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Absolute Sign
Chapter 215.jpg
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 36
Original Release September 5, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Absolute Sign is the 215th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Now that Kyoko's role as Setsu is over, it's time to say goodbye to Setsu's lovingly brother, Cain (Ren). How will things play out between them? Kanae gets a new script, and Kanae noticed a certain someone's name on it...

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Kyoko chibi is not satisfied.png

Kyoko paces the hotel hallway outside Ren's door before plucking up the courage to ring his bell. When Ren opens the door they greet each other good morning. He asks her if she’s leaving, which she confirms. 

While sitting together with Ren by the window in the room, Kyoko seriously tells him that he is not to fail to take care of himself when no one is watching, especially when it comes to eating breakfast.

While Ren has a sheepish look, she urges him twice to eat whatever is served. She tells him that she already got the president’s permission to ask the hotel people to compulsorily provide him breakfast and if there are any leftovers, they

Cain chibi poker face.png

are going to inform the president.

Ren tells her that there is no need to do it to that extent for he can already eat by himself. He says that during the short time when Setsuka is on leave, he also managed to live normally.

Firmly decisive, Kyoko tells him that his ‘normal’-whatever totally doesn’t make one feel at ease nor can it be trusted. Ren mentally curses for it is the same as usual. While Kyoko is wondering out loud over what proof Ren can show her [that he ate], Ren keeps on thinking that Kyoko is the same as usual..too much the same.

Kyokochan scolding ren.png

Kyoko is still wondering out loud about Ren taking a picture of himself every time he finished eating, then save it [as proof]. But, she drops the plan because that can be faked for he obviously didn’t eat and he probably threw it away while not

Kyoko not convinced of ren.png

in front of the camera. Ren wonders if he’s a kid [by what Kyoko is insinuating.]

He wonders if he is really thinking too much because at that time, he felt an ill feeling. Flashback: Tilting her head, Setsuka said, “The girl on that side. From the moment he is born into this world, this guy solely belongs to me. Do not use your filthy hands and touch my brother one more time!!” Manaka timidly said yes. End flashback. Ren thinks that Setsuka’s acting had changed for she never lashed out on others regarding her ‘desire to monopolize’ her brother.

Setsuka being possesive of cain.png

There is a scene of Setsuka putting her things for lunch on the table and handed Cain a bottle to open. Then, she casually sat on his lap. She fed him by holding the food to him and told him to come, say ah-- End flashback. The way she spoils Cain had become more explicit. Ren thinks that it is definitely because her mental state has changed at that time, before the exam and Setsuka went on leave. It is like, TOWARDS HIM, there is a special feeling that was born which included the ‘desire to monopolize’.

Kyoko finally exclaims that she got it, doesn’t the cellphone have the ability to videotape. Ren says that there is. Kyoko exclaims that even if it is him, he won’t to be able to do any tricks while being videotaped.

Ren smiles and says yes, then, can she tell him her email address. Surprised Kyoko asks why. Silence. He tells her that this way, she can immediately see the video as proof.

Kyoko tells ren to stop.png

Holding out her hand, Kyoko firmly tells him that there is no need, he doesn’t have to do it up to that extent. She says that he only has to save the evidence and she’ll just look at it when he goes back to Japan. <- posture of refusing to exchange email addresses.

And thinking about it, yesterday, and the day before yesterday, he felt that Setsuka is very normal [/ordinary]. Kyoko tells him that from today’s lunch, he is to videotape 8 of his meals, and he must properly videotape it.

Ren smiles and says, “..there’s no need for some proof, you only have to say it and I’ll definitely comply. I don’t care what kind of unreasonable agreement [/promise] it is, I’ll comply with it until the end.”

Ren's hotel room.png

Kyoko’s eyes start to sparkle but she immediately made it look indifferent. She looks away and goes pfft. Ren says that she’s saying ‘who is the natural lover [/Casanova]’, and she better be careful in talking. She goes pfft again.

Ren says that he isn’t a deceiver. Kyoko stands up and apologizes for it is time almost time for her to go. Ren says okay. He wonders if he is the only one who is reluctant to part with Heel siblings as it came to its

Kyoko loooks around the room.png

end. Ren tells her to wait there and he’ll first check the hallway. Kyoko looks at him go to the door. She smiles and closes her eyes. With the door open, Ren says that it is okay, there’s no one around. He sees Kyoko formally bowing to him.

Kyoko wants to say something to Ren.png

She says that for approximately one month, she is honestly very thankful. Ren smiles and says that he feels that the one who should be saying thanks is him.

She is surprised when he says that he thought of taking his time in doing it after returning to Japan. He turns around and asks if she has work today. Kyoko says she does, starting this afternoon. Ren tells her that if it isn’t convenient, she can

Kyoko express her gratitude.png

immediately wipe it off. Kyoko is puzzled.

Ren holds out a pentel pen and tells her that it is soluble. He asks Kyoko to hold out her hand. Still puzzled, she did as told. Ren starts to write on her palm. She looks surprised for it is a LOVE ME stamp drawing.

He gave her a ‘you did very good’ ∞ points [infinity sign] <- there is no way of computing the points. Kyoko looks moved. Ren tells her that when he returns to Japan, he’ll use the real stamp. She looks at him.

He tells her that he really cannot thank her enough. He slightly smiles and says, “I’m really thankful to you. are a great help..” Kyoko blushes and smiles.

Ren expresses his extend gratitud.png

Holding her hands together, Ren tells her, “Before THAT disappears, I’ll be back already.”

Kyoko says okay. And, the elevator goes down and Kyoko goes out of the lobby. She heads out to the van waiting outside. She calls out to some guy if it is the car for the airport. The man says yes and he’ll help put her luggage at the back.

She thanks him. She goes in and sits at the back. She overhears some kids talking about Murasame and some other actors had stayed in Royal hotel for a movie filming though

Kyoko with her luggage.png

they forgot the title. One of the kids says that if she knew earlier, she would go to the hotel and see him. The other kid asks if she can easily see Murasame just by going to the hotel or does she plan on stalking, he don’t want to since he only came to play/have

Kyoko getting in.png

fun. The girl asks about going to the front desk to ask for his room number. The boy says that it is impossible for even if foreigners are quite easy-mannered, they won’t easily tell her especially since it is obvious that they aren’t familiar with each other.

The boy says that Murasame ought to have used his real name. They don’t know his real name so there is no way they can find out. The girl sadly says is that so. The boy says that’s right, and they have to show their passport, so possibly, one cannot book if it is a showbiz name. 

Kyoko immediately recalls Ren and Reino talking wherein Ren said that ‘Tsuruga Ren’ is indeed a showbiz name. Kyoko thinks that since Ren said that, on the day he came to Guam, it is useless even if she went to the front desk to ask the phone number of Ren’s room.

Kyokos flashback.png

Then, the driver announced that they are now heading towards the airport. Kyoko thinks that the front desk had told her that they have no guest like that staying at the hotel. She becomes excited in wondering what Ren’s real name is. Could it be Yuuji, or Kouji-type of name that won’t lose to his aura.

Unable to sit still, she thinks but Ryuuichirou [= literally Dragon youth] or Jounoshin [= literally progressive deputy] but those give an antique-kind of feeling. They do not suit him and they are not gorgeous enough.

Kyoko thinking of rens real name.png

She wonders if that is the reason why he uses a showbiz name. It is because his real name and the image that he gives are totally not a match that it will make people laugh so he is using a showbiz name. Or perhaps, it will make people feel very disappointed.

Ah..she wants to know the truth but then, she doesn’t want to know it too much. And on the weighing scale, ‘wanting to know’ wins against ‘not wanting to know’. She starts to

Kyoko interested in rens past.png

wonder if Yashiro knows for the probability is high since he is Ren’s manager. She firmly believes that the one who ‘knows’ is Lory, and he ought to be the one who gave Ren the showbiz name. But then, asking Lory about it is a bit.. Lory already knows of her feelings for Ren and it feels that like that, it is obvious that she is gathering information.

She feels a bit shy about that. But then, it seems that Lory knows everything about Ren and if she were to make Lory tell her about it, she would become Ren hyakumangoku’s master. [<- according to the note it is the delusion of becoming rich due to getting Ren’s information] Then, she recalls Lory admitting to her while she is Setsuka that of course, he knows but if he were to tell her, it would need Ren’s permission.

Then, she recalls Ren looking sad when he talked with her as Bo about not wanting to fall in love with anyone.

Meanwhile at LME acting division, Matsushima pushes a script book to Kanae. The title is The Ice Mirror. He tells her that it is a script she’s hoping for. Kanae thanks him. While Kanae is flipping through the pages, Matsushima says that it seems to be very popular, the Mizumori Sato Series. Kanae says yes, and it is thanks to him that she got a role.

Kanae glad to have the script.png

Thinking that this will make her experience community life, he tells her that the studio’s mood is also not bad at all. Kanae agrees. She hopes that this time around there won’t be a total newbie who isn’t into acting who’ll slip in. She is referring to the playboy who kept on flirting with her. Her role is Sato’s daughter. She sees that Hiou is casted as person living together with the Mizumori family.

Kanae is glad that he is also there. She is glad that this time around, it wasn’t a recklessly found acting guest since everyone is famous actors/actresses.

The lme head talks about the script.png

She really anticipates this series.

Matsushima says that he had read the script and this time around, her role with Hiou is more innocent and harmonious. And, because the culprit is a very cunning and an amazing lawyer so the drama might have some difficult conversations.

Still flipping the script, Kanae thinks that it is a difficult to understand the story. Matsushima says that there is also another method, and he advises her to do her best to not make the audience turn away midway for in the end, it is over when the audience got tired of it. Kanae reads from the script book that the role of the lawyer is played by some Nagaoka something.

Matsumisha talks about kanaes character.png

She thinks that it is obviously a cunning and amazing lawyer yet they are going to use a young actor for she thought that it would more preferred to be an older male. She wonders if there will be no trouble with that since the lawyer is supposed to be cunning and amazing so in this kind of situation, there has to be a supervisor.

And if the one supervising is an active cunning and amazing lawyer, perhaps the role will be played out well.

Kanae wont stop looking at the script.png

But for her, she thinks that it is definitely some brat from who knows where. Kanae looks at the name and looks stunned. Matsushima continues to talk about the prelude and climax with Hiou to be an oasis to a desert so it is very important. 

He urges her to do her best for they are the ‘rest[/sleep]’ of the audience’s heart [in this drama].

He is telling her that he’ll contact her again since the one in charge had just left.

He notices that she isn’t listening so he starts waving his hand and calling out to her not to ignore him. She isn’t responding.

Noticing that she’s looking strange, he stands up and looks at the script. He wonders if there is some actor whom she doesn’t like. And, one of the lawyer supervisors is Saena Mogami.

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