outfit. With clenched fist, Chiori says that it is her battle uniform.

Putting his bag on the table, Taichirou asks, battle? She tells him that even if it isn’t called a basis since she didn’t work, but she is already in the showbiz for 15 years. Kyoko and the three guys look surprised. Chiori continues to say that even if there was a detestable reason and a time when she had ran away, but in the end, she still persisted on being an actress that she couldn’t abandon it. If she doesn’t do that, then, she won’t be able to exist in the showbiz world.

But, today, she is going to throw away that awareness that she has been carrying, when she came here. Wearing this outfit, she isn’t an actress, but rather, she is studying comedy, a comedian intern. She doesn’t feel that she possesses the skill to become a specialized performer in making people laugh but she will give her all-out effort to do them.

Chiori is more determined than ever.png

The two other guys comment her being an onstage comedic liability due to her injury. Taichirou won’t dare ridicule her to make fun of her. To Kyoko’s surprise, Chiori starts removing her bandage. Taichirou tells her to stop while she’s ahead, okay, because this program would make her unable to do her other work smoothly and won’t it become his fault. Annoying. Chiori says that it is only a sprain and not at all a big hindrance so there’s no need to worry.

The number one Love Me Member, Kyoko.png

Taichirou says that he isn’t worried, and it is because she is injured so she is bandaged. He tells her to at least where a scarf-something in order for people not to see her injured part. Walking away, Chiori says that she’ll quickly buy. Kyoko tells her that she’ll go prepare that. Taichirou is surprised that there is another one who is wearing that kind of outfit. He asks who she is. Kyoko is surprised that he noticed her only now. Kyoko tells him that she is Chiori’s substitute manager today.

Then, some other people enter the lounge and greet the others a good morning. Kyoko says, “I’m Kyoko, from LME. Also known as Love Me Member Number One.” She strikes a dazzling pose, one hand forming an L and the other the number one.

In his dining room, Lory is on the phone when he becomes startled at thinking he heard the name Mogami on the television. The morning show is discussing a high speed accident the day before, so serious it was a miracle that no one had died.

Lory talking on the phone.png

Lory apologizes to Jelly Woods for being distracted while they talk and asks how things are on her side. Jelly says she is at South Korea and will leave tonight, and she will be responsible in bringing Ren back to Japan on time tomorrow.

Lory apologizes to her again for tiring her out. Jelly giggles and tells him not to mind, though she demands a bonus. Lory jokes in response that he'll take her to "Master Mouse's House" anytime. Jelly says that even if that isn’t bad, but she wants to go on a date in a quieter place. On board, Lory asks here where she wants to go but is immediately distracted by the television again as the host asks, “So who is responsible for the accident, Ms. Mogami?” [1]

Saena on the tv.png
Yashiro eating his breakfast.png

In his living room, Yashiro stops midway from eating his sunny-side egg on toast upon hearing the surname. Onscreen, Saena answers that it is a situation wherein the cars from behind hit a car that has stopped on the same road. Those tailgaters are 100% responsible but this is a highway so those who were tailgated will bear up to 50% fault liability.

Yashiro seems to be shocked on the TV.png

As they talk about the driving speed of the cars, Yashiro sits down and thinks that Mogami is a common surname but so far, the only one with the surname Mogami whom he met is Kyoko. Back in the studio, Chiori asks Kyoko if she planned this early on. Yesterday, Kyoko told her to wear the LOVE ME uniform and Kyoko even did an extreme self-introduction. Chiori asks if she knew that doing that kind of thing would thrill all the comedians. They bit so hard taking Kyoko's bait that Chiori can still feel the teeth marks.

Kyoko concered at Chiori.png

Kyoko sheepishly smiles and says she never imagined that they would react so strongly. In her mind, Kyoko thinks that it makes sense people who are devoted to making others laugh don't ignore you and sneer like others in show business have.

Chiori thanks Kyoko.png

Kyoko explains that the reason she proposed to wear this uniform is because Chiori said that she was a comedian-in-training now, so she felt that if Chiori were seen wearing it, it could easily express her resolution. Chiori tells her that she didn’t say she actually wanted to be a comedian in training, but rather she said she would act like a comedian in training. She doesn't want the show to find out she's only pretending.

Chiori is extremely happy.png

Kyoko tells her that she'll be fine and that is because she is an actress. "You'll try so hard to portray a real comedian that eventually you'll stop acting. Don't actresses have that evil habit?"[2]

Chiori thanks Kyoko once again.png

This makes Chiori and Kyoko laugh. Cheered, Chiori leaves for her meeting, with Kyoko promising to get the scarf. Just before Chiori steps out, Kyoko calls out to her and says that she is really an amazing actress.

Chiori remembers her conversation with with Kyoko at the hospital, during which they discussed the meaning of being an actress. Together they voice the notion that everything that happens to an actress in life can be used when acting. Chiori had honest doubts that doing the variety show would actually help her.

Kyoko is glad for Chiori.png

Though perhaps, in the future, she will have a comedian role, and acting celebrities usually have morning dramas in their biography. Even if she doesn’t know if there will be a use, right now, she will hone her acting skills and tomorrow, she will try acting a comedian role. Kyoko exclaimed that she was amazing to have figured that out all on her own, when Kyoko had been told this revelation by Lory Takarada.

Connecting the two occurrences of being called amazing, Chiori smiles and thanks her before going to the meeting.

Chiori is forever grateful.png

Kyoko smiled back. As Kyoko leaves, Taichirou is by the door of the meeting room, waiting for Chiori. He tells her that her boss called, insisting that they take it easy on her due to her injury and her importance to his company.

Chiori's co-star.png

Taichirou taunts that he was not expecting much from her anyway, since acting is nothing compared to trying to make people laugh. She only got the gig because she's cute. He's honestly upset that people are being protective of her and if she can't even fake being alright she should just quit.

Chiori and her co-star talking.png

This irks Chiori, and while keeping a straight face, she mentally scribbles her reaction to him in her hate notebook. Taichairou makes a show of revealing that he is at the door, hinting that he'd overheard her conversation with Kyoko, and that made him change his mind. But, if she behaves like a condescending actress again... Chiori cuts him off to tell him that she won't let him insult her again. He'll never be able to say that she doesn't earn her pay.

He smirks at her.png

Later on, Kyoko is going back to the studio. She is relieved that she managed to find a convenient and good looking scarf which she hopes that Chiori will like. Pressing the elevator button, she catches her breath. The elevator is going down from the 8th floor. Then, she hears a couple of women snickering at her Love Me jumpsuit. Kyoko muses that when she think of it in detail, humans are really living creatures who can easily adapt. Obviously at the start, she felt that the outfit was very shameful, but then she turned it to her advantage for the Curara audition.

Saena getting her things.png
The most awaited reunion - Saena and Kyoko.png

Recalling Chiori saying that it is her battle armor, Kyoko closes her eyes and thinks, yes, this is her battle armor. She smiles as the elevator arrives. A sophisticated-looking lady is inside. Kyoko's smile vanishes. Coming out of the elevator, Saena Mogami puts her cellphone in her bag and looks straight at Kyoko. Kyoko looks shocked.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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