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Crayola Paradise ~Melt Heart~
Skip Beat! Chapter 211.png
Character/s in the cover Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga) and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 35
Original Release April 19, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Melt Heart~ is the 211th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


After Corn gets the "kiss of rebirth" what will Corn/Ren do now? Will Kuon finally accept the whole of himself and let himself deserve the love he wants?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Once when Kuon was a child Kuu told his son that it was almost time to start learning Japanese kanji. Kuon refused to learn that small country’s language for even if he grew up, he absolutely won’t use it. He told his father that if he is to remember kanji, then he would rather want to learn Chinese.

Kuon is surprised to see his father moping at the side since that is the country where he was born and grew up. Kuon reflects on the memory, thinking to himself in the present, From the very start, I have no interest at all with this country. And every time, it gives my beloved father that level of grief. Could it be because I’ve lost to that kind of thing. I... Other memories from Kuon's childhood come up: being pushed away by some guy; his hair is being grabbed by a woman whose his son is hiding behind her;


Corn/Kuon/Ren drinks coconut with Kyoko.

burning some papers and clothes. While playing with his dog and rabbits, Kuon was told by his father that he would be going to Japan for a movie promotion and he wanted to return for a bit of sightseeing for a while so he offered Kuon to come with him.

Still thinking to himself, Kuon finishes the thought, I should absolutely not have that ‘want to see and look around’ kind of thinking. It isn’t that country’s ‘capital’ rather, it is THAT place-- Someone calls out to him, “Corn!!” Corn turned around with a smile at young Kyoko who is holding a drink. End flashback. Kyoko happily holds a coconut drink and calls out to Corn. Corn turns to her with a smile. Kyoko told him that the ice melted though half of it still left so they go drink it together otherwise it is a waste. They drink it together. Slurp. Sour expression.

Sees each other’s expression. Laugh together. Kyoko happily smiles. When Corn asked about it, she tells him that it is great because the curse has been lifted. He says ya. He notices the time. It is 5:30pm. Kyoko starts to apologize for starting to act without explaining and there is a reason for it. Corn tells her that he knows since he secretly read her mind. Kyoko tells him that didn’t she tell him not to look.

Corn apologizes and says that it is because he careless did it while he’s confused since he didn’t understand what she is doing. Kyoko lets him off it. Corn tells her that there is something that he still doesn’t understand like what if she actually already forgave ‘Sho-chan’ for wasn’t that ‘thanks’ referring to him. Kyoko acknowledges the fact that she is thankful to him but this and that are two different things.

She thinks that if Sho silently went to Tokyo on his own, she thinks that she wouldn’t have the courage of giving up her high school and chased after him, and even if she possibly went to see him during vacation but then, she would have wasted money. Kyoko shouts that her feelings of wanting him to have a huge shock, have not changed and no matter what, she will always accomplish this long-cherished wish.

Corn (Ren) and Kyoko kiss.png

Standing up, Corn says that hearing this made him feel at ease. To Kyoko’s surprise, Corn tells her that actually in the past, he doesn’t like ‘Sho-chan’. Realizing he meant that when they were young, Kyoko says that at time, she totally didn’t notice it. Corn says how she could notice it when at that time, her justice when she was young is, blindly believing in ‘Sho-chan’. This made Kyoko gloomy.

He tells her that if he were to address her informally, she would shout, "Corn, you cannot call me that way." He is an existence whom she rejects with all her strength. Kyoko asks if she did that, with all her strength. Corn says she did.

He reminds her that she told him that only her mother and future husband Sho-chan can call her that, but Corn should call her ‘Kyoko-chan’. Kyoko becomes gloomy over that horrifying, silly, shocking statement and no wonder she wanted to forget it. Kyoko apologizes to Corn for that past joking matter (/taking back her words) and please discard that into the beautiful sunset. Corn asks if he can directly call her name. Thinking that Hiou and that devil world guy (Reino) already directly call her name, Kyoko says, of course.

This made Corn wide-eye and says, “Then..Kyo” Kyoko suddenly stands up and shouts no, it is still no. This make Corn gloomy so she quickly says it isn’t that he couldn’t call her name but right now, his voice is Tsuruga-senpai’s.. Corn couldn’t accept that so he asks how come he couldn’t when he’s using Ren’s voice. Kyoko gloomily says that it is like a punishment wherein her heart is tightening and she isn’t lying about it.

Kyoko thinks that being called ‘Kyoko-chan’ is enough for her facial expression to collapse so if he directly calls her name, her heart might not be able to take it. She tells him that next time they meet, it would be alright. She thinks that next time, he’ll use some other guy’s voice.

She says, “Okay? Next time..” Corn isn’t reacting that she recalls how he told her before that they won’t see each other again. Kyoko asks if they can see each other again. Kuon wonders if they meet next time, would he still continue acting this role of fairy ‘Corn’ and if the next situation won’t allow him to do this kind of thing again-- Kuon thinks, Then, until that time... Kyoko is looking sad as she looks down. He calls out to her, “Kyoko-chan..” She looks up and he gives her a kiss on the lips. Kyoko is so stunned that she wobbles and sits down on the chair.

Corn/Kuon/Ren jumps off the balcony.

I’ll tell her everything. I won't hold back anything.

Along with now, the reason for making my heart so warm. Once again, I’ll tell her all of it.” Kyoko starts to blush and shouts his name and asks, “Wwwhhhhyyyy!?” Backing away to the railing of the balcony, Corn calls out, “--Kyoko-chan, it’s really great that I was able to be born in this world. Just by this thing of meeting Kyoko-chan, it made me thankful that I was born in this world as me.” Blushing a bit, Kyoko calls out his name.

To her surprise, Corn smiles and jumps up the railing. While standing on the railing, he tells her that he’s going. “Kyoko-chan, thank you. *smiles* Let’s meet[/see] each other again.” This made Kyoko happy then shock since he jumped off the balcony. She trips and quickly runs to the balcony.

She couldn’t believe it because he told her that he couldn’t fly. She looks down the balcony and he is already gone. Thinking that they’ll meet each other again, Kyoko smiles and mutters that they have a promise.

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