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Crystal Stream
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 36
Original Release November 20, 2014
Arc Saena's arc
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Crystal Stream is the 218th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Turns out, Chiori and her manager got in a traffic jam accident. Chiori was not that hurt but her manager is. She doesn't want to appear on her variety show the next day, but Kyoko sees through the excuse and manages to convince her to continue with her work by all means necessary. Meanwhile, someone appears in the end and is checking reviews and critics for Dark Moon's Mio...

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Kyoko and the other Box "R" crew tensely watch the news on the television. LIVE on the news, it is reported about a massive vehicular accident within a part of the highway which caused a traffic jam. There are some

The cast members watching the report.png

cars that had flipped over. The morning rush is also a factor as to why the damage is extensive. Right now, the police and firemen are in the

Kyoko with director.png

process of saving and helping the people, and also confirm the reason for the accident. They still do not know the detail number of the injured. Later on, Kyoko gets out of the taxi and meets up with the director at the hospital. As they walk inside, Kyoko asks about Chiori Amamiya. The director says that it seems that her neck has a slight sprain but the leg part has to be rejoined because of a fracture so currently, she is in operation room. Kyoko is confused to see

Chiori looks at kyoko.png

Chiori sitting on one of the benches, since she thought Chiori was having her leg operated on. It turns out that the one who had a fracture is Chiori’s manager. The director is saying that Chiori got a neck sprain and

Chiori's manager gets in a major accident.png

her manager got fractured. Kyoko couldn’t believe that in his desire to say it, he skipped who got what injury. She thinks that even if it wasn’t like that, Chiori went through a bad experience. Kyoko asks if Chiori is alright. Chiori nods and timidly says that she’s very scared.

Seeing Chiori’s hands trembling, Kyoko holds her hands as she tells Kyoko what happened. Early in the morning, they have some other work so after it was over, they have to hurry at high speed to Box "R" film studio. The earlier work ended later than anticipated so they are quite anxious.

In front of them, there is a huge trailer truck. In order to overtake it, they wanted to change lane by going to the right lane when suddenly, the truck took a sudden turn towards their direction. It seems that it is trying to avoid the rear-end of the accident in front. Even if her manager pulled the emergency break, it is too late so they hit the truck. Because of it, it seems that her manager got hit somewhere while at the driver’s side.

Director with kyoko and chiori.png

Her manager is driving and Chiori is sitting at the backseat, both wearing seat belts. Chiori tells Kyoko that her manager has regained consciousness that after they were saved, she [manager] called the assistant director to say that they will be late and even reported the situation in detail. Kyoko sweatdrops for that is a frightening calmness. Kyoko asks why she called vice-director and not the director. Chiori says that they called him but it got cut off midway so they called the assistant director.

Afterwards, the assistant director isn’t at the shooting place for he is scheduled to go there in the afternoon but then, as things are, he was the one who called the director. Kyoko realizes that it is definitely because the director didn’t finish hearing the story that he immediately hanged up and rushed out. Chiori says is

Chiori is in pain.png

that so, she finds it strange that there is someone who won’t listen whether someone’s life is in danger or not. The girls think that the director is that kind of person. Then, the director arrives with milk tea and green tea for them. The girls think that he is a baffling existence in the showbiz world and this kind of person can create a lot of popular works. The director asks if they don’t like the drinks. Kyoko asks the director why she is called to the hospital. The director answers that he doesn’t know, it is Chiori who asked him to call her. Chiori explains that it is her manager’s request. While at the ambulance, her manager asked Chiori to call out Kyoko to the hospital. This puzzles Kyoko that she asks isn’t it her family. Chiori says that it is possible that after being rescued, her manager relaxed and her consciousness gradually became fuzzy but without a doubt, she said LOVE ME division so she thinks that her manager is talking about her.

Chiori and kyoko chatting.png

Just then, the president of soft hat arrives and asks how Chiori is doing. As Kyoko steps aside for them to talk, she thinks that the president of showbiz companies aren’t ordinary people for no matter how she looks at him, he is like some underworld ojisan. After Chiori explained what happened, the president starts to cry over Chiori encountering such a terrifying thing and even if her body didn’t have a grave injury but her spirit got a shock so no need to force herself for work today because Box "R" already shifted a lot of its taping itinerary. The president asks the director who can only say yes. The director thinks that even if they can actually squeeze for some time but the film studio can only be used today..

After looking at the worried director, Kyoko looks at Chiori who wants to take a break from today’s work as well as tomorrow’s. The president says that it is okay because of what happened, and he ought to be

Softhat president speaking.png

able to think of a way to resolve, he’ll handle it. At the area where people can use cellphones, the director is already making a phone call about using today’s film studio for next time. Kyoko pulls his arm and tells him to wait a moment regarding that issue. As Kyoko goes out to the hospital’s courtyard with Chiori, the director asks the president what that is about. The director doesn’t know but LME’s Kyoko says that she has something to say to Chiori. He is stunned upon learning from the director that Kyoko is actually playing Natsu. At the bench, Kyoko is mentioning about the nice sunny weather and doesn’t she think that it is a waste to

Sofhat president and director talking to kyoko.png

suspend the shooting. Chiori says that it isn’t like she wanted to suspend it. Kyoko says that she doesn’t really want to suspend it but only, in order to make it reasonable. Because of the shock from the accident, she cannot pull herself together so she also wants to take a break from tomorrow’s work. If she didn’t take a rest today, it won’t be persuasive since she has a shooting tomorrow for that ‘Are you serious?’ show. Chiori darkly says that she failed, if she knew early on, she shouldn’t have let Kyoko see that. Kyoko says that regretfully, she read what she wrote last night on that poison notebook -> hate the shooting of the variety show for the day after tomorrow and it would be nice if some disaster happens. Chiori angrily says that Kyoko would unexpectedly read someone else’s curse notebook, she has a lot of bad taste, why don’t she sleep early. Kyoko calls her mean for it is her darkness that kept nagging her to quickly read it. Chiori asks what

Kyoko admires chiori's determination.png

darkness so Kyoko says that it is nothing, it is her issue. Kyoko summarizes it by saying that to skip that boring variety show tomorrow, Chiori plans to sacrifice today’s television drama shooting but then, if she were to do that, she’ll definitely won’t forgive herself and regret it.

Kyoko looks at Chiori and says that from her reaction, she already regrets it since she is trampling on an important thing. Chiori says that it is because of the accident and she doesn’t want to do a work wherein she’ll try to please some other people. That feeling is true. Kyoko says that is normal.

She apologizes for saying some insensitive thing that isn’t related to her. But there is one thing that she wants to ask to someone who calls herself an ‘actress’. Kyoko stands up and looks at Chiori. “If tomorrow’s work isn’t a variety show, but a television drama, would you still say the same thing..? --..I think that actually, those two things are the same. There is a rule wherein even if something happen in one's private life, one would also not bring it to work. Whether it is a variety show or a television drama, if the reason isn’t the aftermath of the accident, then, all the more one should--..”

Honami, rumi and yuka.png

Kyoko goes back to the director and apologizes for she thought of trying to change Chiori’s mind about the shooting today but it seems to be difficult. She says that it would be better to let Chiori rest and sorry for interrupting him earlier about the film studio. Then, Chiori goes to them. The director asks Chiori if they are going to change the date of the shooting. Kyoko looks surprised since Chiori looks deteremined.

Later on, the actresses of Box "R" are instructed to hurry to the shooting place, for Kyoko and Chiori with the director are directly heading off there. They are worried about Chiori but the man says that it wasn’t a grave injury and after a check-up, it is generally okay. They cannot believe that Chiori is going to work today and even if she is okay right now, maybe later on, something might happen. The man says that even if it is like that, she is

Chiori takes pride in her job.png

came out of the accident unscathed and currently, she can work. "A so-called actor.

No matter what happens to oneself, a performer’s life is predestined." That is what Chiori said so they should quickly go and gather up at the bus. The actresses think that Chiori is so cool.

Back at the hospital, Chiori says that actually, those are the words of someone whom she respects.

Kyoko checks her hand.png

Kyoko asks if it is Ren. Chiori says no, it is a famous US actor-model-manager in the whole world’s entertainment. He is called "victor's father," Mr. D. Thinking that there is such a person, Kyoko says is that so. Chiori asks why Kyoko felt it is Ren. Kyoko apologizes and says that for saying such amazing words, about not bringing private issues at work..and she heard that from Ren. Chiori says that maybe, Ren is Mr. D’s believer. While saying ya.., Kyoko thinks that she didn’t hear about this but even if Ren is infatuated with

Chiori looks determined.png

someone, it seems that he won’t tell someone about it, telling fans.. She looks at her right hand and thinks that it is almost disappeared and obviously Ren hasn’t come back. She wonders if he properly complies with the promise and today is number 3 meal. Chiori tells Kyoko that she has decided to also do tomorrow’s work well but even if she thinks that, she needs a key factor to boost her up so can she ask Kyoko for help. A LOVE ME request, that Kyoko would go with her for tomorrow’s recording of ‘Are You

The reviews.png

Serious?’ “You only have to sit at the side, and watch in order for me not to run away--” At Fuji TV’s lounge, some people are looking at ‘Are You Serious? Extreme’ poster. On one of the tables, a woman in a suit is typing on her laptop computer when her cellphone rings.

Saena browsing in the coffee shop.png

She answers it, “Hello—this is Mogami. Huh? ..tomorrow? I know, it is at the same television office as today. The other side had already told me. Yes. Live broadcast for tomorrow’s 8am ‘special report’, as commentator for the acting.. 9 o’ clock go in the studio. I understand—" Hangs up phone.

She is reading on the rankings of new programs which has a review of Dark Moon’s Mio. It mentions that this time, Mio is the strongest catalyst in Dark Moon.

Her brilliant acting made people remember the uniqueness of Mio. Alongside, compared to Mio’s audience, there are many critics who said "there is no good anticipation," "and there is progress gap."

And there are critics who say that it is a low-flying character.. Then, Saena closes the internet browser.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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