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Tiny Monsoon
Chapter 216.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 36
Original Release September 20, 2014
Arc Saena's arc
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Tiny Monsoon is the 216th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is now back at Japan. Yashiro picks her up at the airport and they talk about Ren 's true identity. Will they find out anytime soon what Ren's real name is? Meanwhile, Sho is still at the Darumaya restaurant waiting for Kyoko. Why is he there in the first place? What does he want from Kyoko?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.
Kyoko's food.png

And, Kyoko happily looks at a tray of takoyaki (battered balls with octopus). Ah~~it has such a Japanese feeling to it when she obviously doesn’t really like takoyaki.

Nom. Nom. So delicious~~ It turns out that on her way out of the airport, her stomach is rumbling and she heard some kids telling their parents that they want takoyaki.

Kyoko looks at a happy family.png

Since Kyoko slept soundly in the plane, she didn’t get to eat the airplane meal and ended up being hungry.

Putting her snack aside, she decides to check when the Narita express train will be passing by.

Someone is calling kyoko.png

She opens her cellphone and sees that it is about 2pm so there should be one coming soon. She is startled when her cellphone starts ringing. After reading her message, she rushes through the airport meeting area and meets up with Yashiro.

Yashiro-san looking at his phone.png

They happily greet each other. Yashiro says that it is great that he managed to find her for he has no way of contacting her while she is on her mission. After thanking him for helping her with her luggage, she asks him what’s up for she is startled that he would unexpectedly fetch her.

Yashiro-san and kyoko walking together.png

Yashiro tells her that he wanted to know the situation at that side but then he has no way of contacting during the mission because Ren’s perfect in pursuit of his goal. (<- probably very good in covering up his tracks) Yashiro says that even if he wanted to know the situation, there is also someone else who wanted to know so he was sent over.

The lme limo.png

Yashiro explains that he wanted to get a taxi but considering that it is a classified secret. Yashiro gestures for Kyoko to please get in the limousine. Kyoko lamely asks if it is Lory, the other person who wants to know.

Yashiro sheepishly nods. Kyoko gets in. Sebastian helps Yashiro in putting the luggage aside. Kyoko is surprised that Lory isn’t inside.

Yashiro and kyoko inside the limo.png

Yashiro says that Lory has some work that he has to do so he cannot come. While saying is that so, Kyoko rudely thinks that Lory would actually properly work.

And then, Kyoko tells Yashiro what happened. Yashiro says is that so, so there is no mishap in Guam and the shooting went smoothly. Kyoko says yes, even the intense heat.

Kyoko and yashiro discuss about ren.png

And on contrary, it is already scheduled in advance that Setsuka would collapse from the intense heat that she would stay in the room and won’t come out since her protective brother won’t let her go out. And then, they set things up that she will go back to England ahead of her brother.

Yashiro and kyoko in chibi form.png

Yashiro says then, Setsuka would naturally disappear from the sight of the film crew. Kyoko says that’s right. Yashiro asks if this means, her job is finished. Kyoko happily shows him her reward from Ren. She tells him that Ren told her that he’ll properly make the seal when he gets back. Yashiro smiles and says is that so, then, at that time, please also let him give her. This made Kyoko happy that she thanks him.

Yashiro says no problem, for he felt that she really had done quite well. He adds that because it is Ren, he thinks that even if Ren is by himself, he can do it well. But without anyone’s help, a mysterious person like Cain Heel, is still quite strenuous. Kyoko looks surprised when Yashiro says that even if Ren is acting the part of a mysterious person, he himself is a mystery. Kyoko wants to ask something but she

Kyoko shows the stamp to yashiro.png

immediately says that it is nothing. She tells him that she thinks that even as a manager, it is impossible for one to know everything about the actor/actress.

Kyoko in excited chibi form.png

Yashiro tells her that it is because this industry is quite extraordinary that he thinks that the people working in this industry, has a special situation and it isn’t a few who do not want the public to know at all costs. Kyoko wonders if she also within that group who has a special situation but then, her past is also something that she doesn’t want others to know at all costs. Yashiro thinks that there are times when Ren would go overseas for a modeling job, and they would separate when he goes.

Speaking of that, he was also personally chosen by Lory to become Ren’s manager. His manager sense told him that he shouldn’t wade too deeply into Ren’s lost part of his life though at most, he can surmise that Ren was a delinquent before. Kyoko decides to give it up and not be interested with that part of Ren which ordinary people do not know, even if she is really interested in his real name.

Yashiro is disappointed chibi.png

She also decides not to ask anyone again until one day, Ren himself would willingly tell her. Both Yashiro and Kyoko think that waiting for that moment might take a lifetime. They look at each other and laugh.

Then, Yashiro starts telling her that it seems to be the first episode ofBox "R" yesterday, and he watched it. He says that he was startled for it is a totally different temperament ‘villain’ compared to her Mio . Even if he had seen her dressed up at the recording ofDark Moon before, but in the drama, she is simply like a different person from the action, mannerism and language, that in a while, he couldn’t react.

He happily tells her that really, no matter how one sees it, it is a super charismatic high school girl. Then, after looking somewhat puzzled, Kyoko exclaims that’s right, Box "R"s first episode was broadcast yesterday.

Yashiro looks at kyoko faraway.png

Yashiro thinks that like before, Kyoko isn’t too interested in the drama that she is in. He thinks that from the looks of it, she shouldn’t be interested with the ‘result’ because after all, it doesn’t have the same big pressure like that time with Dark Moon. <- since it is a re-make, they are pressured to make it better than the original. After Kyoko bows and thanks Yashiro for fetching her, she starts walking through a building, and spots Amamiya and her manager . She happily greets Amamiya with a formal bow.

Yoshioko and chiori at the back.png

After greeting her back, Amamiya sighs and says that she is still quite vigorously energetic. Kyoko asks her what’s up for she seems listless. Amamiya tells her that the rating for yesterday’s first episode is at its extreme point that she doesn’t even want to mention the figures.

Realizing that she meant Box "R", Kyoko asks how it was. Amamiya and her manager stare at Kyoko. Amamiya angrily asks if she totally didn’t care and that stupid attitude of hers is quite infuriating.

Chiori reunites with kyoko again.png

She also asks Kyoko if she didn’t get some information from her office or rather, there was a summary of ratings for the new dramas in this morning’s news program. Kyoko sheepishly apologizes that she has some other things to do so she wasn’t able to get any news until now.

Chiori, yoshioko and kyoko chatting.png

Amamiya says is that so, then it cannot be helped. She tells Kyoko that it is quite depressing for there are a lot of favorable criticisms before but right now, it is such a sorry sight. Kyoko protests that one cannot know the real essence of it just by watching the first episode and the group have totally not yet showed their capabilities.

Kyoko getting chiori's hopes up.png

Kyoko tells her that Box "R" is a slowly warming up television drama.

The more hateful the villain is, the more the audience will have a heroic substitute feeling and when the hero reverses the position, one would have this purified feeling. The manager nods in agreement. Giving her a thumbs up and a wink, Kyoko tells gloomy Amamiya that it is no problem, they can play the loathsome villain, then the ratings will go up, the future is healthy and secure. Also, the shooting is going to its enjoyable stage so let us do our best!!

Chiori in her evil aura again.png

Amamiya still feels gloomy and depressed.

She mutters that as the ratings go up, her feelings would go down...anyway, for it to come to this situation, it is also okay if the drama isn’t popular for there is no other way to rise up its reputation. Kyoko says that didn’t she said before in order for the image of villain role in the drama not to be restricted, one must act in some entertainment program.

Amamiya thinks that’s correct for if one doesn’t change one’s image and can only play that kind of show. She had already decided not to act when she wanted to act, she wanted it so much that she felt she is going crazy until.. She’ll only be staying in Box R because she cannot just give up midway, so she still has to continue..

Yoshiomoto and chiori looks away from kyoko.png

Kyoko worriedly asks if as expected, it is still no good..could it be that the comedian said something to her. This immediately made Amamiya furious. While her manager is freaking out, Amamiya furiously glared at aghast Kyoko. Soon, walking back to the Daruma restaurant, Kyoko is holding Chiori’s poison notebook.

Kyoko walking back to darumaya.png

Her demons are happily saying that it is quite an intense captivating smell as they go around the notebook. Kyoko thinks that she felt that there is quite such a wrathful wave inside the notebook that she won’t dare open it. It is because the two have to quickly start preparing that there is no time to talk so Amamiya only gave her this.

Kyoko wonders if it is such a big issue that cannot be clearly said with words so she’ll just slowly read it when she gets home. She puts the notebook in her luggage.

Okami san seems alarmed.png

She checks the time and it is 11:40pm. She decides to enter the back kitchen washing dishes area in order not to disturb the store. She thinks that she can help out a little at the store today. Outside, two customers are thanking the couple and ask if they can have a reserve order of mackerel. Okami tells them to wait until it is its season.

After bidding them goodbye, she sees Kyoko who happily greets her. Okami asks if she ate. Kyoko says that she did. While pushing her luggage in, Kyoko asks if there are still guests. Okami says that there are still two.

Kyoko and okami greet each other.png

Kyoko says that the bowls and chopsticks ought to be still piled up so she’ll help her out after she puts her luggage aside. Okami asks what she is saying, she just came back so she is definitely very tired.

Kyoko happily assures her that she is really okay for she’s really strong both mentally and physically. Okami says that even if she also knows that and very happy that Kyoko has that kind of heart but it is alright today, she should properly rest up. Feeling sad, Kyoko thinks that she is really okay..

Taisho, okami and kyoko talks.png

Okami says that she doesn’t know how to tell her but there is a guest. Pause.

Kyoko is surprised to learn that the guest is there to see her. Okami says that because she doesn’t know if she’ll come back today or not so she made that person stay in the living room. Daruma boss comes out and tells his wife that the customer is going to pay his bill. Okami says okay. Kyoko quickly bows to the boss and says that she’s back. The boss just says, ya.

Kyoko is scared to go to her room.png

Putting her hand on Kyoko’s arm, Okami says that while she’s away, that person already came so many times, saying that no matter what, wants to directly tell Kyoko something face to face. Standing in front of the living room’s closed door, Kyoko recalls Lory saying that she directly got her ‘guardian’s signature’ and that time, there is no contact at all--? Kyoko wonders if it is her mother.

She clenches her fist, prepares herself mentally and opens the door. And, she sees Sho eating by the table. Nom nom. Kyoko’s eyes widen. She rubs her eyes, and puts some eye drops. While her eyes are still dripping wet from the eyedrops, she stares at Sho with huge eyes.

Sho in kyokos room.png
Sho and kyoko talking.png

There is Sho holding out a bowl and telling her that he wants another bowl of bamboo shoot rice. Stunned Kyoko shouts, “WHY THE HECK ARE YOU IN THIS PLACE AH AH AH AH AH AH ke throat is bleeding..!!”

After covering his ears, Sho asks if she thinks that he got nothing to do and came here for her. Holding her neck, Kyoko angrily looks at him. Kyoko is surprised when Sho says, “..I heard that you got a passport, right? Saena-san have contacted my parents.”

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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