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Tiny Monsoon
Chapter 217.jpg
Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 36
Original Release October 20, 2014
Arc Saena's arc
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Tiny Monsoon is the 217th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho is still at Darumaya and is now having a conversation with Kyoko, who is very annoyed at his presence. Apparently, he is supposed to deliver Kyoko an important message. Why did Saena contact his parents in the first place? Why didn't she contact Kyoko directly instead? Also, what happened the next day at work?

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is surprised that her mother had gotten in touch. Okami enters to ask if everything is

Okami-san checking on Sho and Kyoko.png

okay for she heard noises inside. Quickly standing up, Kyoko says that it is nothing and sorry for bothering them, it is just that an unexpected guy suddenly appeared in an unexpected situation and she wasn’t able to control herself. Holding out his bowl, Sho asks for seconds.

Appalled at Sho's nerve, Kyoko angrily grabs the bowl and tells him he's had enough. Okami asks if he wants another one.

Kyoko holds out the bowl to her and says that Sho apologizes for not being able to eat more but thanks for the food, it was delicious. She makes an elaborate excuse that regarding Sho’s gratitude for delicious food, it is his lifetime goal to value that gratitude by absolutely not eating it twice.

Kyoko bows to Okami-san.png

He is doing this to increase his gratitude for the delicious food. Okami praises Sho for being young and yet having the moral discipline of a Buddhist monk. Kyoko says yes, he is really great, complimenting Sho for the first time in a long while.

Okami-san is thinking.png

While Sho is irked by Kyoko maneuvering him out of more food, Okami leaves. While walking away with the empty bowl, Okami thinks that it turns out that kid is Kyoko's childhood playmate. He’s the one in abnormally large poster that is hanged on Kyoko’s wall. Okami only watches the news on the television so she and her husband aren't familiar with who is a celebrity these days. But then, all of the customers in the store knew him: Sho Fuwa. After the door closed, Kyoko angrily looks at Sho and tells him to move away from that spot.

Kyoko recalls her terrible past.png

Taking away the rest of his food, Kyoko tells him that he is at Taisho's special seat and it's not for him to casually sit at. Sho doesn't care, Okami had asked him if he ate or not, and when he said no she let him sit there.

Kyoko scolds him for being shameless. She tells him to be a bit more cautiously modest than to unexpectedly go into someone’s house and eat with gusto.

Sho and Kyoko scold each other.png

Sho protests that he was offered the food, so why must he be modest, especially since he is fully aware that the food here is very delicious. Irked Kyoko recalls how she happily brought take-out food for him upon coming home. While Sho resumes eating, angry Kyoko mentally scolds him for bringing back unpleasant memories. While grinding her teeth, she wishes she could take away Sho's food, but then, it is also a waste to throw it away. Sho goes back to the topic by mentioning the passport. Kyoko quickly asks if that person

Sho and Kyoko still arguing.png

contacted him. Sho tells her that is impossible for she would only contact his family. Saena told his parents, "I now know where she is, so you don't need to worry about it anymore."

That is because when they both left his house, his parents informed Saena about it. Kyoko breaks out the vitriol and mimicks Sho's parents saying, "Our stupid son left home and took Kyoko as his housemaid. We're sorry." Sho’s parents are very intelligent and have good insight. Sho agrees, they knew that he didn’t forcefully drag her away because his parents are very intelligent. The two of them glare at each other. Sho breaks the silence by pointing out the fact that he did take her away, so both his parents kept on apologizing to Saena non-stop. Kyoko is furious that it is like Sho is talking about someone else. Sho says that it seems that Saena had always been paying for Kyoko’s living expenses in order for them to let Kyoko stay.

Sho and Kyoko still talking.png

And so, he got a furious telephone call from his family to his office, "Kyoko apparently lives at this address, so you go there in person and see how she's doing!" His parents say that is hanami season so they can't leave the inn yet, but they will personally come and see Kyoko.

Sho looks at a pissed Kyoko.png

Kyoko's nonchalant reaction to this prompts Sho to scold her, because it is possible that they are going to bring her back to Kyoto. This surprises Kyoko. She wonders if Saena had told Sho’s parents to do that. She dismisses it as impossible. While holding his tea cup, Sho asks her if she had directly seen Saena at that time.

Kyoko is puzzled so Sho explains that he's asking about when Saena signed her passport application. Kyoko darkly says that if there is sickness that can cause someone to die due to being overly stupid, it would be good if it happens now. Sho angrily asks what she is talking about. Is she talking about him, she who is an expert in stupidity? Kyoko bites her lip and points out that if she had directly met up with that person, why would his parents ask him to come and check her situation? Sho concedes her point. Kyoko repeats that if there is a sickness that can cause someone to die due to being overly stupid, let the first one be him. This makes Sho shout for her to shut up and that’s enough.

Kyoko says that she said it because his ability to comprehend is hopeless. He made her explain the reality he already knows. Kyoko thinks to herself what is being unsaid between them: that there's no way her mother would ever have made contact with her, even though they are both currently living in Tokyo.

Sho with an uncomfortable expression.png

Sho looks tense and mutters, “Sorry.” Kyoko looks at him in surprise. She exclaims that he just apologized. To her! Is he apologizing, apologizing to her!!? She asks him to stop since it is like an omen that something scary will happen.

Sho rambles on Kyoko.png

With huge popped veins, Sho angrily asks how she could be like that in reaction to someone’s rare sincerity. Kyoko remembers that a moment earlier she'd cut him off when he'd been expressing concern. After looking at him surprised, she starts to ask if he was really worried about her, but then changes her mind and says that it is impossible. He's here because his parents ordered him. She starts to clean up, telling him that he couldn't care less if she'd gotten depressed after seeing that woman face-to-face.

Kyoko managed to act infront of Sho.png

Sho's ego is bruised, and he thinks angrily that’s she's right. Kyoko says that it is also very strange for him to worry about the reason why his parents are coming over when he wanted her to be a waitress for life in Kyoto. Sho clarifies that it is only if she falls in love with Ren Tsuruga, and he sees

Sho suprised at Kyoko's stiff expression.png

Kyoko stiffen in response. Somewhat standing up, he asks if it could be that she has actually been stupid enough to stumble over a huge rock like Tsuruga when she so proudly declared she wouldn't. While Kyoko is mentally freaking out about forgetting about that being what had been said, Kyoko declares she's not stupid enough to fall head over heels when she is betting her life on it. While Kyoko is holding the tray with all her strength to hide the stamp on her palm, one of her apparations tells her not to let Sho notice her current feelings for Ren and to use her acting skill here.

Kyoko's Apparitons inside Kyoko.png

Kyoko reminds Sho that she has her own goal, to be a first rate actress in Japan. For this reason, she must continuously improve herself, and she must become someone who’ll make others feel proud of her. She can't afford to put things like love and affection first, because they are demons that corrupt the mind and heart.

Kyoko seeing Sho go in his car.png

Standing up, Sho tells her to say it clearly like that. No matter what his parents say, don’t think of unnecessary things. “You stick to the future you desire.”

After Sho left, Kyoko is lost in thought by the door. Okami asks her if someone fetched Sho since he greeted her a while ago. Kyoko says yes and she apologizes for it being late since Sho lacks common sense. After taking out the trash, Okami asks what’s up. Kyoko doesn’t quite know how to tell her.

Kyoko thinks that right now, the impression that was left on her was his creepy good behavior and those last amazing words, that’s all. She recalls about him asking if she met her mother then his apology. Kyoko wonders if it's possible for Sho to really be a little bit worried about her so he came... because of that matter between her and that person...

Sho in his agency's car.png

Inside the car, Sho recalls Kyoko pointing out that his parents wouldn't have asked him to check her situation if she had seen her mother. Sho thinks that he knows that but despite it, he couldn’t help hoping that even Saena would want to go to her missing daughter.

Sho still cares about Kyoko.png

But, reality apparently isn’t that beautiful.

Recalling how she reacted to his apology and wishing he'd die of a disease that targets stupidity, Sho smiles. He thinks that since Kyoko can still scold and curse him, she ought to be alright.

In Kyoko’s room, she picks up a small purse that is on top of her cabinet that is filled with her fairy tale containers and related stuff. She opens the purse and happily smiles at Corn the rock.

The corn stone and the Princess Rosa bed.png

Taking it out, Kyoko apologizes for having left it behind and asks if it was lonely. She had left it at home since she doesn’t want to lose it. Taking it on her table, Kyoko tells it that she bought it a gift. Holding a little pouch, she says that it is star sand. While

Kyoko smiles at her stone.png

pouring the sand on a piece of table, Kyoko says that she found it at a nearby island which the film crew rented. In this pile of sand, there some are shaped like stars and are so pretty. Kyoko puts Corn on top of the pile of sand.

The fairy and dust and the Corn stone.png

She laughs and asks it if it can feel the South Sea. Kyoko also announces that she had seen its former master in Guam. While touching Corn, Kyoko sadly laments that she hadn't brought it with her to Guam.

She recalls when she was young and it was raining. Holding Corn the rock tightly, she walked through the woods and cried her heart out.

Kyoko when she was little crying.png

Kyoko slams on the table and exclaims that she has to tidy up her luggage for she has Box "R" early in the morning. After opening her luggage, her demon antennas come out and whine at Kyoko over how long was she going to make them wait, urging her to quickly read Chiori's hate diary. Kyoko mutters that she’ll look over it a bit before going to sleep. The next day, Kyoko looks tired and exhausted. She had taken the book with her to bed, but hadn't slept

Kyoko walks on the set gloomily.png

because her demons wouldn't let her until she finished reading. Going to the set, Kyoko thinks that Chiori is totally angry but then, it is inevitable to be angry when someone said that she wasn't capable of doing variety shows. Then Kyoko notices that the cast of Box "R" are huddled and talking together. Her co-stars are asking if "she" is okay and they

Kyoko is shocked at the sudden news.png

don’t have any detained information.

Kyoko wonders what happened. One of the co-stars says that the director didn’t say things clearly; he just rushed out. Then, when he arrives at the hospital, he should will let them know about "her" condition. This makes Kyoko worry, and she asks her co-stars what happened.

They tell her that on the way to the shooting, Chiori got into a major accident and they heard that she was brought to the hospital.

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