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Crayola Paradise ~Time Shift~
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 35
Original Release May 19, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Time Shift~ is the 212th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


On their first visit on the southern islands, Guam. Their encounter is something else? How did the fairy prince Corn suddenly disappeared? Jelly calls Kyoko to join her and "Cain" for dinner, what is their reaction after the kiss?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

A couple of women are shocked when Kuon swings down from above to the second floor’s porch. He smiles at them and apologizes for startling them. Pointing above, he claims that he carelessly fell down from the rooftop. This made the two women exclaim, asking if he is alright or if he is injured.

He says that miraculously, he is alright and it is definitely due to the star and stripes flag of his home country. It is shown that he grabbed the flag pole with the American flag, twirled around on it, and jumped down to the second floor.

The fairy prince, Corn lands safely.

As the two women look up to the flagpole, they say that he is truly lucky and he did such an amazing thing. Kuon says no, he was just desperate and is pretty amazed it worked, too. He asks the women to keep this a secret from the store people since he doesn’t want them to cause trouble to the women. The women agreed since he is okay with it.

Then, Kuon take one last look at the building and recalls Kyoko’s startled expression. Then, he walks away. He takes out his watch.

Kyoko realizes that her cellphone is in the bag away from her body so she didn’t feel it vibrating.

Kyoko sees Jelly's missed calls.

Mentally apologizing to Jelly, she calls up gloomy Jelly who says, is that the end, she went out. Kyoko profusely apologizes even if she totally doesn’t plan on breaking the agreement but seeing such a beautiful scenery in front of her, her body cannot help but go outside.

She also assures Jelly that not only ordinary tourists but also the television drama staff won’t realize who she is since the possibility for that is almost zero and this awareness had made her loosen up some more.. Jelly is wondering that Kyoko as a showbiz person, is that a good or a bad thing. Kyoko apologizes again. Jelly says no, it is alright, it is quite mean to make a young person, who went abroad for the first time, to always stay in the hotel. And, Kyoko goes to blame her weak willpower for this.

Jelly is disappointed..

While angrily thinking that all of this is Ren’s fault, Jelly assures Kyoko that it isn’t her fault and she shouldn’t mind this. Squirrel Kyoko is unconvinced because she sounds angry. Jelly changes the topic by asking if she is always alone. Since she couldn’t say that she is with a fairy, Kyoko says, yes, she is. Then, she thinks that actually she really wants to say it.

Kyoko is puzzled when Jelly says, is that so, then, that’s good. She informs Kyoko that regarding the itinerary, there is a bit of problem so it is possible that there would be a change of time regarding when she’ll pick her up. She advises Kyoko to eat something a bit since she might be hungry at this time. Kyoko says okay. Jelly apologizes and says that she’ll call her again when she’s going to pick her up. Kyoko says okay. Then, she overhears some Chinese tourists praising the quietness and beauty of the place.

Jelly and Ren.

Kyoko notices that there are suddenly a lot more people around and it seems that business is brisk at nightfall. She decides to quickly go back and take a shower since she perspired a bit. As she leaves, she wonders where she’ll eat a bit of something. At the restaurant, the waiter notices the clock. He winds the clock to its correct time, 6:30pm.

At a reserved room of a beauty parlor, Jelly is glaring at gloomy Ren. He darkly apologizes for this is the ugly black star of the never late king. As Ren sincerely apologizes with no explanation, he realizes that he had messed up because of the time of the sunset since he thought it is 530 but actually at that time, it is already 6. Jelly lets him off but asks isn’t he using his watch as a watch since it is always stopped.

She says that Ren told her before that he used it as a bracelet but for him not to carry a watch and just head out with no way of knowing the time. She sighs and says forget it, he has to quickly change to Cain. Just when Ren is asking what happened and mentions her name..

Jelly quickly glares that he goes to call her by her nickname. Jelly sighs and asks what he is referring to. Ren timidly says no..he thought that he would be strictly scolded if it is the normal her. She pauses and says forget it, it is inevitable and who made her to sometimes be a girl who lives for love rather than beauty. This puzzles Ren that Jelly tells him that it is nothing, they have to quickly get ready for this is an emergency situation.

Cain is all set up.

Pointing at Ren, Jelly exclaims for him to prepare himself for an emergency: Kyoko is already in Guam. Ren just says, really? Jelly is so furious that he isn’t at all surprised, that Ren quickly assures her that he is actually very surprised even if he doesn't look it. Ren thinks that it took a moment for him to reflect on it because he was with Kyoko a while ago. While sitting down on the chair, Ren tells himself to quickly concentrate for he will be ‘Tsuruga Ren’ next. Jelly says that they’ll meet up with Kyoko then eat dinner together. She complains that it is originally at 8pm and right now, they’ll certainly late by an hour. Holding his hands together, Ren apologizes again.

Then, Jelly realizes what she felt is out of place, it is his watch which he always wear on his right hand but today, he put it on his left hand. She says that she always felt it strange before because he is obviously right handed so why is he wearing his watch on the right hand. Ren glances at her and Jelly freezes. She recalls Lory telling her that even if he cannot explain to her the details but for Ren to be able to revert to his original form and stroll around outside. This is already a good development but, Ren himself might not be aware of it.

Lory had asked Jelly that when she meets up with Ren later on, to please do not be too angry at him. He apologized for the trouble and asked her this favor. End flashback. Jelly drops the topic by saying that sometimes, there are people like that and it isn’t like a rare situation.

Kyoko looks at two outfits.

Ren slightly smiles and thanks her. Meanwhile, sparkling clean Kyoko is looking at two outfits – cutie dress or ordinary shirt-pants outfit. She plans to wear the dress outside of Japan. She was wearing pants when she went through the immigration with Jelly but she didn’t imagine that she would be eating together with her. She imagines what will happen if she wears the dress.

Imagination: Jelly exclaims that Kyoko changed to a dress, so cute~~! And it is totally different from a while ago, ah, could it be that she changed for Ren whom she didn’t see for a long time. She calls for Ren to look at Kyoko. Then, she asks Kyoko if she specially bought that dress for today[’s occasion]. End Imagination.

Kyoko viciously throws away the dress and shouts overruled, that’s an extremely dangerous action and very scary for it will expose everything. She is going to hide her feelings for Ren forever in her heart. She mustn’t allow herself to keep on thinking like this or else, her end won’t simply be just going to hell. While wearing the pants, she thinks that for her not to be able to comply with the vow she made and it is just last month.

It turns out that she’s already walking the abnormal path and she doesn’t want to become a more shameless person. Pants is enough!! She looks at the mirror and says look, it’s quite cute. She becomes gloomy for it is simply too ordinary. She decides to let it be. She looks at the mirror again.

Kyoko blushes.

She blushes and thinks that to be able to see Ren is already enough. Later on, a car parks at the parking area. Jelly goes out of the car and tells Ren to wait for a while since his appearance as Cain is quite eye-catching and it would be troublesome if the hotel security got attracted to him. Jelly call on the cellphone Kyoko that they’ve arrived and she learns that Kyoko is already heading down. Ren looks at his watch and thinks that right now it is alright for he is still not Cain Heel.

It has been a long time since he meets up with Kyoko as ‘Ren Tsuruga’ and it is too pitiful that in a while, his inner being would switch into Cain. He holds his watch and thinks, “—Rick..

"Cain" smiles..

I know that I’ve snatched away your and her future so I don’t have the right to say these words. Whether or not I can request something from you..” Kyoko meets up with Jelly who leads her to Ren. Blushing and surprised, Kyoko bows and exclaims that it has been a long, long time.

Jelly exclaims that ‘been a long time’ is fine so why would she change it awkwardly that way. Flustered Kyoko says that it felt like they haven’t seen each other for a year and she’s too nervous. Ren smiles and says, “ is truly been a long time, Mogami-san.” Narration: “—Rick, please even if how many times I’ve reincarnated and reborn into this world, absolutely do not forgive me.”

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