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Crayola Paradise ~Go Ahead!~
Chapter 213.jpg
Character/s in the cover Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga)
Volume 36
Original Release June 20, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Go Ahead!~ is the 213th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


If it's the current, better-version Ren Tsuruga, he could keep moving from now on, no matter how rugged the road is. Kyoko finally meets Ren again, who is dressed as Cain Heel. Will Kyoko tell Ren that she already had her first kiss with the fairy prince, Corn?

Chapter Summary

Kyoko looks wide eyed over the restaurant where Jelly brought them. She asks Jelly if this is the place. Jelly says yes, it is a newly opened restaurant in Guam and she looked it up before leaving Japan. Jelly points to Ren and says he recommended it as a restaurant where other customers wouldn't be watching them. Jelly mentions that there is a bar at the top floor but then, Kyoko is still a minor so she can get soft drinks. Kyoko just sheepishly smiles and thinks that she can drink that awful coconut juice again.

Kyoko chibi in guam.png

Kyoko looks at the restaurant and can’t believe that she'd come back here again. She recalls sharing the drink with Corn and how much they didn't like it. She giggles upon thinking that Corn looks like an adult but acts like a child. She wonders how old he is in fairy age and whether he is actually younger than her. She's glowing about all the happy memories with Corn. Then, after recalling the kiss, she thinks no it isn’t so. She covers her mouth and thinks that something happened that she should feel guilty about. She kissed a man without acting out a scene.

She screams when Ren calls out to her and asks if something is wrong. Kyoko nervously asks what he is referring to and if it seems that there's something wrong.

Kyoko is scared.png

Ren is thinking that she's acting so oddly he can't help but tease her about it. He realizes that she must be recalling that kiss. Kyoko freaks out when Ren says that she looks like she is hiding a guilty conscience. Kyoko protests that she’s totally pure and she didn’t do anything to be guilty about.

Staring at her, Ren urges her to look into his eyes and say that one more time. Kyoko turns around trying to hide her distress. Inwardly she blames Corn for doing that in the end, otherwise she'd happily tell Ren that she'd met him again. Yet she broken her promise to protect her purity for life when she decided to act out a scene in order to break Corn's curse.

Kyoko, ren and jelly have a dinner.png

She recalls Corn asking her why she would have made that kind of promise to someone who isn't even her lover. Ren, meanwhile, admits to himself how nasty he's being by forcing Kyoko like this just to see her reaction. Jelly comes back for them and asks what’s up since they were gone when she turned around. Ren apologizes and says that it is nothing. He tells Kyoko that they should go. While they are walking again, Kyoko wonders if Ren meant that "there's no second chance" to apply to anyone. Before she can finish the thought, Ren points to a globe aquarium, and Kyoko notices that he's wearing his watch on his left wrist instead of his right.

Kyoko is really worried.png

The extra dawdling irritates Jelly, who tells the two of them to stop fooling around and come get their table. While they are eating, Jelly is reprimanding Ren to properly eat more vegetables. Kyoko is still thinking over Ren telling her that during acting, kissing is okay no matter how many times, but in private do not kiss the person twice. She starts to think that Ren meant Sho specifically. She didn’t know when "no second time" became "do not kiss someone else," but realizes she misinterpreted his meaning.

Wondering why Ren would warn her not to kiss Sho again as if her were trying to control her behavior, Kyoko comes up with an idea that makes her blush. She starts to tell herself that Ren wouldn't really be so narrow-minded and that she's just selfishly imagining the scenario. Jelly calls out to Kyoko and asks what happened for her face is completely red, and wonders if the food is too spicy for her.

Ren dont know.png

Realizing that she is eating Tom Yum[1], she just says yes, only a little bit and it is spicier than she expected. It's starting to taste good. Jelly smiles and tells her that the taste can be quite unexpected if you're eating it for the first time.[2] Jelly proposes ordering something sweet for dessert, like some dondurma, Turkish ice cream.

Kyoko exclaims, asking if it is the ice cream she heard about that stretches. Feeling adventurous, Kyoko wants to try it so Jelly orders one. She asks if Ren wants one, too but Ren is struggling just to finish his sring rolls. Jelly complains that he no fun, especially with that half-dead expression of his. Kyoko looks at Ren slowly munching his food and wonders if it is alright to tell him about what happened with Corn that day. If the "in private, do not kiss the person twice" rule is also applicable to others, then the first one with Corn didn't count since she was acting. The problem is that she doesn’t want Ren to know about it, that’s all. She recalls Corn telling her that it would be okay if Ren doesn’t find out. Kyoko seems to realize something.

Kyoko is happy again.png

Kyoko snaps out of it when Jelly says that she’ll go and settle the bill and that Kyoko can have her dondurma. Kyoko tries to call her back but Jelly already left. Ren tries to help Kyoko relax by telling her Lory called Jelly, and that it's OK for a junior to accept being treated on occasion.

There's silence while the two of them eat. Kyoko glances at him and accidentally catches his gaze. Kyoko dismisses her looking at him as though it were nothing but continues to quietly fret while thinking about Corn. She puts down her spoon and slowly admits that there is something that she wanted to to tell him. It takes a little while for her to work up the courage until she finally bursts out with the fact that she had her first kiss that day.

Ren chokes on his food and covers his mouth. Kyoko stands up and announces that it was Corn she kissed. Rushing near him, Kyoko continues to explode with the news, reminding Ren who Corn is. They reunited that morning and were together until dusk. When he went back to his world, he told her that they would meet again, and he must have kissed her as proof of that promise—no, that vow! Holding her hand on her chest, Kyoko says that though she was taken by surprise she didn’t mind that he'd kissed her. After all, it was also in accordance with the actors rule of heart.

Ren is completely flustered that she started the story from there, figuring she should be telling it from another point in their day.

With an expression that makes it look like she's freaking out, Kyoko shouts that is the first kiss of her life and that's what she believes. Ren is wondering at the fact that she's announcing it guilt-free, but then realizes the fact she's telling him like this shows she was feeling guilty about it. Aloud, Ren asks her why she's telling him all this.

Kyoko is very determined.png

Kyoko tells him that today Corn was able to smile again, that makes it a special day worth celebrating. She got to spend it with him and doesn't want to pretend it didn't happen. She wants to remember every single one of those moments. Inwardly, Kyoko tells herself that she wants this even if Ren thinks she's flighty because of it.

Ren, however, is utterly moved by what she said. He starts to reach out to her with his hand as she continues to explain that her reason for telling him is that it's not something shameful that should be hidden. Then, Kyoko reveals with honesty and vulnerability that she doesn't want to lie to him. Bang. She is startled for Ren had suddenly slammed both arms on the table hard enough that the settings are shaken. She timidly asks what that was just now and Ren appears to be upset.

Ren turns to Kyoko with a smile and asks her to sit down. She seems to be telling a wonderful story, but he can't follow it because her excitement is making her talk too fast. He asks her to start from the beginning. This delights Kyoko. As she happily tells him all about it, Ren smiles and holds his arms tight. Ren thinks that he can finally wear his watch on the left hand because he feels confident that he won’t lose control again. He won't lose himself and hurt someone again, even after he stops wearing shackles.

Cain tells jelly.png

Ren glances at Kyoko who is bowing and thanking Jelly for treating her to the meal. Jelly hands over a suitcase with Setsuka's costume and makeup gear. Ren sighs and wonders about wearing his watch as a shackle on his right hand again, just in case he gets careless and tries something with Kyoko, he'll see it and stop himself.

He pauses and thinks that would be asking too many favors of Rick.

Jelly looks at cain.png

Jelly sums up their agenda: that the two of them will be going to the Tragic Marker set on its final shooting schedule while she returns to Japan. She wishes them luck and tells them to call her if they need to. Ren startles Jelly by addressing her professionally after a pause. He asks if she'll see Lory upon her return, and if she'll pass on a message for him.

While Jelly is surprised by Ren’s expression, Ren looks confident as he tells himself that even though the hands on his watch don't move, his time has already started to flow. There will be no more going back. Ren asks Jelly to please tell Lory that, "As far as I can see neither light nor darkness exist in my life. The future I now see is full of splendor."[3]

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  2. This bit of conversation with Jelly from the moment she notices Kyoko's red face reads like symbolism of her not being able to handle the thought of Ren's motivation behind restricting her from kissing Sho.
  3. Skip Beat! Manga Series VizMedia: Volume 36, Chapter 213, Page 34


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